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1 Cook MALCOLM C. COOK: Professor of French, University

MALCOLM C. COOK: Professor of French, University of Exeter,
Born London
Married, French wife, three children
Westlain Grammar School, Brighton
Warwick University
BA Hons, French Studies, with
Distinction in Oral French
Ph.D. Prose Fiction of the French Revolution 1974
Professional Career
Lecteur, Université de Paris X (Nanterre)
Assistant Associé, Université de Paris X
Lecturer, Westfield College, University of
Lecturer, University of Exeter
Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
Reader in French Eighteenth-Century
Studies, University of Exeter
Personal Chair of French Eighteenth-Century
Studies, University of Exeter
1994Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Exeter 2001-3
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Exeter 2003-4
Management Experience
I served as Head of Department, Head of School and was, at some
time in my career, a member of every important committee in the
university, often acting as Chair. From August 2001 until July
2004 I was Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University, with
particular responsibility for Learning and Teaching. In this
capacity, I led the University’s preparations for the Institutional
Audit which took place in Autumn 2003, with an outstandingly
good outcome. The Chair of Learning and Teaching Committee is
responsible for Quality Assurance in the University and, apart
from chairing the full committee, the Chair assumes a major role
in internal reviews and in all working parties relating to teaching
activity. As a Deputy Vice-Chancellor I had lead responsibility for
the University’s undergraduate admissions (including widening
participation), Employability, Marketing Strategy and Purchasing
Policy. I was also the Chair of the University’s Environmental
Steering Group and of the Disability Equality Group, a group
which defined university policy in this area in the light of new
legislation. This range of activity gave me extensive management
experience. I was involved in a range of disciplinary boards,
appeals and various disputes. I believe I was a thoughtful and
responsive manager who listened carefully but who was able and
willing to take decisive action when required to do so. Naturally, I
was a member of all the major committees of the University and
played a full part in defining policy as a member of the ViceChancellor’s Executive Group. I believe in the value of working
closely with people, building good working relations and
functioning effectively as a team.
As a Deputy Vice-Chancellor I also had line management for four
Heads of School and was responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for all
activity in those four Schools. I was responsible for the Schools of
Classics, Ancient History and Theology; History, Political and
Sociological Studies, Camborne School of Mines; Engineering and
Computer Science; Performance Arts. In my final year (the post
was then limited to three years, not renewable) I was responsible
for the Schools of Engineering, Computer Science and
Mathematics; History, Politics and Sociological Studies;
Geography, Archaeology and Earth Resources (incorporating
Camborne School of Mines) and Performance Arts. This involved
signing off all job applications, chairing interviews and generally
assuring the well-being of these Schools.
Outside the University I was one of a small group of ‘Bologna
Promoters’. This group which exists to inform the sector about
the Bologna process, was first formed by the European University
Association by taking nominations from national groups of
rectors and principals. I was recommended by UUK. This activity
led to my giving presentations on the Bologna process, notably in
Turin, Dublin, Brussels, Paris and London. I established a
Bologna Forum in the South West which was attended by
representatives of all the Higher Education institutions of the
South West.
I am trained QAA auditor and have undertaken Institutional
Evaluations on behalf of the Agency in England and Scotland. I
have also acted as a member of a team assessing an application
for Degree Awarding Powers.
I have served as a member of the EUA Institution Evaluation
Programme and acted also as a member of the steering group. I
have undertaken evaluations for the EUA in Spain, Italy and
Ukraine. I have also undertaken evaluations for the QA agencies
in Ireland, France, Lithuania, Romania and Oman.
I am the Chair of the Modern Humanities Research Association, a
major learned society which exists to promote research and
scholarship in the modern European languages, including
English. Prior to this, on behalf of the Association, I was French
Editor of the Modern Language Review and later became the
General Editor, leading the team of specialists producing one of
the best known modern language periodicals in the world.
I am a member of the AHRC Peer Review College and have served
on the panel assessing doctoral applications and applications for
block-grant capacity building. I have also worked in Ireland
assessing doctoral applications and assessing applications for
University research funding.
I have broad experience of the university sector and have been
external examiner in five different universities.
In 1998 I was made a Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes
Académiques by the French Government, for services to French
Culture. I have now been promoted to the rank of Officier.
I took early retirement from the University in 2008 in order to
develop consultancy activity in the quality assurance areas, and
to devote more time to my research. I continue to lead a major
AHRC and British Academy-funded project, La Correspondance de
Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1737-1814).
Research Statement:
I am a specialist of eighteenth-century French literature and have
published widely in that area, with particular strength in prose
fiction and, more recently, manuscript work. I analyse, in
particular, the relationships between literature and society
during the second half of the century. I have established myself
as one of the international experts on the important writer,
Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1737-1814), leading a team of
specialists preparing the first ever critical edition of his
correspondence, to be published by the Voltaire Foundation in
Oxford, and which is appearing as part of the Electronic
Enlightenment project. The Bernardin project was awarded
British Academy Research Project status in 2004 and has received
considerable amounts of external funding: from the Academy,
from the AHRC and from the MHRA.
Teaching and Teaching-Related Activity:
I have taught across a wide area of French literature, specialising
in the late enlightenment and the production of prose fiction.
Postgraduate Supervision
I have supervised theses on: Diderot's Novels; Attitudes to War
and Peace in the French Enlightenment; The Esprit des Journaux,
1770-1820; The Reception of Rousseau's La Nouvelle Héloïse; The
Novels of Mme Riccoboni; The Mariette papers in Exeter
University Library; The Moral Tale in France and Germany (17501800); The Gothic Tale in France and Germany (1750-1820); The
Novels of Pigault-Lebrun; The editorial work of Aimé-Martin.
I supervised an MPhil student working on a collection of French
family papers (completed in 2004) and another who worked on
the Mémoires secrets. I am currently supervising a PhD student
who is working on the science of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, as
seen in the Etudes de la nature.
I have served as a member of the ‘jury’ for the process of
‘habilitation’ for a candidate for a Chair at the Université de Paris
IV (Sorbonne).
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4. Critical Bibliographies:
'The Eighteenth Century' The Year's Work in Modern Language
Studies (in collaboration with Dr. G. Bremner, formerly of the
University College, Aberystwyth):
Vol. 41 (1980), 118-58
Vol. 42 (1981), 141-79
Vol. 43 (1982), 138-70
5. Reviews:
I have published book reviews (too numerous to list) for: The
Journal of European Studies, Eighteenth-Century Fiction, The
Modern Language Review, French Studies, the Revue d'Histoire
Littéraire de la France.
6. Editorial:
French Editor, The Modern Language Review, 1987-93
General Editor, The Modern Language Review, 1994-2001
Joint General Editor (1999-2004): French Studies of the
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Peter Lang (Bern)
General Editor and French Editor: MHRA Critical Texts
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