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Aging Safely Inc.

Aging Safely Inc.
Web Based Services
Why Aging Safely is Different!
• Dedicated to only Adult Family
Homes. No other types of Long Term
Care facilities are listed.
• Built to market individual AFHs on a
large website.
• ASI’s website (and each AFH’s individual website)
are optimized for search engine exposure.
Markets to Healthcare Providers
• Dotti Snow, RN markets to the social workers
and discharge staff at hospitals, nursing
homes, rehab centers and other medical
• This marketing goes hand-in-hand with our selling into
a new geographic area.
• Site is built to be used by professionals.
• Search Criteria is primarily aimed at professionals.
• Families may also appropriately utilize it!
Information For Families
• Information to educate families about
Adult Family Homes and the realities of
accomplishing a safe placement that
best meets the needs of their loved one.
• AFH Description, Is It Time, Layman’s Guide,
links to Health References, etc.
Geographically Specific Site
• Select a “Desired Area” and all listed
AFHs within a selected distance show
• Regardless of the mailing address of the AFH.
• Maximum distance is selectable 5, 10, 15, 20,
+ miles.
• Homes are sorted by distance from target city.
• May be re-sorted by City, AFH Name, etc.
Accurate Current Vacancy Info
• AFHs notify Aging Safely with changes in
vacancy status. (Phone or Email)
• Aging Safely checks with every listed
AFH frequently. (Emails go out weekly, Phone as needed)
• This means Aging Safely is in regular
contact with every listed AFH provider and
information should be up-to-date.
Detailed Search Criteria
• Accepts Medicaid (2 check boxes)
• Vacancy (Private Rm Private Bath, Shared Bath, Shared
• 34 total search criteria:
• Based on the resident’s medical needs &
AFH services provided. The same criteria that Dotti
Snow, RN has used for years doing professional
• Languages spoken at AFH
Cost Effective AFH Advertising
One-time $250 setup fee.
Low Cost $125/quarter or $450 annual fee. (10% discount)
For that price you get listed on Aging Safely.
• A “Details Page” on Aging Safely.
• A 3-page Web Site with photos and its own URL.
See as an example.
No further placement fees when you get a client!
Discounts for multiple AFHs per provider.
Not satisfied? Cancel anytime - we will prorate your fee.
Your pages will be seen on Google, Bing and Yahoo's search results.
We help you market your AFH, not just publish a photo in a book or
on our site.
Aging Safely's “Listed Homes” Page
Let’s see How Our Locator Works
• Helen – A typical Patient
• Medicaid patient “Helen” at Valley
General Hospital in Renton needing
discharge very soon.
• Helen has: dementia, weighs 200+
pounds, is diabetic & on insulin, and has
fallen before.
Let’s Look at Helen Needs
• Dementia
• Req. Dementia
Specialty License
• Weighs 200+
pounds and has
fallen before.
• Two Person Assist
• Is diabetic
• Caregivers certified
in Insulin
(On Insulin)
Listed Homes --- Providing Helen's Needs
Golden Home Care 2's “Details” top
Golden Home Care 2's “Details” mid
Golden Home Care 2's “Details” bottom
Most Other Locator Sites
• Input: AFH Address = Renton, Dementia
license, Has DSHS client service contract
• Results in 89 possible Renton AFHs in
alphabetic order. No other sorting!
• Location (city) is primary search – really an
address search – only one medical search
DSHS’s Results - 89 Possibilities
Like the One Below (15 pages of them)
DSHS’s Output:
WSRCC’s Output doesn’t even show
Golden Home Care!
Aging Safely is a Family Business
• Dotti or Dave Snow can easily be
reached by phone or email to help solve
• Phone: 425.402.9118 Fax: 206.428.4977
• Email: or
• Visit our web site
and check us out.
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