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2.2 response to visual text

2.2 Response to
Visual Text
General Feedback
‘Analyse how’ means talk about techniques – you
MUST use film terminology throughout your essay.
Answer the whole question – underline the key
words of the question BEFORE you start writing your
essay. Unpack the question – there are often several
aspects you need to cover
PLAN – at this level your essay will not survive without
a plan
Never retell the plot – no question EVER requires this
Introduce each new character with a brief phrase
or adjective eg: “Anthony, Philomena’s son”
There is no credit in repeating the material from a practise question
and twisting it to a different topic
Do make use of what you know (from your notes and practise
essays) but link it to your new topic with new keywords and a new
essay structure
The best answers show an appreciation of the effect of techniques
in combination, working together
Your examples must be specific and use plenty in each paragraph
At the end of each body paragraph your comment must link to the
Questions 1 – Analyse how the interaction of
characters or individuals helped illustrate one
or more key themes in the visual or oral
The interaction of characters is not exactly the same as the
Interaction must include exchanges, conversations and the
characters’ reactions to each other
Interaction can be between individuals e.g. Darcy and
Elizabeth Bennett
Interaction can also be between groups of people e.g. the
middle and upper classes
Connect the interactions with the theme(s) throughout the
Question 2: Analyse how conflicts were developed
to show one or more emotion(s) in the visual or oral
The topic said ‘conflicts’ i.e. you must refer to more
than one
‘Conflict’ could refer to internal conflict, a
character’s inner turmoil
‘Conflict could also be external conflicts, between
characters or groups
Discuss meaningful ‘emotions’, enabling you to
reveal important issues and ideas in the text
Question 3: Analyse how at least one
significant incident changed the attitude of
a character or individual…
Be very specific about the incident/s you are
referring to – e.g. Pip becoming a rich man isn’t
specific enough as an incident – you need more
detail, it must be a clear event
Focus on the change in attitude, don’t spend long
discussing before or after the incident
Many students discussed the first interaction
between Darcy and Elizabeth, this was not a good
choice and they are forming their attitudes here,
rather than changing them
Question 4: Analyse how language is used to
develop the theme(s) in the visual or oral
The best answers show an awareness of the
combined effect of different techniques, how they
connect and work together
This could be structured
by techniques
by themes
or by stages in the development
Question 5: Analyse how details of settings in
time and/or place are used to help you
imagine a believable new world…
Setting can include time and place
What is meant by a ‘believable new world’? This
part of the question was not answered convincingly
by students. Why is it ‘believable’?
‘a…new world’ means that you can not discuss the
setting of a historical or contemporary time, it must
be in the future.
‘The Truman Show’ is a possible choice here as
reality TV has not yet reached this extreme.
Question 6: Analyse how the beginning and
ending showed how one or more characters
had changed…
Character change does requires a description of before and after
the change. You needed to consider both how the characters had
changed and also what they (and the audience) can learn from this
You needed to explore both the beginning AND the ending of the
film in order to write convincingly about how the characters
Keep the topic of beginning and ending in focus throughout the
essay. The best answers discuss a different change in each body
paragraph, mentioning both the beginning and ending
Many students spent whole paragraphs on in between stages which
means spending a lot of essay time not directly answering the
Questions 7: Analyse how tension was
created for a purpose …
Purpose might be to engage the audience, evoke
particular reactions eg sympathy, fear, anger
Purpose might also be to convey a particular
message, idea, theme
In Pride and Prejudice you could discuss the stages
of rising tension between characters but must still
explore how this tension is created which should be
through specific analysis of film terminology.
The purpose must be explored in depth.
Question 8 – Analyse how symbolism was
used to deepen your understanding of
one or more ideas in the visual/oral
Most students answered this question well
You need to identify your idea/s early in your introduction
and refer to them throughout your essay
You should discuss a range of symbols
Consider how you could integrate the discussion of symbols
rather than addressing each in isolation – this could be
drawing the ideas together in your conclusion to show an
overall understanding of the text’s symbols and ideas.
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