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C8 Parent Summit:
How to Support You Junior Scholar
Kauffman Scholars, Inc. admits students of any race, color, and national origin and without regard to other protected status as provided in its Non-Discrimination Policy.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
Tonight’s Presenters
Mrs. Mako Miller
Postsecondary Advisor
K-State Alum
Schools: LCPA
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
Mrs. Solissa McKay
Postsecondary Advisor
Schools: CRKC,
Washington, &
Talking Points
• Kaplan Update: What Role does ACT Prep Play?
• Junior Academics & Resources
• Junior Year Challenges: Tips on How to Help Your
Scholar Overcome
• Junior Year Timeline
• Parent Support Model for Junior Parents
• Q& A
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
KSI & Kaplan
• Why is your scholar enrolled in Kaplan?
– Aligned with our program goals: KSI students will achieve
an average 21 on the ACT exam.
– Increase in ACT Benchmarks will help ensure
postsecondary success!
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
Practice Score Range: 15 or below
Yearlong sessions: September-April
Practice Score Range: 16-20
Yearlong sessions: September-April
Practice Score Range: 21 or above
One semester session: January-April
Kaplan Facts
• $512 per scholar at NO COST TO KSI FAMILIES
– On average, to receive similar ACT prep families would pay $700-$1,000
out of pocket!
• 2013-2014 AY: AVERAGE growth for juniors taking the ACT
prep class of 2 composite points
– From a class average of 20.4 which is below college readiness to an
average of 22.4!
• We estimate about 20 of our Juniors to gain additional
institutional aid as a direct result of the ACT prep program.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
How to Support Kaplan’s Efforts
• Take charge of your learning!
• Eat before or bring snacks.
• Respect your Kaplan instructor
and fellow classmates.
• Get a good night’s rest prior to
each practice test.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
Help ensure your scholar makes it
to all sessions & practice tests.
Remember excused absence form
if needed!
Encourage them to come
prepared to learn & be engaged.
Inquire about their progress and
give accolades for their hard work
The Junior GPA, Class Rank and
College Curriculum
• How to Improve Your GPA
– Do well freshman and sophomore years (and continue that junior
– Know if your school weights AP/IB classes in your GPA
– Work independently with a teacher to repair a grade
– Study more
– Get a tutor, right away
– Go after school for extra help
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
The Junior GPA, Class Rank and
College Curriculum
• Importance of Class Rank
– Most large state universities, however, still require applicants to report class
rank (as do many scholarship programs) and rely on it to help sort through the
high volume of applications received.
SAT Total (reading and math)
High School Class %
Top 52%
Top 46%
Top 38%
Top 31%
Top 22%
Top 14%
Top 6%
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
The Junior GPA, Class Rank and
College Curriculum
• College Curriculum
– At large and small colleges alike, a student's grades in college-preparatory
courses continue to be the most significant factor in the admission
decision, followed by scores on standardized admission tests and grades
in all courses.
– As a junior, the choices you make on your senior curriculum are important,
not because of 'how it looks to colleges', rather, 'how will these courses
prepare me for the expectations and realities of the college curriculum'.
– Taking senior level courses in English, math, natural science, language,
and a social science is essential.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
– Web-based service in which our students can connect with a live
tutor 24 hours a day
– Tutoring and homework help is available in math, English, science,
social studies, Spanish, and French.
– Online writing center: Students can submit a paper, and the paper is
returned back via email within 24 hours with edits and suggestions.
Username: KScholars Gmail address
Password: Student1
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
How to Overcome Junior Year Challenges
Students have to transition into taking more required core classes
– Get help early!
– Your junior GPA will set you up for your senior GPA
Juniors are expected to carefully focus on their futures/careers and the
courses that will be beneficial to their future plans
– Communicate with your Postsecondary Advisor
– We can’t help if you don’t ask 
Encouraged to challenge yourself each and every year of high school
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
How to Overcome Junior Year
By the junior year, or during the junior year, students turn 16 and gain the
independence to drive by themselves, and often times get a job. With
responsibilities at home, church, and school work can cause students to
become overwhelmed
– Time management is the key! Don’t do more than you can handle.
– Time management is a must for students taking several upper level courses.
– To be successful, students must budget their time wisely because often these
students are not only in difficult courses, but also are involved in many
different activities and have jobs.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
Junior Year Timeline
Fall 2015
– Stay on track with classes & grades
– Attend semester ISP meetings and workshops
– Attend Kaplan Sessions/Practice Tests (if applicable)
– Begin research and make a preliminary college list
– Stay or get involved with extracurricular activities
– Start college visits
Spring 2016
– Prepare for the “real” ACT in April.
– Attend Kaplan Sessions/Practice Tests (if applicable)
– Attend semester ISP meetings and workshops
– Attend college fairs and continue college visits
o KSI Network College Fair
– Narrow down your college list through self-reflection & compare/contrast
Summer 2016
– Summer campus tours
– Participate in KSI summer engagement activities
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
Parent Support Model
• Check in with scholar and advisor regularly for updates on
overall progress.
– Tell us how we can help support you! 
• Discuss and review your scholar’s school schedule and
– Help them make the tough/important decisions.
– Encourage them to meet with counselors at school & advocate for
• Be apart of campus tours/fairs is you can!
• Help student create a tracking system for important college
related items.
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
Parent Resources
College Parents of America
General Topics
Big Future/College Board for Parents
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
*Contact PSA for scholar-specific questions/concerns
© 2015 Kauffman Scholars, Inc.
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