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2015 - 2016 Subject Selection Powerpoint Presentation

Archbishop M.C. O’Neill High School
Division 4 Subject Selection
A credit is earned when a class is passed.
Of the 24 required credits, students must
have the compulsory subjects at each
grade level and must have the following:
 5 Credits at the 30 level
 Wellness or PhysEd Credit
 Math at the 20/21 level
 Science 20/21 level or 30 level
 1 Social science at the 20 or 30
(Psychology, Social/Native
Studies or Law)
**French Immersions Students must have
a minimum of 12 credits in French
Immersion courses within the 24 credits.
Grade 10- Minimum of 10 classes
Grade 11- Minimum of 8 classes
Grade 12- Completion of credit requirements
KEY: Working towards post-secondary
institution requirements
 Christian Ethics 10
 Math 10 FP/WA (or Math 11)
 ELA A 10 (or A 10 AD or A 11)
 ELA B10 (ELA B 10 AD or B
 Science 10 (or science 11)
 History or Native Studies 10
(or Native Studies 11)
 4 Electives
 Éd Chrétienne 10
 Mathématiques 10 Fondements
 Français 10
 ELA A10 or B10 (ELA A 10 AD and
B 10 AD)
 Sciences Naturelles 10
 Histoire 10
 4 Electives
Christian Ethics 20
20 Level Math (or Math 21)
ELA 20 (ELA 20AD, ELA 21)
Social Science 20 or 30
20 Level Science (or Science 21)
Electives (5)
Éd Chrétienne 20
Mathématiques 20 (Fondements
and/or Pré-Calcul 20)
Français 20
ELA 20 (or ELA 20 AD)
Social Science 20 or 30
20 Level Science
Electives (4) (Histoire)
Christian Ethics 30
ELA A 30 and B30 (ELA A30
AP, B30AP or ELA A31, B31)
Social Studies 30 (Social Studies
31) or Native Studies 30, (Native
Studies 31)
5 Credits need to be at the 30
Éd Chrétienne 30
ELA A 30 or B30 (A30 AP and
B30 AP)
Français 30
Sciences Sociales 30
Electives (Fondements 30, Pré-Calcul
5 Credits need to be at the 30
Grade 10
Workplace and
Apprenticeship 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Workplace and
Apprenticeship 20
Workplace and
Apprenticeship 30
Pre-calculus 20
Pre-calculus 30
Grade 9 Math
Foundations of
Mathematics and
Pre-calculus 10
Foundations of
Mathematics 20
Modified Grade 9
Modified Math 11
Grade 9 Math
Modified Math 21
Foundations of
Mathematics 30
AP or Regular Calculus
The New Science
 Students can challenge themselves
 Provide challenges for higher level
thinking and more in-depth application
of knowledge and skills.
 Students can opt in or out of the Pre-AP
 Scoring a 4 or 5 on an AP exam will help
students gain a university credit (save
time and money)
Math Foundations 10 OR
Mathématiques 10
Math Foundations 20 OR
Mathématiques 20
Pre-Calculus 20 OR
Pré-Calcul 20
Pre-Calculus 30 OR
Pré-Calcul 30
AP Calculus
AP Calculus (Exam in
Creative Writing 20
(Exam in May)
CS/Psych/Studio Art CS/Psych/Studio Art
20AD Level
30 AP
(Exam in May)
As an online student, you are expected to work on your course(s) during your spares or personal free time.
If you are a Grade 10 student, you will be required to work in a designated spot as outlined by your school
advisors. Online courses offer different freedoms and responsibilities than in-class courses.
Students in online courses are subject to all school expectations, including appropriate use of language
in communication, responsibility for assignment completion, and regular communication with their
online teacher(s).
Regina Catholic Schools Learning Online Course Selection 2013-2014
Course Requested
(please check)
Native Studies 30
Life Transitions 30
Creative Writing 20
Computer Science 20
French 10
French 20
Math Foundations 10
Psychology 20
Law 30
ELA 20
Math W&A 10
As a prospective online learner, you should be informed about some of the procedures and expectations of
the program. While our goal is to be closely aligned with Regina Catholic School Division’s academic best
practices, online learning presents some unique circumstances. Please read the notes on the next page
and our website ( to become familiar with the online program.
What Makes a Successful Online Student?
The following document serves as a guideline for students and those advising students interested
in participating in an online course. The qualities listed below are ones that have been identified
as the most important in the overall success of the online learner.
1. Do you have good written communication skills?
In an online course, almost all communication is in written form. An online student needs to be
comfortable with written materials and directions. An online student must also feel comfortable
expressing thoughts and opinions in written form.
2. Are you self-motivated and self-disciplined?
Experiencing success in an online course requires commitment and discipline. There is no traditional
classroom to sit in on a regular basis so an online student has to be self-directed and conscientious
about participating and completing requirements. Good time management is crucial to the success of
an online student.
3. Are you willing to contribute and actively participate?
An online student has to be willing to actively participate in the course. Active participation means
interacting with the instructor and classmates on a regular basis. An online student should feel
comfortable using email, discussion groups, and chat functions as means of communication with
others associated with the course.
4. Do you have basic computer skills?
An online student should have a basic level of computer skills that will help enhance learning. An
online student should have a working knowledge of the following computer skills:
a. Create, save, copy, move and manage files and directories on a computer.
b. Run applications on a computer when needed for a course.
c. Use a browser, (eg. Internet Explorer or Firefox) including navigational tools such as the
“Back” button, bookmarks and favorites.
d. Use a search engine to conduct research on the Internet.
e. Send and receive email.
f. Send and receive a file attachment from email.
g. Paste text into an email message (eg. from a word processor).
h. Describe any problems accurately to technical support (eg. copy error messages).
5. Do you believe that learning can occur online?
Online courses are not for everyone. An online student needs to believe that high quality learning can
take place without a traditional classroom.
6. Are you a committed student?
An online student needs to be committed to the course. Keeping up with the course and completing
all the work on time is essential. If a student gets behind in an online course, it is very difficult to
catch up.
Course Offerings 201013
Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve Co-op
 Students earn 2 credits for completing:
 Canadian Studies 30
 Basic Military Training
 Students must be Canadian Citizens
 Must be over 16 and have parent/guardian consent
Some weekends for completion of field training requirement
March 16
Students will enter their course
selections into the computer . They
will receive a verification sheet for
parent approval which needs to be
returned by March 23.
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