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Bienvenue à la classe de Français!

Bienvenue à la classe de
Français 2 !
Je me présente…
• Je m’appelle Mlle Hannon.
• Je suis la prof de Français II, III Pre-AP, IV
AP, V, et VI.
• C’est ma première année à LASA, et je
suis super contente d’être ici avec vous!
• Je suis née à Austin et j’y suis restée
jusqu’à l’âge de 22 ans!
Je me présente…
• J’ai commencé mes études de français il y
a 11 ans – je l’adore toujours! 
• Je veux vous aider à parler français
• J’adore la France. J’y ai habité et voyagé
plusieurs fois.
Mes séjours en France
How to contact me
• You can find me in my room at lunch most
• Make an appointment with me in person or
by email
• The easiest way to contact me outside of
class is by email:
La salle de classe
• L’étagère pour les
livres, les
• Le taille-crayons
• Les fournitures
• Les magazines et
• Les îlots:
– Couleurs différentes
– Votre équipe
– Ils changeront de
temps en temps
Required materials
• Un stylo, un crayon, un surligneur
• An organized binder (a 3-ring, not a notebook)
with items filed under the following sections (in
order) :
1. Travail en classe
2. Grammaire
3. Vocabulaire
4. Interros, Examens
5. D’autres notes/documents
Optional Materials
• A French/English dictionary
• The « Word Reference » app on your cell
phone or tablet
Practices and Rules
• En entrant dans la salle de classe:
– Entrez à l’heure et prêt à travailler
– Dites « Bonjour » à la prof et à vos
camarades de classe
– Ouvrez votre classeur
– Lisez le tableau et suivez les instructions
• This is essential: make sure to always read what’s
on the board/screen and get started right away!
You will always have something to do in this class.
If you don’t know what it is, ask a friend. If they
don’t know, ask me.
Practices and Rules
• Pendant la classe:
– Soyez respectueux : ne parlez pas pendant
qu’une autre personne parle
– Suivez les instructions de la prof
– Travaillez durement pour apprendre
– Si vous devez aller aux toilettes, demandez
« Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes? »
(mais pas pendant que la prof parle à la classe)
et prenez la passe (une personne à la fois).
Retournez rapidement.
• Write that phrase down!
– Si vous devez partir pour une autre raison,
– Amusez-vous avec le français!
Practices and Rules
– À la fin de la classe:
– Écrivez les devoirs dans votre agenda.
• If you don’t understand them, ask a friend or ask
• If you forget to write them down, check the
• If you think the homework is not on the website for
a particular day, email me.
– Dites « Au revoir » à la prof et à vos
– Sortez d’une façon organisée et polie
Practices and Rules
• Communicating by email
– Life skill! Seriously. Here’s the proper format
for an email:
Greeting + Name
Say what class and period you’re in
Request/give information. Be polite!
Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation,
Closing and Thank You
Your name
Communicating by email:
Good example
Bonjour Mademoiselle Hannon,
I’m in your 3rd period French 2 class. In TEAMS I
have an 80 as my grade for the quiz « Vocab :
Révision A » but on my actual quiz it says I got an
82. Could you please double-check that for me?
I’ll put my quiz in the box for you tomorrow.
Merci beaucoup!
Sophie Marceau
Communicating by email:
Bad example
why do i have a 0
• If you miss a class
– Check the website for homework and any new
– The homework assigned that day is still due next
class since you have a day in between to get any
missed material (exceptions: the Friday of a BB
week, an absence spanning more than one day).
– Talk to a friend from class to get the notes and
find out what we did
– Come see me before/after school or during lunch
if you have questions or need any documents
handed out (not during passing period or during
• If you miss an assessment (a quiz, test,
presentation) and it’s « excused » (but not
for a field trip):
– Talk to me as soon as possible (in person or
by email)
– You will have 48 hours to make up the
assessment. You must make an appointment
with me to do so.
– You will not be penalized for having missed
the assessment.
• If you miss an assessment (a quiz, test,
presentation) and it’s « unexcused » or due
a field trip (and you didn’t make prior
arrangements) :
– Talk to me as soon as possible (in person or by
– You will have 48 hours to make up the
assessment. You must make an appointment with
me to do so.
– You will be penalized for having missed the
assessment. Your grade will be multiplied by
• If you skip a class intentionally, you will
receive a grade of zero for all work due
and any assessment given that day. You
will not be given the opportunity to earn
late credit, do corrections, or do a re-take.
Absences: Field Trips
• Field Trips do not count as real absences
since they are planned in advance and you
are technically still attending school.
• If you are going to be absent due to a Field
Trip, talk to me in advance about what you
are going to miss.
• If you are going to miss an assessment, you
must make arrangements to take it before
you miss it. (The arrangements must be
made before the absence, but the
appointment might be after). If you do not do
this, you will get a zero with the chance to
take it late for a maximum of 70%.
Grading Policies
• 35% Classwork, homework, and
• 30% Quizzes
• 35% Exams, projects, and presentations
Grading Policies
• Classwork
– Occasionally I will ask you to turn something
in that we’ve done in class (an exercise,
activity, etc)
• When you turn something in, make sure to put
your name, class, period, the date, and a title in
order to receive credit.
– Occasionally I will grade a group/oral activity
• Global participation grade
Grading Policies
• Homework
– La feuille de devoirs: how does it work?
– Calendar on the website
– If you have a question…
– If you forget/don’t do the homework…
– How we correct homework
– Why you have homework
Grading Policies
• Quizzes
– Normally announced in advance, sometimes
pop quizzes.
• Tests, Projects, and Presentations
– Announced at least one class in advance.
• We’ll review before assessments (as a
class, in groups, individually), but that
won’t be enough. You’ll need to study at
home as well.
Grading Policies
• Late Work
– Homework: 50% when turned in the next
class period
– Projects/Presentations: -20pts when one
calendar day late. -10pts each day after
– Late classwork will never be accepted –
participate in every activity, every class, every
Grading Policies
• If you fail an exam (<70%)
– You will have the opportunity to improve your grade
up to a 70% (not guaranteed: that’s the maximum).
– You must take the re-take within 48 hours of receiving
the original exam.
– If the re-take grade is higher than the original grade,
the highest grade will be recorded.
– If the re-take grade is lower than the original grade,
the recorded grade will be an average of the two.
– Please note that the re-take exam may be different
than the original!
Grading Policies
• Your 3-ring binder
• I will occasionally grade it as Classwork
• Review the sections you’ll need (side #7)
• Keep it organized and make sure all of the work in
it is complete and accurate.
Academic Honesty
• Le Code d’honneur
– « On my honor I have neither given nor received
any unauthorized aid on my work, nor do I
tolerate academic dishonesty in others. »
– Write or type the Honor Code on each quiz, test,
presentation, project, and composition, and then
sign underneath.
– Intentional/Accidental violation of the Honor Code
– What if you violate it?
Call home
Academic Honesty
• Plagiarism
– What is it?
• « a piece of writing that has been copied from someone
else and is presented as being your own work »
• « taking someone’s words or ideas as if they were your
own. »
– (
– Intentional/Accidental
– The importance of quotation marks and citations
Academic Honesty
• Google Translate
– It does not work all that well, and it’s obvious
when it’s been used!
– In this class, it’s considered a violation of the
Honor Code to use Google Translate for full
sentences (subject + verb). In essence, that’s
plagiarism, which prevents you from actually
learning how to say things in French on your
– I suggest that you completely avoid it.
Google Translate
• Fresh Prince:
• Let it Go
• Do you want to build a snow man?
• Part of your world
• A whole new world
Word Reference (.com, appli)
– The alternative, which is actually way better :
• French  English, English  French
• Gives meanings, nuances, gender, idiomatic
expressions, and there’s a Forum section
– Exemple: Turkey
• Also gives verb conjugations
– Example: parler
Academic Honesty
• Using Google Translate for
full sentences that will be
used in an assignment
• Copying/Giving answers for
an assignment.
• Using reference materials to
learn about a topic and then
write about it in your own
words. (No citation provided)
• Using a quotation from a
source (no quotation marks
and/or no citation provided)
Not Cheating
• Using an online/paper
dictionary to translate single
words, short expressions, or
to look up a verb conjugation
• Helping/getting help from a
classmate on a concept, a
small part of an assignment.
• Using reference materials to
learn about a topic and then
write about it in your own
words. (Citation of source
• Using a quotation from a
source (in quotation marks,
citation provided)
Technology used in class
• Quizlet
– You must create an account (it’s free) and join the
appropriate class
– Your username must be easily recognizable (~
your name)
– It’s really important to practice vocabulary and
conjugations daily, even if it’s only for a few
minutes. Repetition is your friend!
– Quizlet has a lot of study modes. Use them all to
help you! Start simple and then work up to the
more difficult ones that make you actually
produce the words.
Technology used in class
• Google Drive
– You need to have a Gmail account, or at least
one that is compatible
– Appropriate and professional address
• Class website
• If you ever have trouble accessing any
online resources please let me know—I
can very easily print them for you.
Technology used in class
• Cell phones, tablets
– You can use these during class (but not during tests,
quizzes, or other activities that I indicate), but only for
Word Reference, note-taking, or research during work
time (or other activities I specify).
• If you want to use it for something (legitimate) that
is not stated above, just ask me first.
• If you are using it for anything that has not been
approved or are using it at an inappropriate time I
will take it and turn it in to the office. I also reserve
the right to confiscate it if it makes noise in class,
even if it’s in your bag. Put your devices on silent
(not vibrate—silent).
• You may feel some anxiety at times due to the fast
pace of the class and the amount of French spoken.
Just stick with it and it will get easier! If you start to
struggle or just want to review something we went
over in class, come see me right away.
• Try not to worry too much about making mistakes. We
all do it and it is just part of the process. Focus on
communicating in French, however imperfectly it may
be at times.
• All of the students who end up in the top 10% at LASA
struggle at times and go to talk to their teachers
outside of class, whether it’s because they need a lot
of help or it’s just for a few minutes to review or ask a
question. It can only help you to do so!
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• Simpsons French class
• Bradley Cooper
• Joey learns French
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