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Morpho in the Czech Republic
AFAQ Afnor Certification N 2006/27204.13. Certifies that the management
system implemented by Morpho has been assessed and found to meet requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
CQM - Statement of Quality 2015 for Morpho Business Solutions, conformity
with MasterCard’s quality requirements for smart cards as defined in Card
Quality Management (CQM) Requirements. Statement of Quality is for products and services (Contact ID-1 Cards, Dual ID-1 Cards, Contactless ID-1
Letter of Approval MasterCard Paypass Vendor Product – CLOAABNE101001-111027 - mentioned product has successfully completed the requirements for a vendor product approval by MasterCard as a PayPass – M/Chip 4
v1.3.1, 4 lines embossing ID-1 Card with a Full antenna(Type A; T=0 and T=1).
2015 CB Approval Notification Card manufacturing + Card embedding conformity of conditions of quality and security with requirements Le Groupement des Cartes Bancaires „CB“.
Certificate letter for MORPHO Ostrava_card bodies_ QUALITY certification,
certificate No.: SIQ_00158. System sufficiently complies with „Exigences «Management de la Qualité» applicables aux Industriels Cartes «CB», Spécifications
techniques des supports plastiques“ from PayCert, Paris, France.
Certificate letter for Embedding_Quality No.: SIQ-00159. System Certification
for Embedding System based on the requirements stated by the „Exigences
„Management de la Qualité“ aplicables aux Industriels Cartes „CB“ , Spécifications techniques CB de l´encartage“ from PayCert, Paris, France.
Products and systems certification industrial sites quality - Quality certification No.: SIQ_00146. „Exigences «Management de la Qualité» applicables aux
Industriels Cartes « CB », V2.1. Spécifications techniques CB des supports plastiques, V3.3“ from PayCert, Paris, France.
VISA Premium Brand Mark approval: certified for production of VISA cards
with Premium Brand Mark hotstamping logo on glossy and matt cards.
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