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Welcome CAP Parents!
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 8 & 9, 2015
Program Orientation
Program updates and celebrations
Student expectations: CAP honor
code and policy
Parent expectations: How you can help
Goals for the program
Questions and Answers
Program Orientation
CAP was founded in 1988, making the class of 2018 (your children) part of
the 27th program cohort. Alumni total over 1500.
Students complete 13 courses and complete grade-level portfolios to
graduate with a CAP certificate: Four classes in 9th and 10th grades, three
in 11th grade, and two senior year.
Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA (This includes ALL classes in which
students are enrolled) and complete senior presentation to receive the CAP
Teachers share common planning time to address concerns and coordinate
calendar events (major projects, tests, etc.).
All CAP students have CAP advisories (homerooms).
CAP is not county funded, so we depend on the generosity of our donors to
enrich the curriculum. There is one appeal in the spring, but donations are
always welcomed and appreciated!
Program Updates
80 freshmen, with 17 remaining in the wait pool.
95% of CAP students passed the AP World History and 98% passed AP
Language tests. 96% passed the AP NSL test. All scores are well above
county averages.
Brand-new, $50,000 state-of-the-art TV studio: new computers, software,
cameras, set. Swept C-Span documentary contest last year!
3 CAP teachers are National Board Certified
100% are Highly Qualified Teachers (advanced MCPS certificates)
Parent listserv, Twitter, Facebook, and new and improved CAP website.
Grade-level e-Portfolios
All major assignments reflect one of three categories: Critical Thinking,
Media and Communications, and Social Awareness.
Students must receive an “A” on the assignment to include the work in
their portfolio, after writing a one-page reflection about what they
learned. Freshmen may submit “B” work if they can demonstrate
significant improvement.
Freshmen and sophomores are responsible for 6 entries for each year, with
a minimum of one entry in each category.
Once the reflection is approved by CAP Teacher/Mentor, it is uploaded
onto the e-Portfolio, to be continually updated through their CAP
Sophomores and Juniors must have an additional entry called an Advanced
Seniors will personalize their e-portfolio and create a presentation for all
students, showcasing their personal, academic, and social growth.
Newly designed portfolio guide to be available on website soon.
e-Portfolios, continued…
Final presentations are created in senior seminar during the first quarter;
presentations are scheduled before the winter break.
Student Expectations
Honor Code/Code of Academic Integrity
CAP Style Manual – available on the CAP website
Academic support – giving and receiving
Mentoring/Tutoring (BLISS) and community service
Checking Edline regularly/managing time and deadlines
Active communication with teachers
Being present (unless sick!) and present (fully engaged and ready to learn).
Getting sufficient rest and scheduling down-time.
Parent expectations: How Can I Help?
Feed your children breakfast and make sure they sleep.
Excuse notes – three days to submit after returning.
Athletes leaving early are responsible for early submission of work that
CAP teachers do not print homework for students – late is late.
Students should not email assignments to teachers unless arranged in
advance. Exceptions are made only for illness.
Check Edline regularly, but don’t micromanage.
Encourage student to bring concerns directly to specific teacher, then to
Monitor sleep, time management and mental health.
Goals for the Program:
Volunteers needed: web site design/management
Increase applications by 10% (212 applications in 2015)
Increase minority enrollment (feeder schools outreach)
Incorporate more technology into classrooms. Fully digital by 2016
(tablets, smart phones, paperless grading).
Establish a 5013C foundation for CAP to better manage our parent giving
Host a CAP Service Day to get students involved in philanthropic activities
in the community, working across grade levels.
Recognize Legacy Parents.
Summer Trip to Peru!
Summer of 2016
9 days
Lima, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu
Tour includes all meals but lunch, flights, hotels, entrances to
attractions, tour guides
Only a few spots remain
Link will be put on listserv
Parents welcome
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