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Being Home the CASS Way

Being Home the CASS Way
Presented by:
Ivan Wong
Senior Executive Officer, Home Ageing & Disability Services
CASS Group
Who is CASS
• Established in 1981
• Based in Campsie, but most services cover the whole of Metro Sydney
• Provides a full range of community services from child care to aged
care, disability services, settlement services to new migrants,
Weekend Chinese Schools
• Serves over 2,000 families every week.
CASS Aged Care Services
• Over 10 activity groups
CHSP: Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, Social Support, Centre Based day care
HCP Level 2 and Level 4
63 bed Residential Aged Care Facility in Campsie
Community Visitors Scheme
Targets the CALD community, especially the South East Asian community
The CASS Way in Aged Care
• Early Intervention
• Seamless Integration of Services
• Holistic Approach in Providing Culturally and Linguistically
Appropriate Services
• Community Participation
Early Intervention
• activity groups, support groups, one off community projects, and
information sessions
• aim at breaking isolation, facilitating access to information, promoting
active ageing, healthy lifestyle and community participation
• In general, we find that people taking part in our activity or support
groups not only stay healthier for a longer time, but also face less
difficulties when they need to transition to different kinds of aged
care services.
Seamless Integration Of Services
• we run services from child care to aged care
• we provide aged services from low care to high care
• from home care to residential care
• from individual services to group services
• one stop shop services
• smoother transition when moving from one service to another
service of CASS
Holistic Approach In Providing Culturally and
Linguistically Appropriate Services
• wholehearted commitment to respect and meet the needs of our
clients in all aspects
• information to our clients in their language
• our team of staff members, from direct care workers to service
coordinators, able to speak the clients’ language and understand their
cultural needs
• and full commitment by all our staff members to respect, promote
and facilitate cultural activities such as traditional festival
celebrations, traditional games and activities
Community Participation
• A belief that CALD seniors should not be an isolated group in our
society despite their age and language barrier.
• Community visits, excursions, carnivals, senior’s week celebration,
clean up Australia Day, fund raising events of charitable organisations
• Through participating and contributing, the seniors find their
confidence and value in life
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