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Charters School 6th Form Curriculum Enrichment

Options after sixth form
Heather James
Personal adviser
• Adviza is a registered charity formerly known as
Connexions Thames Valley. We aim to inspire
people to make better decisions that help them
progress in learning and work. Our passion is to
support young people and others, at important times
in their lives where key decisions need to be made.
• A key part of this support is providing impartial
information, advice and guidance to young people
as they move through their teenage years into
adulthood and working life.
• Nik Dean is the Adviser at The Downs
Penny Allum
• Careers Coordinator
• Based in the Student support centre
• Anyone wanting careers advice, see
Mrs Allum.
Things have changed - recently
Previously – University, Work, Gap Year
• Globalisation + The world of work +
Rise in tuition fees
= Many more options available!!!
World of Work is Changing
 Shortage of Scientists & Engineers – e.g. geomatics, nanotechnology
 We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t exist
using technologies that have not been invented
 Todays learners will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 38
 High youth unemployment + matching employers’ needs
Pros … Degree, life experience, some careers
require a degree
Cons … Cost, not wanting to go away from
home, there are realistic alternatives
UCAS timings
15th October 2015 - Deadline for applications for Oxbridge and Medical,
Veterinary Medicine/Science and Dentistry applications (including non UK/EU
15th January 2016 - Deadline for receipt at UCAS of all applications, including
the UCAS reference, for all courses except those with a 15 October deadline,
and Art & Design courses with a 24 March deadline.
25th February 2016 - UCAS Extra opens. If you are eligible to use Extra, you can
refer yourself to another choice. Find out more about UCAS Extra.
24th March 2016 - Deadline for receipt at UCAS of all applications, including
the reference, for some Art & Design courses except those listed with a 15
January deadline.
31st March 2016 - Date universities will usually have made a decision about
your application if you sent it before the 15th January deadline (although this
may take longer in some cases.)
UCAS Timings
4th May 2016 - The date you need to make a decision on your firm and
insurance choice if all your universities responded by the 31st March deadline.
If UCAS do not receive your responses, they will decline offers on your behalf.
5th May 2016 - If you applied by 15th January, universities and colleges need
to send their decisions by this date. If they don't, UCAS will make any
outstanding choices unsuccessful on their behalf.
8th June 2016 - The date you need to make a decision on your firm and
insurance choice if all your decisions are received by 5th May 2016.
23rd June 2016 - If UCAS receive all decisions from your universities or colleges
by 8th June, you need to reply to any offers by this date (unless you are
applying through Extra). If UCAS don't receive your replies, they will decline
the offers on your behalf.
30th June 2016 - Applications received after 30 June are entered in to
Not going to uni? Are you sure?
There are many ‘uni’ options, including:
• Vocational / academic degree
• Two year degree / Fd / HND
• Private sector uni
• Abroad
• Open University
Vocational Degrees
• Marine Engineering – Southampton
Solent and Warsash Maritime
• Computer Animation at Bournemouth
University – course is designed with
help from industry professionals.
• Reading University – College of Estate
Management. Links to industry and
becoming qualified RICS/CIOB.
Two year degree
For example SAE Oxford and degrees in:
Web and Mobile
Music Business
Private Sector Degree
• Norland College Bath (BA Early childhood
• Academy of Contemporary Music,
Guildford (e.g. BA Electronic music
• Pearson College, London (e.g. BSc Business
and enterprise)
Studying Abroad
• Fees vary (High in USA, low in some
European countries)
• UK Loans/Tuition fees not usually
• World Renowned Education
• Competitive Edge – “Global
• Develop language skills but many
taught in English
But … do your research …
Degrees with a difference
• University / employer partnership
e.g. Morrisons / Bradford Uni £15K (BA Management 280 pts / 600
applicants / 20 places)
• UK degree with sponsorship
e.g. Royal Navy and Royal Marines, RAF, The Army
Balfour Beatty – Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying or
Construction at various universities
• Uni with a year in industry
e.g. Many universities – year may be paid - great advantage
Logica CMG
• Earn £13,000
• Tuition Fees Paid
• BA(Hons) Business Management
or Business Management & IT
• 300 UCAS Points needed
• Winchester University
• Based in Reading/Basingstoke
• Rotate departments / specialise
Ernst & Young
• 4 year Sandwich Degree with
Lancaster University
• 18 month paid placements with
• Fast track to Chartered
Accountant Status
• Bursary in 1st year of studies
• Apply through UCAS
• 300 UCAS points
• School leaver programmes
e.g. Marks and Spencer 18 month training management scheme
• Degree apprenticeships
e.g. Manchester Met Uni – technology solutions – IBM / GSK etc.
• Higher apprenticeships
e.g. Baker Tilly (Reading) AAT Accountancy training
• Advanced apprenticeships
e.g. Network Rail - Electrification/plant, Signalling, Telecoms or
Track. One year at training centre in Gosport
KPMG Degree Programme
• 6 year degree with Birmingham, Durham or
• University fees & accommodation paid and
starting salary of £20,000
• ABB required
Risk Consulting Apprenticeship
• Accountancy Technician Programme
• BCC required
Gap Programme
• 6-9 months paid programme
• BCC required
• Hhhh
• From a part time job
• Websites / newspapers / Jobcentre Plus /
Social media
• Employment Agencies
• Speculative letters
• Use any contacts – friends / family
Job websites
Interview preparation
What do employers want?
Its not just about grades…
Positive attitude
Smiling and friendly nature
‘Can do’ attitude, gets results
Team work
Good communication
These will get you job offers, whatever
your choices
What are soft skills?
• “Soft skills are personal attributes that
enable someone to interact effectively
and harmoniously with others”
• With the person next to you, write
down three soft skills mentioned in the
How can you develop these skills?
• School – projects, teams, activities,
favourite subjects
• Part-time job
• Helping others - parents, carers, family,
friends, neighbours, teachers
• Hobbies & interests
• Work experience
• Get into pairs
• Think of something you do either in
school or outside of school
• Tell your partner about it
• Your partner writes down which skills
you use when doing this
• Swap over and do the same with your
• Feedback!
Other career types
• Self – employment
- help from The Princes Trust
• Portfolio Careers
- more than one job or job plus other activity
• Temping or seasonal work
- it can lead to permanent work
Further / more education
• A sideways move to study a level 3
vocational course e.g. Conservation and
Wildlife Management at Sparsholt College
• Re-sits / extra year to improve grades 
Gap Year
Gap Year/Volunteering
Various paid employment opportunities
Year In Industry
Work experience
Transferable skills – communication, team
work, negotiation skills, budgeting etc
• Industry related experience
• Build up your CV
Caution – Universities will want to see that you
have used your time constructively……
If you are deferring, check your university
allows Gap Years!
• Relax for a while and recover from the hard
work of sixth form 
• Some people are unemployed 
Too much choice?
• Try careers diagnostics – what do you really
want to do?
• Research your ideas – Adviza info, library,
on-line, give ideas marks out of ten
• Go and meet people – attend open days
and events, go to interviews, meet the
• You don’t have to stay in one job forever –
trial and error can work, as long as you don’t
stay ‘stuck’
Choosing a career – who can help?
Password - DowSch6NU
Sign in - s989y5gm
Help Available
• Careers Adviser in school – Guidance
interviews by request
• Websites … many of them
• Ask family and any contacts
• Work experience / shadowing /
• University Open Days
• Careers Research – eclips website and
Useful websites
Ask Mrs Allum any questions you have
regarding careers.
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