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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
Virtual Field Trip
By Charles Dickens
Developed by:
Nicki Noordhoek
87T01/Designing and Creating a Virtual Field Trip
Meet the Author
• Click the link below to watch a short animated video on Charles
• Answer the following questions as you watch:
1. When was Dickens born?
2. Where did the family move in 1822?
3. Charles went to work at what age?
4. Dickens took up what profession in 1831?
5. He was first published in what year?
6. In 1842 he and his family set sail for where?
7. At what age did Dickens buy the home his father pointed out to him as a boy?
8. What year did he die?
A Victorian Christmas
• Use the following link A Victorian Christmas to find
the answers to the questions below.
1. Where and in what century was the Christmas tree
2. Who printed and designed the first commercialized Christmas
After seeing the examples of the Christmas tree and card,
design one of your own that would resemble one from the time
of Dicken’s. For more examples, you can do your own search.
Kid Culture
• Click on the following link to review games
played by children in the 19th century.
Get in groups of 4-5 students and play two or
three of the games together in class today.
Learning the Lingo
• Click on the following link of language guidelines of
the time period. Answers the questions below.
1. For the Upper Class what letter would be dropped
pronouncing the word ‘father’?
2. What gesture did a store owner make to show respect for
their customers?
3. What word was used as a replacement for bathroom?
4. What is one useful phrase used by Lower Class?
5. What word was used as a replacement for child?
What to Wear
• Click the following link on appropriate attire during
this time period and complete assignment below.
In paragraph form, describe what women, men, and
children wore during this time period.
Meet the characters!
• Click the following links to learn about the main character in ‘A
Christmas Carol’. Your assignment description will be on the
next slide.
Character Webs
Your assignment is to make a Inspiration web using
three of the characters from the book. Each
character will be a separate web and should have
five descriptors coming off the center of web (which
will be the name of the character). The descriptors
should include the key points/ideas about the
character and not all physical attributes.
The Ghost Visits
• Ebenezer is visited by three ghosts of Christmas past,
present, and yet to come. Using the links below discover
what lesson he learns from each ghost. Your assignment
is to tri-fold a piece of paper and label one past, present,
and future and it is your choice on how you inform us on
the lessons.
A Little Jeopardy
• The following link will open an
interactive Jeopardy Powerpoint that we
will be reviewing as a class after
everyone finishes up. However, if you
are done early you will have the
opportunity to preview some of the
questions! Good luck!
End of the Journey
The purpose of this virtual field trip was
to help you go beyond the book and find
more in depth information regarding the
time period, the author, and the culture
in which this book was written. If you
found other good sites along the way
please share those with us!
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