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6th Grade Open House presented this evening by Ms. …

Salvete Parentes!
Hello Parents! Welcome to the
Grade VIII Latin Open House!
Presented this evening
by Ms. Jenny Mykytenko
Educational Background
and career choice
• BA in Classics (Latin & Ancient Greek) from
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
• MS in Education from Mount St. Mary College,
Newburgh, NY
• MA in Teaching and Foundations, Fairfield U
• Why teach Latin? Why middle school? - Sharing
my passion/knowledge with others; helping
young minds grow
Advantages of Latin
• The stereotype = One has to be smart to take Latin; The reality =
Latin helps one become smarter
• Lifelong skills, including 21st century skills (promotes higher order
thinking… problem-solving, critical thinking, reflecting,
communication, metacognitive opportunities, etc.)
• Improves or enhances numerous academic skills (vocabulary,
reading, writing)
• Interdisciplinary benefits
• Latin is the basis for the Romance languages (Italian, French,
Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian)
• Allows us to better understand ourselves, as we compare and
contrast our own culture with the Roman culture
• Sententiae Antiquae – Latin in everyday use
• Making personal and meaningful connections
Curriculum: Approach, Content, and
• Vocabulary, Grammar, and Culture (oftentimes fused together)
• Sequential and progressive approach
• Culture: Rome, Pompeii, and beyond (explore other areas, such as Roman
Britain); Exposure to some authentic Latin; new perspectives on
mythology (introduction to the Aeneid)
• Grammar: more complex sentences; vocabulary; comprehension; from
literal translations to comprehension and interpretation
• Students will obtain a good handle on linguistic terminology
• Discussable themes: Friendship, politics, daily life (share own
experiences/make personal connections)
• Opportunities to research and present on a topic of interest
(demonstrating mastery of content and ownership of learning)
Curriculum: Approach, Content, and
Outcomes Continued…
Cohesive and pragmatic unit design. Primary Textbook = Cambridge
Latin Series, Units 1 and 2 (aligned with teacher made unit packets)
*Teacher developed units go above and beyond
material found in the primary textbook.
The unit packets students receive typically include vocabulary
lists, derivative practice, grammar explanation and related
exercises specific to each unit, story comprehension questions,
and a review sheet for the test. Students will receive hand-outs
from time to time, in addition to the packets themselves. These
papers are to be kept in their binders throughout the year and
serve as additional resources and learning guides.
Let’s learn Latin!
• Multi pueri puellaeque ad villam contenderunt, quod canem
novum amici videre voluerunt.
• (Nos) felem et canem videmus (active voice, all 6 tenses)
Animalia videbantur a nobis. (passive voice example)
In addition to knowing vocabulary and parts of speech, attention to detail,
patterns, and endings is key to understanding the structure of Latin!
• Opportunities for group work/cooperative
• Creative and relevant projects
• National Latin Exam Level 1
• Games
• Educational Videos
• Different learning styles taken into account…
Sing songs, perform skits, illustrate ideas
Freshman year at the high school
• While other language options will be available, all
students currently taking Latin will be
recommended for Latin in the high school.
• The 8th grade curriculum prepares students for 2
Honors, and most advanced students will be
recommended for that level.
• Please contact the high school for further
information on the language programs offered
and their requirements.
Tips for succeeding in Latin
• Maintain good study habits
• Pay attention in class, study everyday, be willing
to learn from mistakes
• Consistency! Develop a routine/schedule
(10-vocab/10-concept review/20-homework)
• Make or utilize resources: add post-its to
textbook, Quizlet, study buddy sessions
• Strategies: flashcards, sing to learn, consider
what works well in other classes and apply here
Grading and Expectations
Come to class prepared
Be respectful
Homework consistency and completion
Keep up with vocab… finding the “right” strategies
Quizzes/checks for understanding on important
concepts leading up to tests at the end of each unit.
Tests given approximately every few weeks. Tests must
be signed. **Please visit my homework website!**
• Extra help can be arranged, if needed
• Grades are viewable via Powerschool Portal
Contact information
• E-mail address =
I believe strongly in working together to create a
positive personal experience and successful
academic year for your child! 
Your child is participating in an
exciting, ongoing legacy!
The Roman world = an essential
piece of the past
Latin students = an essential piece of
the future
Thank you for coming this evening!
Multas Gratias et Valete Omnes!
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