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Briefing for 2012 GCE O Level Examinations

Briefing for
2015 GCE O Level Examinations
St. Andrew’s Secondary School
Exam Centre: 2556
Documents for Identification
• The Entry Proof/Timetable
• Photo ID (NRIC or EZ-Link Card)
• For all written / practical /
listening examinations
Place your entry proof and
IC/EZ-link card at the
TOP RIGHT corner of the table.
Entry Proof
What if you have lost your
entry proof / Identity Card?
before the 19th of October
(From the GO or your FT)
• Report to the upper court
30 minutes before the start time for your
respective papers
• Sit according to class, in neat rows.
This will facilitate movement into the hall.
• Go to the washroom first before the exam.
This is to minimise movement in the hall.
Check seating arrangement
• Check for your seating before
every paper as there may be
changes between subsequent
• Location: At Upper Court &
Outside GO
18 Columns
Hall Seating Arrangement (Sample)
15 Rows
Hall Seating Arrangement (Sample)
Exam Centre
Code: 2556
O Level
Have the following items READY
at the upper court before entering the hall
• Entry proof
• Transparent pencil case (Use zip lock bag)
• MOE approved scientific calculator
• Dictionaries for MT paper 1 only
1. Switch off your mobile phone
2. NO silent mode
3. Deactivate phone alarms
Once you enter the hall...
• Place your bag at the allocated place and
go and stand behind your seat
• Do not try to communicate with any other
candidate in any way.
• Anyone caught doing so will be deemed as
attempting to cheat.
• Candidates who are late will NOT be given extra
• Candidates more than 30 minutes late may
be refused entry into the examination
What if there is a train breakdown?
• In the event that candidates turn up late at their
examination centres because of a major train
disruption, they will be given the
full duration of time allocated for the paper.
• Candidates who are affected by such situations
must inform the Chief Presiding Examiner
immediately when they reach their examination
centres (go to the nearest exam centre).
What if I have missed a paper (or) part
of a paper?
• Candidates will NOT be provided
with another chance to re-sit the
examination if they have missed the
‘Absent’ Grades
• It is compulsory for candidates to sit for all the
registered components. Components include Oral,
Listening Comprehension (if applicable), Practical
and the Written Papers.
• Unless prior approval has been granted by SEAB for
exemption, candidates will be given an ‘Absent’ for a
subject if they are absent from one or more
components/papers of that subject. This applies to
both Cambridge subjects and Mother Tongue
Language subjects.
Infectious diseases
• Candidates who are suffering from any infectious disease (e.g.
chicken pox) are NOT allowed to sit for the examination in
their usual examination centres/schools.
• Candidates should call their examination centres/schools and
inform the Chief Presiding Examiners of their conditions.
• Candidates suffering from infectious disease will be referred
to a designated examination centre assigned by SEAB to sit
for their examination.
• It is necessary to inform the
school in advance.
Hospitalisation Case
• SEAB will make special arrangements for a
candidate who is hospitalised to sit for the
examination in the hospital provided that the
hospital has certified the candidate as being
medically fit to take the examination.
Release of Results
• For subjects that are shown as ‘Absent’ on the
Result Slip, no grade/subject will appear on the
Use of dictionaries in (MT) Paper 1
• Candidates are advised to refer to website for the
list of approved dictionaries
• For electronic Chinese language (CL)
dictionaries, no allowance will be made for
candidates whose e-dictionaries fail to function
during the examination. Ear-pieces are not
permitted in the examinations venue.
Conduct (1)
• Candidates should be properly attired when they
present themselves for the examination – School
uniform with badge and proper socks/shoes, neat
• Candidates are not permitted to consume any form
of food in the examination room/hall. However,
candidates are allowed to drink water in the
examination room/hall. Candidates are advised to
place their water bottles on the floor next to their
seats in the examination room/hall.
Conduct (2)
• Candidates who breach any of these instructions,
rules and regulations of examinations (e.g.
found guilty of improper conduct or
misbehaviour during the examination) may be
prohibited from taking the examination,
expelled from the examination room/hall and/or
refused entry for subsequent papers.
Emergency Contact:
9242 2487
Please identify yourself by stating
your Name,
O Level Index Number
and Class
when you call / text us.
End of Briefing
All the best!
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