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ChatPC 4- Portable and Flexible Communication

Cecilia Barhoum, M. Ed. Special Education
Assistive Technology Consultant
Saltillo Corporation
• Specifications of Nova Chat
• Nova Chat hardware
• Vocabulary review and demonstration
• Nova Chat menus
• Android
• Nova Chat program
• Customization
• Purchasing a Nova Chat
• Nova Chat vs. TouchChat
• Loaner and rental options
• Questions/Comments
NovaChat Specifications
• Based on Android Operating System
• 4 screen sizes
o 5 inch/8 inch/10 inch/12inch
• Lightweight
o .55 lbs,1.35 lbs, 1.95 lbs, 2.85 lbs
• Front and Rear facing Cameras
• External Bluetooth Amplifier
• Interchangeable color shells
External Amplifier
• Built-in Handle & Stand
• Amplification
• Connects to device via bluetooth
• Re-connect by pressing/holding “back” arrow
• Ports
• Scanning
• Charging
Tablet Hardware
• Power Button:
• Press and hold: menu of options
• Tap: sleep mode
• Do not need to power off completely. Simply put to sleep and
charge both components
• Volume Control
• Other Ports
• Headphone jack
• Charging
Volume control
• Battery life
• Tablet: 6.5 hours, continued on time
• Amplifier: 24 hours, continuous drain
• Recommended to charge device every night
• Put to sleep (don’t need to power down)
• Plug in both ports (tablet and amp)
Access Options
• Direct Selection
• Keyguards
• Stylus
• Scanning
• 1 or 2 switch configuration plugged in to Bluetooth amplifier
• Tablet can also be used as a switch, alone or in conjunction with
external switch
• Auditory Prompts
• Patterns: Row/Column & Linear
• Options for customizing scanning are in
Menu > Settings > Input > Scanning
NovaChat Specifications
• Ivona synthesized speech
• a child's voice
• a teenage voice
• two adult female US English voices
• one adult male US English voice
• two adult female British voices
• one adult male British English voice option
• Acapela voices available for $195
NovaChat Specifications
• Symbols – SymbolStix, PCS (additional cost of $375)
NovaChat Software
Backup Software for Computer – Chat Editor
 Chat software for Windows
 Allows you to:
Backup customized files
 Create materials
 Learn vocabulary
Compatible with Smart Board
Customize without taking the device
from user
NovaChat Specifications
• Writing Enhancement Features
• For users with existing or emerging literacy skills
• Designed to assist individuals who use spelling for
• Only available on our plus and dedicated plus models
• Word Prediction (60,000 words)
• Abbreviation Expansion
NovaChat Specifications
• Many pre-stored customizable vocabulary files
• 4 Basic
• VocabPC
• AACelerate with myVoice suite (MyCore,
• MultiChat 15 Student, Adolescent & Adult
• Essence
• Spelling
• ChatPower vocabulary (20 Simply, 24, 24 with
phrases, 30, 42, 42 Basic, 48, 60, 80, 108)
Vocabulary Organizations
• Sentence
• Phrase
• Word
• Spelling
• Visual Scenes
• Combination
Vocabulary Organizations
Vocab PC
4 Basic
MultiChat 15
4, 8, 12
20,24, 30,
(also phrase
42,48,60, 80,
and sentence) 108
24 w
42 Basic
Vocabulary Options
• 4-Basic
• Used for beginning communicators
• Used for evaluations
Vocabulary Options
• VocabPC Adolescent/Adult
• Designed by Gail Van Tatenhove, PA, MS, CCC-SLP, for adults
and adolescents with developmental disabilities
• Vocabulary in VocabPC is arranged as carrier phrases,
interactive sentences, activity vocabulary and naming words
• VocabPC uses a 12 location page layout
Vocabulary Options
• Accelerate with MyVoice Suite
My QuickChats
• 4 location child, 8 location
child, 8 location adult, 12
location child, 12 location adult
• Contains sentence based
vocabulary for quick
• Main page stays consistent
through 4, 8, and 12 locations
Vocabulary Options
• Spelling
• QWERTY keyboard page set with four word prediction
buttons and a few pre-stored phrases
Vocabulary Options
• MultiChat 15 Student
• Created for individuals with emerging language skills
• There are multiple forms of communication available in this
program: sentences, phrases, individual words, recordings for
story-telling and visual scenes, as well as a Qwerty keyboard
• Also included are interactive play and reading pages, and social
• There are symbols on every button with the exception of several
core words
Vocabulary Options
• MultiChat 15 Adolescent
• Created for individuals with emerging language skills
• There are multiple forms of communication available in this
program: sentences, phrases, individual words, recordings for
story-telling, as well as a Qwerty keyboard
• Also included are adolescent related communication pages for
work and shopping and a Special Olympics page
Vocabulary Options
• MultiChat 15 Adult
• Created for individuals with emerging language skills
• There are multiple forms of communication available in this
program: sentences, phrases, individual words, and a Qwerty
• Also included are adult related communication pages for work
and socialization
Vocabulary Options
• Essence
• Designed for Adults with Acquired Speech Disorders
• Consists of a spelling keyboard with word prediction that also
allows quick access to hundreds of commonly used phrases and
Vocabulary Options
• ChatPower Suite
• ChatPower 20 Simply, ChatPower 24 w/ phrases, 24,
30, 42, 42 Basic, 48, 60, 80 &108
• Developed by Nancy L. Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP
• Used to create sentences "on the fly“
• Uses high-frequency core words to facilitate quick and
easy sentence generation
Nova Chat- Features
• SocialChat
– Copy/Paste Text from Nova Chat to other apps
(Facebook, Twitter, Email)
– Share Text from Nova Chat with Social Networks
• Switch scanning available
• Camera available with all versions
• Take a picture and add to a button while editing
• Gestures have been added
• Choose to add icons to the Speech Display Bar
• Speech Display at the top or bottom of screen
Nova Chat Menus
These icons will vary depending on which model of the Nova
Chat you are using. You will not have all of the icons listed
– Search: stops speech or press and hold to re-connect
Bluetooth Amplifier
– Back: navigates to previous page or previous menu
– Home: navigates out of Chat software to Android home
– Recent Apps: shows recent apps.
– Screen Capture: captures a picture of the current screen
and saves it in the /Root/Screen Capture folder.
– Menu: allows you to determine which vocabulary file will be
used, which augmentative options are enabled, how and
when to speak messages, and how a wide variety of other
options are configured.
Chat Menus
• Tap Menu
• Edit mode
• Settings
• Library
• Help
Turn Editing On or Off
Settings are found here
Find a listing of Vocabulary Files here
System Information & Registration
Vocabulary library
Scrollable list. Note this device contains both PCS and SS symbol sets.
• A vocabulary choice must be copied before it can be
• Tap the selected vocabulary:
• Options to:
• Open
• Duplicate
• Select Duplicate
• Backspace over copy-leave vocabulary description add
personalization (name)
• Tap save
• It’s now in your list
• Tap copied file
• Select Open
• Fully customizable
• Ability to modify on computer and/or device
• Many SymbolStix symbols are included for customizing
buttons or ability to use your own images or take photos
with the built-in camera (PCS also if added)
• Tap
on the Android tool menu.
• Tap Edit Mode
• In edit mode:
Edit mode will appear in red. Other information listed is the name
of the file and what page you are on.
• Select button for editing
• Tap and hold slightly: pop up
menu will appear
• Select edit button
Editing a button
• General tab
• The label is what appears on the screen.
• The message is what will be spoken.
• Image: find an image in the image library, remove the current image or
import from the camera roll.
• Visible: can uncheck this box and hide the button.
Customize this button: tap area to edit, type, tap save
Editing a button cont’d
• Style tab
• Font-type and size for this button can be changed as well as bold, italic or
underline. This will be what appears in the button.
Color: change body color, font color, border color
Border width
Transparent: may use this in a visual scene
Label on top..uncheck to put at bottom of button
Customized button
Editing a button cont’d
• Actions Tab
• Buttons can perform various actions, for example,
speech message, navigate or visit a page.
• If we create a new page we will need to tell the button to
navigate to it or visit it.
Hide/Show Buttons
• Enter Edit Mode
• Choose Menu
• More
• Hide Mode, you now have three options:
o While in Hide Mode, choosing buttons one by one will
hide or show them
o Choose Menu> Hide All, this will hide all buttons on the
current page
o Choose Menu>Show all, this will show all buttons that
had previously been hidden on the current page
 To Exit Hide Mode, choose Menu> Hide Mode
• Choose Menu
• Settings
• Wordfinder
• Check on Show Menu Item
• Select the Back Arrow (twice)
• Choose Menu
• Wordfinder will now be a menu option.
Three Versions of Nova Chat Models
• Standard $2995/$3495/$3895/$3995
– Kiosk App for locking out menu: can function as dedicated
– One Year Warranty
• Plus $3495/$3995/$4395/$4495
– Word Prediction
– Abbreviation Expansion
– One Year Warranty
• Dedicated $4495/$4995/$5395/$5495
– Word Prediction
– Abbreviation Expansion
– No access to Android
– Shoulder Strap & Carrying Case
– Additional 2 year of warranty
What’s Included
• NOVA chat 5/8/10/12
• Battery charger
• Stylus
• USB cable
• Cases or boots in 4 colors: blue, green, purple and grey
• Extra hardware
• Manual
• Nova Chat editor CD
• Recovery disc-use with Tech support only!
Care and Maintenance
• Your NOVA chat device is intended for use in normal communication
situations. Your device is not waterproof, so use extreme caution
when using it around water. As with most electronic devices, you
should never use NOVA chat when you are actually in the water (for
example, a pool or bath).
• If you wish to clean the plastic and glass portions of your device, use
a cloth dampened with water or diluted window cleaning fluid. Do not
spray or splash liquid directly on the device. For additional cleaning
power, moisten a clean cloth in a mixture of one part water and one
part vinegar.
• When charging NOVA chat , use only the AC charger that came with
the device.
• The batteries for the NOVA chat are not field replaceable and the
system will need to be returned to Saltillo Corporation (USA) for
Who Might be Candidate
for TouchChat?
• Someone who needs a temporary solution
• Someone who may need a secondary AAC device
• Someone without alternative access needs
• Those who do not have funding available
• Individuals who do not need as much technical
support and/or training
Vocabulary Options
• Included with basic purchase ($149.99)
• VocabPC Landscape
• VocabPC Portrait
• 4 Basic
• My QuickChat (4,8,12)
• Spelling
• MultiChat 15 –student, adolescent, adult
Vocabulary Options
• Can be purchased “In-App”
• WordPower ($149.99)
• WordPower 24, 24 with phrases, 30, 42 , 42 Basic, 48 , 60, 80, 108
• Note: if using WP on more than one device, must purchase
separate licenses for each device. Basic TouchChat will load
on multiple devices
• iEssence ($99)
• Talk About AAC ($49)
Device vs App
• Support
• Durability
• Funding
Loaners and Rentals
• Private 10 day rentals
• Evaluation Loaner Program
• Rentals
Nova Chat 12
Nova Chat 10
Nova Chat 8
Nova Chat 5
Monthly Rental Fee
Thank you!
Saltillo Support
Local Representation
Cecilia Barhoum, M. Ed. Special Education
Assistive Technology Consultant
Saltillo Operational or Technical Support
1-800-382-8622 or
Insurance Billing support thru PRC
Saltillo manufactured products only
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