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Colum McCann Danseur

Colum McCann
Title: Danseur
Author: Colum McCann
Format: Paperback
Language: French
Pages: 415
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 2266153145
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6.9 MB
Download: allowed
Ange ou démon. Étoile… filante, peut-être, mais étoile qui brilla au plus haut par son génie et
son ambition. C'était Noureev. Rudi. Rudik Rudolph. Prénom choisi par sa mère, Farida, en
hommage à Rudolph Valentino. Et quel séducteur que ce jeune Tatar, un peu rustre, ayant
grandi entre sa mère aimante, sa grande sœur et un père qui mettra des années à admettre le
choix de son fils !
La force du roman de McCann réside dans son style narratif : raconter l'histoire de Noureev, par
l'intermédiaire (imaginaire et romancé) de divers acteurs de sa vie : sa sœur, Serguei et Anna
(qui le forma à Oufa et lui fit découvrir la danse et la musique), leur fille qui l'hébergea à
Leningrad, ses amis, sa complice de scène et de coulisses la grande Margot Fonteyn, ses
amants, sa gouvernante ou des anonymes fascinés par le talent du jeune garçon de l'époque
avec en filigrane une partie de l'histoire contemporaine soviétique dont certains aspects de la
guerre froide semblent parfois un peu caricaturaux mais restent essentiels pour bien
comprendre le contexte dans lequel évolua Noureev... et son exil ! Car l'étoile eut une vie à la
hauteur de sa rage : pleine, violente, passionnée, exigeante, égoïste. Entre vampire génial qui
pouvait tout sacrifier pour son art et ami dévoué, généreux et fou. Il y a de la fascination et de
l'agacement devant cet homme hors norme qui eut la force – plutôt rare de nos jours –
d'assumer, envers et contre tout, son destin à force de travail, d'acharnement. Car, y compris
ses détracteurs, tous furent subjugués par cette énergie, cette incandescence que dégageait
Noureev qui ne vivait que pour la danse. L'image sulfureuse de l'amant "cherchant du sexe" à
tout prix, à tout moment, plein d'excès et de dédain, contribue à transformer en mythe cet
animal de grâce, de chair. Il mourut du sida en 1993.
Danseur, entre roman et biographie imaginaire, passionne par son sujet et par ses ressorts
chers à tout best-seller américains : exil, sexe, provocation, malheur, pathos Mais on aime à
rêver devant le désir d'absolu de ce jeune Tatar de Oufa devenu un mythe, qui, tout petit, se
cachait pour danser. --Marine Segalen
Insightful reviews
Savvy : DANCER is a raw edged novel about the life of the legendary Russian ballet dancer
Rudolph Nureyev. It is a challenging, often restless, intricately entangled read.
The book weaves together a series of vignettes that take the reader from the palpable horror of
war, poverty, famine and bone chilling cold in rural Russia to the luxurious parlours and
decadence of Paris, France in the booming 50's.
Narrated in multiple voices, Nureyev comes to life, first as a starving, neurotic young boy... later
through a stunning career on stage, and finally, caught in the clutches of the newly diagnosed
disease, AIDS. (which would ultimately claim his life.)
Obsessive and demanding of perfection in himself and from his partners, 'Rudi' candidly lays
open the gritty world of artistic idealism and it's hidden quicksand.
Powerful and heartbreaking...
Emily: I actually enjoyed this book a tad more than Zoli. I guess I was more familar with the
subject matter, dancing vs gypsy life. The book is a fictional account of Nurveyev's life--based
on many facts, but clearly the emotions, quotations, are all McCann's invention. I like McCann's
writing. It's that kind of writing in which you know is good, and if you dont understand it or dislike
it, you feel somehow inadequate as a reader. Truthfully, sometimes it's a bit too deep and
strange for me, but I have great respect for how he can switch to a different character so easily,
and really commit to it. Good history of Russian life, post WW2 and well researched dance-wise.
I'm looking forward to read McCann's work that was nominated for the National Book Award.
Chris: An advantage of the bad weather is the opportunity to finally finish this book; and a great
excuse to neglect the growing list of jobs my wife manages to create with apparent ease.
Unlike Nureyev’s feet, I found myself dragging mine; hoping the next page I turned was the
last. I almost volunteered to rake leaves off the lawn in the pouring rain, or decorate the kitchen
again rather than struggle with the cast of twenty odd characters telling their story of Nureyev’s
journey from Russia in 1940.
Technically this book is outstanding; Colum McCann is an incredible writer, he skilfully
pirouettes from first to third voice narrative, jumps seamlessly and randomly from character to
character. McCann’s sharp vivid descriptions kept me reading, rather than abandoning yet
another book; which would be destined for my local charity shop unread.
I’m sure anyone who is a fan or Nureyev or dance would rate this as a ‘Must Read’.
Regardless of what the text on the back jacket implies; ‘The Dancer’ is more of a slow Waltz or
Foxtrot instead of the Moon Walk or Break dance we were promised... Actually ‘Gumboot
Dance’ is more appropriate.
Surreysmum: because the three stars say, I "liked it". i am certainly ambivalent approximately
fiction in accordance with those that lived so recently; at the very least McCann had the
decency to alter the names of individuals nonetheless residing (basically turning it right into a
little bit of a roman-a-clef, even if he deliberate it that method or not), yet i realized that in
general the relatively significant figures within the Western ballet international did not get even
more than an oblique notice or two. in all likelihood they or their ferociously protecting estates
(Balanchine?) deterred the writer from getting an excessive amount of into actual ballet gossip.
A pity, perhaps. The writing is, as pretty well every person agrees, superb; the widespread
switch of narrative POV retains the reader hopping, yet that is OK. The stream-ofconsciousness "Victor" section depicting Nureyev's existence among the higher crust - and the
homosexual bathhouses - within the US, is breathtaking. the outlet evocation of the horrors of
WWII in Russia will follow me for an extended time. i ponder what percentage of the allusions
approximately Nureyev himself i'd have picked up had I no longer lately learn a Nureyev
biography; and that i additionally ponder whether it can have mattered.
Diane Webber-thrush: i used to be trying to find simply the correct of engrossing holiday learn
and came upon this ebook at the shelf ... and that i notion "literary fiction approximately Rudolf
Nureyev? How the he!! did I omit this whilst it got here out?" Then I grew to become to the
copyright page... got here out in 2003, that 12 months I had infants at one time. Ah, that is how I
neglected it. i am approximately chapters in and it is only delicious. particularly indelible pictures
of WW II (yes battle in a ballet book. what?). Yummy.Was a good learn for the airplane (just as
Frank McCourt acknowledged it might be in his blurb at the jacket). i feel it should were
demanding to stay with, if I hadn't had all that uninterrupted time to read. The voice and point-ofview shifts quite usually to the purpose the place it is a problem to understand who's speaking.
that isn't a flaw although ... loved the full thing.
Joseph: i assume i am simply over the let's-analyze-a-genius genre, and feature been for a
while. I picked this up whilst it stumbled on my table on the bookstore, simply because i have
enjoyed different issues McCann has written, yet this . . . whereas it's undeniably superbly
written, and elements of it are relatively compelling, it seems he subject material simply did not
do it for me, and the most personality -- real-life ballet megastar Rudolf Nureyev -- is such an
irredeemable jackass that I had a difficult time quite worrying approximately him. i believe like
"he's a GENIUS, you know, and consequently we excuse his excesses!" is an outdated trope
with which I in the past grew tired.Given the way in which Nureyev died, the ebook was once
guaranteed to have a depressingly standard finishing for a narrative a few homosexual guy who
lived throughout the 70s and 80s on the top of his reputation and sexual prowess. The booklet
correctly treads evenly over this topic, yet still, it's been performed such a lot of instances that i
am a bit bored even via the trace of it. I discover that (A) the explanation such a lot of tales
approximately homosexual males finish this manner is simply because such a lot of lives of
homosexual males ended this fashion within the 80s and 90s, and (B) McCann does not are
looking to simply fake that Nureyev did not die or something, yet it really is nonetheless flooring
that is been lined adequate occasions that i am no longer that drawn to pursuing it anymore.The
e-book has many, many merits, and its so much compelling sections take care of Nureyev not
often at all, yet extra with the lives of standard Russians and Uzbeks in Kruschev's Soviet
Union. McCann keeps his ordinary excellence at inhabiting the heads and hearts of disparate
people, from Soviet dance teachers to Venezuelan hustlers, and the story's third-person
sections exhibit an analogous chilling eye for the devastating element that he displayed in allow
the nice global Spin. yet for a ebook that's intended to be a portrait of an explosive and
passionate man, it's unusual that its most appropriate passages will be the muted and chilly
ones that draw photos of these significantly extra usual (and much less obnoxious) than the
putative major character.
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