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Chapter 1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

Chapter 1 The Revelation of
Jesus Christ in Scripture
Our Desire for God
Thomas – first person in Scripture to
identify Jesus as God
He was convinced
Testimony about Resurrection
His own experience
Belief in the Incarnation- assumed human
Our search for Him is revealed in the
Church He founded
Who is God?
“I believe in God…” – Creed
Most people believe in a Supreme
Being- whether or not they practice a
Catholic Creed
There is ONE God
God is the Creator…not created
God is alive
God is holy
Atheism- no God
Polytheism – many Gods
Pantheism – nature Gods
Agnosticism – don’t know if there is a God
Deism – God is an absentee landlord
Intellectual Proofs of God’s existence
– Thomas Aquinas
Unmoved Mover
Whatever is in motion must be moved by
First Cause
Nothing causes itself
Even Big Bang Theory
Everything comes from Something
Nothing cannot create something
Has to be Eternal Being who always
was…and always will be
Supreme Model
Goodness, truth, beauty justice need a
model or reference point
Grand Designer
Every watch needs a watchmaker
Attributes of God
God is unique
God is eternal
God is infinite and omnipotent
God is omnipresent
God contains all things
God is immutable
God is a pure spirit
God is alive
God is holy
Only omnipotence named in all
Apostles Creed
Nicene Creed
Athanasian Creed
God as Trinity
God the Father – Creator
Created heaven and earth
Created from nothing
What God made is Good
God supports His creation
Creation is the work of the Trinity
God the Son – Redeemer
Jesus is God incarnate
INCARNATION – distinctive element of Christianity
God the Holy Spirit
Continues to be with His Church
Revealed at Baptism by John – all 3 persons
Revelation of God through History
Adam & Eve
2 parties
Mutual agreement
Some kind of symbol
Covenants through History
New Covenant
How is it communicated
Gospel entrusted to the Apostles
Transmitted orally
Later in writing
Preserved in Sacred Scripture – Canon
of Scripture in 2nd & 3rd centuries
Jesus is Sacred Scripture
Did not write
God did not dictate – inspired by Holy
Made of own facilities
Interpreting Scripture
Exegesis – detailed study or explanation
of book or passage
Greek – to lead
Language, background, setting, etc.
Keys to understanding Scripture
As a whole – not every word and
In the light of the tradition of the Church
Attentiveness to analogy
OT sets stage
NT completes the story
Senses of Scripture
Literal- Passion
Allegorical – Red Sea – Victory and Baptism
Moral- how to live – Abraham, 10
Anagogical – to lead us to eternal life
Overview of the Bible
73 books
Bible= book (Greek)
Not organized in order written
Canon of Scripture – Church accepts
as inspired
27 NT
46 OT
Old Testament
Deuteronom y
Attributed to Moses
Others similar – became Pentateuch or
Historical works – Joshua, Judges,
Samuel, Kings
Prophets – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezechial
3rd century – accepted 70
72 elders and scholars
Greek version – new material- not included
in Jewish Bible
Martin Luther did not accept
New Testament
St. Antanasius – set at 27 books
Confirmed by Council of Trent
Origin with the Apostles
Widely circulated & accepted
Doctrine was sound
3 categories
Gospels – 3 stages
Oral – while Jesus lived and what He taught
Spread in oral tradition
Written down- inspired by the Holy Spirit
Synoptic Gospel – Matthew, Mark, Luke –”1 eye”
John – concentrates on divinity
Epistles- Peter, Paul, James, John, Jude
Acts of the Apostles – Luke
– Continues where Gospels leave off
– Gospel of the Holy Spirit
Revelation – John
Scriptures – Life of the Church
Until 1960s – Latin
Vatican II
3 year cycle of Sunday Readings
2 year cycle of Weekday Readings
Sample of almost all books in 3 year cycle
Read in vernacular
We are encouraged to read & study the Bible in light
of Sacred Tradition
Serves as a bridge with other Christians
Bible in Liturgy
2 or 3 readings and Psalm
Contained in Lectionary
Follows Liturgical Cycle
Matthew – Year A
Mark – B
John – Lent, Easter Season and some Sundays
in in Year B
1st Reading (OT) – foreshadows Gospel
New Testament Reading – not connected
Homily- explains the message
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