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Ch 4

Ch 3 - 2
The Byzantine Empire
395 – Roman Empire Divided
500’s AD is the height of power for the Byzantines
Empire reached from Italy to Egypt to Arabia.
Greeks made up lgst. Population. Multicultural nation.
Constantine moved capital to Byzantium - renamed
Located on a peninsula. Helped trade / Fishing.
The city becomes wealthy with trade.
Easy to defend. Water on 3 sides and a large wall.
Roman influences. Latin, Roman Laws, Architecture.
Wealthy Romans moved to the new city.
Greek influence on Language and culture.
Empire made of blended cultures, Advanced civilization.
Justinian ruled at the height of the Empire.
527-565 AD Skilled General and strong leader.
Had supreme power, controlled military.
He had final say on legal decisions.
She was the Empress.
Actively participated in the gov’t.
Helped woman gain rights, could own land.
During tax revolt Theodora urged Justinian to stay and
He crushed the rebels and strengthened his power.
Laws were disorganized and confusing.
Legal scholar Tribonian helped rewrite the legal code.
The Justinian Code became the basis for many
legal systems
AD 537 the Hagia Sophia built.
Walls of marble with silver and gold ornaments
Many interior walls covered with Mosaics.
Learning was highly respected.
Justinian wanted to restore the Roman Empire.
Belisarius- General that strengthened Army / Calvary
From 533 – 555 regained Roman lands.
Mid – 500’s – Justinian Plague killed millions.
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