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charter - Code europeen des affaires

Association for Unification of the Business Law in Europe
Facing the challenge of the European model, crises of growth in Europe, and the
doubts of European citizens on the Europe's ability to respond to their legitimate
Facing the sirens of nationalist movements,
Aware of the need to strengthen the legal and economic links between European
Knowing that European rights derive their origin from the same unshakeable
Greek source,
Some that the solution will come from securing the European economic area by
Because certainty is source of growth,
Having regard to the harmonization process successful in Africa (OHADA) and in
the Caribbean (OHADAC) with the support of Europe,
Having regard to the already committed initiative of Unification of the law of
business in Europe,
Mr. jacques-Brice MOMNOUGUI and Mr. Julien FOUCHET, both Lawyers at the
bar association of Bordeaux decided to found the Association for the Unification of
business law.
This Charter is designed to recall the principles that govern the association.
The objectives of the Aude Department are as follows:
 Serve as a framework to public and private organizations and institutions
personalities, professional law business and corporations in the context of the
unification of law cases (European codes insurance, insolvency, public
Contact :
 Accompany, support all actions, training and research to the unification of
the business law in the area of the European Union;
 Being a center of reference of the jurists and lawyers specialized in
international business law and European law in particular;
 Seek partnerships with the aim of this construction.
The values of the AUDE are those advocated by Europe, and in particular those
reaffirmed by the preamble to the European Charter of fundamental rights as
"The peoples of Europe, in creating an ever closer union among them are resolved to
share a peaceful future based on common values.
Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the
indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity;
It is based on the principle of democracy and the principle of the rule of law. It
places the individual at the heart of its action by instituting citizenship of the
Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice. (…) »
The AUDE aims to make live these values with a view to the consolidation of
Europe through the goals set by the association.
Thus, each Member undertakes to contribute through his writings, his actions, his
involvement within the association, to the emergence of a unified European law
ARTICLE 3. MEMBERSHIP and contributions
Any member is required to adhere to the values of the present Charter, by returning
the membership form with a copy of his credential, his curriculum vitae, by any
means, including electronic mail to the headquarters of the association.
The association is open to all those who share this ideal, natural persons or legal
persons governed by private or public law and who have acceded to the present
Charter, irrespective of nationality.
Any member is held to a duty of courtesy, respect for other members and does not
divert for personal information received from the association and must make a
conscientious use and lawful missions assigned to them.
Contact :
The contribution currently laid down in the statutes of AUDE is from 100 EUR /
year. It may be revised by decision of the General Assembly of the association.
The association reserves the right to accept a member and when the validation
process is closed, a Member certificate will be issued. In case of refusal, the
regulation will be refunded within a week, subject to deduction of the sum of € 15
for costs of study file.
Any dispute that should arise between the members of the association shall be
governed by the French legislation in force at the date of accession.
The competent court is that of the registered office of the association currently
established in Bordeaux (France).
Avocat à la Cour
Président de l’AUDE
Jacques-Brice MOMNOUGUI
Avocat à la Cour
Vice -président de l’AUDE
Contact :
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