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Back-To-School Night

Please find your child’s seat!
As you wait please….
• Take a look at the papers on your child’s
• Take the quiz about your child
Back-To-School Night
Mrs. Schwenk’s
2nd Grade
Room 121
About Me
• Graduated from West Chester University in 1997
• 15th year at NC! 
• Contact Information
– Email:
– Phone- 610-469-5105 (office) before and right after
– I check email daily-before school, around lunch time,
afternoons and early evening
– Pick-up changes- please write a note or email before
• Specials
Day 1 : Library
Day 2: Music
Day 3: Art
Day 4: Art/Guidance/PE/Music
Day 5: PE
Class Procedures & Policies
• Behavior policy-clip chart system
• Check planner daily for color of the day
• Please sign planners-I check at the end of the
• Take home folder
• Homework
– 15 minutes of reading a night (Calendar in
front of planner. Please initial each time
student reads 20 min. Have them write
title(s) of books read. Will start next week.)
– Math homework (to be checked by parents!)
– Birthdays
• As per school policy, all students need to be
invited to a party if you would like to have your
child hand out their invitations at school
• Non-edible treats may be shared
Typical Day in 2nd Grade
Morning work
8:40 Word Study
9:00 Writing
Snack around 9:30ish
9:40 Reading Mini
• 10:00 Readers Workshop
and Guided Reading
• 10:45-11:15 Tier Time
• 11:15 Recess
11:40 Lunch
12:05 Math
1:25 Specials
2:15 Rocket Math
2:25 Social
• 3:00 Pack up/Mail/jobs
• Dismissal at 3:08
• Please remember we are
a peanut and tree nut
free school! No snacks
with nuts is a must!
Word Study
– Word Study rubric will look
– Monday-Friday cycle
– HW: M-Th
– Assessment on Fridays
– Refer to Parent explanation letter
– Practice discovery-own words
Lucy Calkins Reading
• Readers’ Workshop- first year of Lucy Calkins reading program
• Reflects 21st century global standards
• Aligns with writing units
• Unit 1- working towards big goals of reading with fluency, stamina,
and comprehension, tackling hard words, thinking more deeply.
• Unit 2- Nonfiction- Grow knowledge by paying attention to detail,
keywords, asking questions, think of what it’s teaching you, text
• Unit 3- Bigger Books mean “Amping up Reading Power”-fluency,
rereading to bring characters to life and discuss literary language,
keeping track of longer books
• Unit 4- Series Book Clubs- become experts on characters and
author’s craft
ELA Parent Web Resources
• PDF of ELA parent resource links on my
• Grade level expectations
• Standard-Based Grading
• Parent information
• Understanding the ELA program k-6
• Grammar, Conventions, Language Usage
Social Studies
• Citizenship
• Map Skills: using a map, landforms
• U.S. History
– Constitution
– Importance of the American Flag, National Anthem,
Pledge of Allegiance
– Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, the White House, national
monuments, etc.
– Famous people in history
• Investigations
• The Solar System- Space Fair in May
• States of Matter
• Living things: animals and their adaptations
and natural instincts
Everyday Math
Homework Books
– Answers in books
– Please check at home - I will check if completed in
– Write a note on the page if extra help is needed; I
will help your child when we return to that concept
or in a small group that day or week
Tool kits, whiteboards, games
School Math Journal
Resources online for extra help; passwords in your child’s
planners find link on web pagethis has information for parents- PDF of MRB (Math
Resource Book), you can print out homework or answer
Teaching your child to add two digit (or larger) numbersplease don’t confuse them!!!
Math-a few changes..
• EDM 4- engineered for common core
• Revisits topics regularly for long-term
learning and depth of knowledge
• Friday- game day
• 2-day open response lessons (odd units)
• No study guides
• Assessments- 2 days
Big Areas in Math
Base 10 notation
Fluency with addition and subtraction
Standards units of measure
Describing and analyzing shapes
Time and money
EDM Students Reference
• You may sign out an
EDM Students Reference
book to keep at home
for the year
• All books must be
returned at the end of
the year
• Actual updated clearances need to be on
file in the office- new OJR policy that they
are updated yearly.
• Read sight words with students
• Parties
• Field Trip (start to get clearances updated
now- check with Kathy Snyder) (fall?)
• Update email addresses for emails.
• I send an updated newsletter every weekend via Skyward email
addresses. (I cannot change your information.)
• PTO!!!
School Wires Web Page
• My web page has all of my information on
it. You can find:
Special schedule/ calendar
Daily schedule
Homework assignments
Links to academic websites
Facebook and Pinterest
• North Coventry Elementary has a page on
Facebook- “like” us for reminders and
• Pinterest has a page for parent and teacher
Partial Sums Addition
• Write 45
+ 38
Thank you for
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