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BA Business, Management and Communications

BA Business and Management
Success at Level 6
Have you got what it takes to
be a BA ?
Jacqui O’Rourke
Senior Lecturer
Oxford Brookes University
Success on the FD
Working in groups identify what it took to do well on
your current degree?
Problems on the FD
What did you find difficult and why?
Hopes and Fears
Why do the top up?
What are you looking forward to?
What are you worried about?
What will be the same?
The Modules
Semester 1
Semester 2
Self Awareness and Career Management
Managing Quality and Risk
Managing Marketing Activities
Communication, Culture and
Contemporary Business Issues
What makes a good
Topic you are interested in
Clear and achievable objectives
Good understanding of literature
Clear and appropriate methodology – be aware of the
Clear data analysis
Good discussion- linked to literature review
Conclusions demonstrate achievement against
Dissertation Topics
How can Harley Davidson better target women?
GSK’s use of social media to target the grey market
Why do companies use celebrity endorsement?
Is taste more important than brand when buying
Sport Sponsorship in equestrianism
Why do we upgrade?
Use of social media to promote luxury cars
Dissertation Structure
This dissertation will be organised into four chapters, as shown below:
Chapter 2: Literature Review
The literature review will comprise of a discussion of the current literature surrounding
the celebrity endorsement phenomenon, why they are used, the risks involved, models
of effectiveness and the future of celebrity endorsements.
Chapter 3: Methodology
The methodology chapter will map the research approach that has been applied. It will
achieve the dissertation aims and objectives.
Chapter 4: Findings and Discussion
The findings and discussion chapter will analyse and discuss the primary and secondary
data by thematic analysis.
Chapter 5: Conclusion
Lastly the conclusion chapter will be a reflection on the researcher’s findings and link
these to the dissertation objectives. This section will also provide recommendations for
the future of celebrity endorsements and what further research should be undertaken.
Clear objectives
To establish why celebrity endorsements are used as
a marketing tool.
To gain understanding of how effective celebrity
endorsements are in practice.
To undertake a critical review to determine what
leads to an effective celebrity endorsement.
To determine the future of celebrity endorsements.
Literature review
The critical evaluation of literature will provide the
platform for the secondary data employed in this
dissertation. To begin it will outline the phenomenon
of celebrity endorsements, followed by why they are
used and the risks that can be involved. Theory into
what attributes contribute to the effectiveness of
celebrity endorsements will be analysed then a
review will be undertaken of these aims in order to
establish the future of celebrity endorsements.
The following chapter will set out the method that will
be adopted to carry out the research study. The
appropriateness of the research method applied will
be justified with explanations for the sampling
techniques and data collection used together with
comment on research credibility and ethical
considerations in the study.
Primary research linked to
Literature Review Link
Companies have used celebrity endorsements for long periods
Celebrity Endorsement Phenomenon
of time. Have you experienced the use of celebrity
Why do you think marketers choose to use this marketing tool? Why Are Celebrity Endorsements Used?
Do you think endorsements bring success to a company? And
how is this measured?
Have you encountered any problems using endorsements?
There appears to be a debate over what attributes contribute to
the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements. Which attributes
do you consider are most important?
What were the reasons behind your choice of celebrity when
working with celebrity endorsements?
How do you think new media and social media have impacted
celebrity endorsements?
What do you believe to be the biggest challenges facing the use
of celebrity endorsements in the future?
What other marketing approaches would you use as an
alternative to celebrity endorsements?
What are your overall views on the future of celebrity
Why Are Celebrity Endorsements Used?
The Pitfalls of Celebrity Endorsements
Models of Celebrity Endorsement
Models of Celebrity Endorsement
The Future of Celebrity Endorsement
The Future of Celebrity Endorsement
The Future of Celebrity Endorsement
The Future of Celebrity Endorsement
Findings and Discussion
This chapter explores the findings from the expert interviews
which are then compared with the theory from the academic
literature review in order to determine if there are similar results
and whether additional insights and conclusions can be drawn
from this research into celebrity endorsements. As previously
explained, a thematic analysis of each individual question
enables the researcher to break down the key themes
addressed from each participant’s response. The discussion will
link the participant’s views and relevant theory within the
literature review in order to address and achieve the research
The purpose of this chapter is to reflect on the
research undertaken within this dissertation. The
researcher will link the findings to the dissertation
objectives and conclude by recommending what
further research should be undertaken on celebrity
Appraoch to Level 6
Studying at University
Bloom’s Taxonomy
What is teaching and learning like at Level 6?
• Perception (and reality?) that teaching and learning at Level 6 is
• Key features and issues:
 Assumed prior knowledge
 Lectures (and theory)
 Keeping up with (and understanding) everything?
 Greater emphasis on ‘Independent Learning’
 Does that equal less support?
Wider reading
Journals rather than books or websites
3 Steps to Academic Success
 …absolutely loads!
 assignments are a chance for you to show off how much you’ve read!
 ‘more is more’……it’s not rocket-science!
 books v’s journals
 Present a logical argument (based on what you’ve read)
 There’s not always a right or wrong answer
 Substantiate and evidence your assertions
 ….signposts where you got your information from
 Harvard Referencing system (you’ll be given a guide)
 Plagiarism and ‘Turnitin’
Top tip
Do what you already do only better
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