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Barcelone & Reims Sisteron welcomes the crews and spectators

#4 - Saturday, 30th january 2016
The 297 crews enlisted converged from the five cities of departure on the
Southeast of France, the village of Roquesteron to be precise. They began the
first Regularity Zone before leaving for the Parc Fermé on Port Hercule in
Monaco, on the same spot as the Formula One pitlane.
Overview :
• Rheims & Barcelona
• Sisteron
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• St Andre-les-Alpes
• ZR 1
Michel Leclere/François-Paul Forgeoux
Barcelone & Reims
Sébastien Chardonnet/Christian Van Hecke
Sisteron welcomes the crews and spectators
Sunday, from 10:30 a.m. the Association Sportive Automobile des Alpes, the
Auto Sport du Laragnais and the AGEA Team (Agents Généraux d’Assurance
de la Région Méditerrannée) will be waiting for the crews near the Time
Control located in front of the City Hall in Sisteron.
The crews will be able to taste the Tourtons du Champsaur from house
Pellegrin, and other local products.
Motorsport lovers will be invited to watch an animation on road safety on the
car park of the city hall. There will be many little workshops around this
theme. The Chairman of Chambre régionale des Agents Généraux d’Assurance,
the Chairmen of the Chambre Dépatementale des Alpes de Haut Provence and
Hautes Alpes des Agents Généraux d’Assurance and the Madame the Director
of the Cabinet of the Préfet of Alpes de Haute-Provence will be present.
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St. André-les-Alpes and Ventabren Rétro Passion
This Saturday, all the crews drove towards Alpes de Haute-Provence,
they were welcomed in Saint-André-les-Alpes for one last Time
Control before the first Regularity Test of this 19th edition of Rallye
Monte-Carlo Historique.
On this special occasion, the members of the Ventabren Retro Passion
club offered the motorsport marshals and the crews, coffees and small
delicacies, with good spirits as always.
‘‘We’ve been following Rallye Monte Carlo Historique (Time
Controls, Parc Fermé…) since 2011 to give coffees and crêpes
to the crews and the Motorsport Marshals. We want to
participate in the rally because it’s our passion and we are
nostalgic for the 80s. Here, we can find the great vibe and
warmth we used to know while admiring vintage cars. We
cook everything ourselves and offer it with a great pleasure.
Crédit photos : (c) ACM - Jo Lilini
This Saturday, we arrived in Saint André at 9 a.m. and we’ll wait for the very last car.’’
A great initiative! These impassioned come from a city in Bouches du Rhône, fifteen kilometres away
from Aix-en-Provence.
‘‘Ventabren Rétro Passion is a community of vintage cars lovers; some even have their own. We regroup
convivially to share our knowledge, drive through wonderful landscapes, express our skills securely on
closed roads or racetracks and learn about each other’s interests.’’
At the end of the first Regularity Zone, two monégasque teams share the first place!
Michel Chabran, famous starred chef form the Michelin Guide from the Pont-de-L’Isère, arrived at the third place.
However, the Belgian José Lareppe
have lost all hope of winning a
fourth time as he is the last one in
the classification
Stefano & Pasquale Caminiti
Schedule of Sunday 31st January 2016
Classification Leg – Monaco / Valence
6:00 a.m. : Departure from Monaco (Port Hercule)
7:55 a.m. : Regularity Test 2 - Entrevaux / Ubraye (18,44 km)
9:40 a.m. : Regularity Test 3 - Le Chaffaut / Oraison (33,44 km)
11:10 a.m. : Time Control in Sisteron (Place de l’hôtel de Ville)
12:00 : Regularity Test 4 - Eygalayes / Verclause (36,41 km)
2:45 p.m. : Regularity Test 5 - Vassieux (D76 x D178) / Col de l'Echarasson (42,86 km)
3:40 p.m. : Time Control in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans (Nautical base)
4:30 p.m. : Time Control in Valence (Champs de Mars)
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