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Child Sexual Exploitation Training Spring 2014

Level 2 Safeguarding Training for
Schools 2015 /16
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
The 'I Didn't Know' project video put
together by the Essex Children in Care
Council and was released as part of the
National Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
Awareness day on Wednesday 18th
March 2015.
CSE Definition:
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a form of Child Abuse
This is the nationally agreed ACPO definition of CSE:
Sexual exploitation of children and young people under
18 involves exploitative situations, contexts and
relationships where the young person (or third person/s)
receive ‘something’ (eg food, accommodation, drugs,
alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts , money) as a result of
performing, and /or performing on them
CSE Champions
Every school has a named CSE lead / champion who:
• Is a point of contact in the school for other agencies
• raises awareness of CSE in school
• Acts as a source of information for other staff and is
available to offer basic CSE advice and support
• Shares and imparts all CSE knowledge /skills from
Warning Signs and Vulnerabilities
Vulnerabilities prior to abuse
Chaotic or dysfunctional household
History of abuse
Recent Bereavement or Loss
Gang association (direct or indirect)
Attending school with others who are sexually
Learning disabilities
Signs of already being sexually exploited
Missing from home or care
Physical injuries
Drug or alcohol misuse
Involvement in offending
Repeat STIs, pregnancy and terminations
Absent from school
Change in physical appearance
Evidence of sexual bully/vulnerability through the
Unsure or not disclosing sexual orientation
internet/social networking sites
Friends with young people who are sexually exploited Estranged from their family
Receipt of gifts from unknown sources
Lacking friends from the same age group
Recruiting others into exploitative situations
Living in a gang neighbourhood
Poor mental health
Living in residential care
Living in hostel, B&B or foyer
Thoughts of or attempted suicide
Low self-esteem/confidence
Missing from home or care
Young carer
Physical injuries
What do we know about victims?
• There are an estimated 16,500 children are at risk of
child sexual exploitation in England. (Children’s
Commissioner’s Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation
in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG)
• CEOP identified 1875 cases of localised grooming
(CEOP 2011);
How does it happen?
• Friends, neighbours, colleagues, friends of
• On-line approaches (scatter gun)
• ‘On Street’ approaches (take away, bus/railway
St, pub, shopping centre – ‘situational’
• Supply of gifts (phones, money, food)
• Gradual build up of a relationship between
offender & victim, manipulated subtly into sexual
Establishing a hold over the victim
Manipulation – genuine relationship
Substance addiction
Immediate or over years
Erosion of usual support networks (family,
carers, school etc)
• Isolation and leverage
Victim and Perpetrators
Mostly female (80%)
Mostly male (90%)
Mostly white (90%)
Mostly white
Mid Teens (particularly 1415yrs)
Group CSE - high percentage
At least 1 identifiable
vulnerability factor
High proportion unemployed,
students or retired
What do we know about victims?
Models of CSE can incorporate the following models.
These models often overlap.
Common Questions….
• Why don’t they talk about it?
• Why do they go back to their
• Why are they difficult to engage?
Working with young people
• Child/young person-centered approach
Indirect/informal approaches and uses of resources
(including those around healthy relationships, e-safety etc)
Patience and timing
Asking the right questions
Building trust gradually
Providing practical support
Continuity and accessibility
CSE does exist in Essex…
• TWO Shoebury men have been charged with child
prostitution offences.
• Following an extensive investigation into an Essex based
escort agency, which began in August last year, they have
now been charged.
• Castle, 39, and Davis, 53, have also been charged with
possession of indecent images and drug offences.
• The investigation has been carried out by the serious and
organised crime unit in Essex, in connection with the
escort agency, which had been running in
the Southend area for 14 years.
“London men guilty of sexually exploiting teenage girls”
Two men have been jailed for a total of 20 years for sexually exploiting girls in
In a first for Essex Police, they were found guilty of sexual exploitation offences on
Friday, November 7, 2014 after a two-week trial at Basildon Crown Court.
The unemployed men groomed the girls via text messages after being introduced to
them on social networking sites.
They then travelled from their homes in east London to meet the girls on Southend
seafront on a number of occasions between August and November 2012.
The men were jailed for ten years for rape, and four years for each offence of
sexual activity with a child and two counts of facilitating child sex offences
Using appropriate language…
• Remember the young person concerned is a
• Consensual sex / Child Prostitution
• Streetwise (what does this mean?)
• Choosing to……
• ‘Boyfriend’
• ‘Typical’ victim / perpetrator? …beware
Sally is 14 years old and has been living at Care View for 3
months. She is a streetwise young woman who from day
one has been a persistent absconder. She chooses to
associate with older friends in the town centre where she
drinks alcohol and uses drugs. She refuses to engage with
staff and take guidance believing, as always, that she
knows best. Sally is known to be sexually active and is
promiscuous. She says she has had sex with 7 different
partners in the past month. She has already been treated
for Chlamydia but she doesn’t seem to care about the
impact on her health. We think she is prostituting herself to
get money for drugs and new clothes and she is certainly
materialistic. Sally is a negative influence on the other
young people and often involves younger residents in her
inappropriate activities.
Sally is 14 years old and has been living at Care View for 3
months. From day one we have been concerned about her
going missing and she is thought to be a very vulnerable
child. Sally is known to be spending time with older men in
the town centre and is drinking alcohol and using drugs.
This increases her vulnerability. Staff are working hard to
engage Sally but at the moment she cannot accept our help
and support. Sally is sexually active and we believe she is
having sex with a number of older men. Sally has been
treated for Chlamydia and we are concerned about her
sexual health and well-being. Sally often has money and
new clothes which she cannot explain and we feel that she
is at risk of, or already being abused through child sexual
exploitation. Sally often takes younger residents off with her
and we are worried that she is being coerced into
introducing other children to the abusers.
Response to CSE in Essex
Strategic Level
• Southend Essex and
Thurrock Strategic CSE
• Plan & commission services
• Develop policies &
procedures Ensure that
appropriate training is put in
• Implement MACE groups
Operational Level
• Champions Training &
• Risk Assessment
• Monitor & evaluate the
work that is being done
• Raise awareness of CSE
• Compile Data sets
What to do with your concerns…
• Share any concerns with the Designated Lead for
Safeguarding in school (the CSE ‘Champion’). This may
initiate a referral to the Social Care Family Operations
Hub (FOH) or a contact with the Police to provide
• Ensure accurate records of any concerns are kept –
must be dated and signed and held on a child protection
file for the individual in school so there is an overview of
all concerns
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