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Avoir et Depuis - Teacher Presentation - Lesson element

Expressions with ‘AVOIR’ + ‘DEPUIS’
Formation Exercises
In French, ‘avoir’ is used in some expressions where ‘to be’ is used in English.
J’ai quatorze ans
I am 14 years old
J’ai soif
I am thirsty
J’ai faim
I am hungry
J’ai chaud
I am hot
J’ai froid
I am cold
J’ai besoin de…
I need…
J’ai peur…
I am scared
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If you need to use other pronouns other than ‘I’ then you need to use
the appropriate form of the verb avoir - see below
Nous avons
Tu as
Vous avez
Il/elle a
Ils/elles ont
On a
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Since: Depuis
In English, we use the perfect tense to say how long we have been
doing something.
In French, you use depuis (since) and the present tense.
I have lived in Paris for 2 years
J’habite à Paris depuis 2 ans.
I have been learning French for 6 months
J’apprends le français depuis 6 mois.
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