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Class Summary

Ask the Experts – International CAD Managers
Martin Duke, with Stewart Smith, Steve Fiorio and
Devon Middleditch
Business Systems manager
© 2012 Autodesk
Class Summary
This session takes the form of a panel of International CAD managers
openly discussing the challenges faced on a day to day basis working
internationally across borders. The audience will be invited to ask
questions around any of the issues faced by the panel, including items
such as:
 Deployment and portfolio management across borders
 Applying CAD standards across a global business
 Training and the language barrier
 Collaboration tools and platforms
© 2012 Autodesk
Learning Objectives
At the end of this class, you will be able to:
 Develop an understanding of the challenges of working in a global
 Develop successful strategies for managing geographically dispersed
CAD teams
 Implement processes to standardise the creation and distribution of CAD
 Implement standards and processes that address the broad needs of
their business.
© 2012 Autodesk
Why this session.
Being a CAD manager in the U.S.A. can be a very homogenised
 Generally speaking working between states is very similar, the people
speak the same language.
 I.T. Infrastructure is fast and cheap, as is transportation.
 There is a reasonably consistent regulatory framework
 This session is about what happens when the things above do not
© 2012 Autodesk
Our Panel
Martin Duke – Aurecon – Business Systems Manager
 Stewart Smith – SKM - Group CAD/Design Technology System
 Steve Fiorio – Hassell – Design Technology Leader
 Devon Middleditch – KBR – I & M Asia Pacific CAD Technology
© 2012 Autodesk
The Panel cont.
Over 100 years of combined experience
 Worked in over 14 countries
 Supporting a broad range of Products including:
Skilled in all aspects of CAD management, customisation, support,
global deployment and collaboration.
© 2012 Autodesk
The rules
This session is the first of its kind.
 This session is all about you the audience and the questions you ask.
 To ask a question raise your hand, the microphone will be brought to
 Have fun!
© 2012 Autodesk
© 2012 Autodesk
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