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Colum McCann Danseur

Colum McCann
Title: Danseur
Author: Colum McCann
Format: Paperback
Language: French
Pages: 415
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 2266153145
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 9.2 MB
Download: allowed
Ange ou démon. Étoile… filante, peut-être, mais étoile qui brilla au plus haut par son génie et
son ambition. C'était Noureev. Rudi. Rudik Rudolph. Prénom choisi par sa mère, Farida, en
hommage à Rudolph Valentino. Et quel séducteur que ce jeune Tatar, un peu rustre, ayant
grandi entre sa mère aimante, sa grande sœur et un père qui mettra des années à admettre le
choix de son fils !
La force du roman de McCann réside dans son style narratif : raconter l'histoire de Noureev, par
l'intermédiaire (imaginaire et romancé) de divers acteurs de sa vie : sa sœur, Serguei et Anna
(qui le forma à Oufa et lui fit découvrir la danse et la musique), leur fille qui l'hébergea à
Leningrad, ses amis, sa complice de scène et de coulisses la grande Margot Fonteyn, ses
amants, sa gouvernante ou des anonymes fascinés par le talent du jeune garçon de l'époque…
avec en filigrane une partie de l'histoire contemporaine soviétique dont certains aspects de la
guerre froide semblent parfois un peu caricaturaux mais restent essentiels pour bien
comprendre le contexte dans lequel évolua Noureev... et son exil ! Car l'étoile eut une vie à la
hauteur de sa rage : pleine, violente, passionnée, exigeante, égoïste. Entre vampire génial qui
pouvait tout sacrifier pour son art et ami dévoué, généreux et fou. Il y a de la fascination et de
l'agacement devant cet homme hors norme qui eut la force – plutôt rare de nos jours –
d'assumer, envers et contre tout, son destin à force de travail, d'acharnement. Car, y compris
ses détracteurs, tous furent subjugués par cette énergie, cette incandescence que dégageait
Noureev qui ne vivait que pour la danse. L'image sulfureuse de l'amant "cherchant du sexe" à
tout prix, à tout moment, plein d'excès et de dédain, contribue à transformer en mythe cet
animal de grâce, de chair. Il mourut du sida en 1993.
Danseur, entre roman et biographie imaginaire, passionne par son sujet et par ses ressorts
chers à tout best-seller américains : exil, sexe, provocation, malheur, pathos… Mais on aime à
rêver devant le désir d'absolu de ce jeune Tatar de Oufa devenu un mythe, qui, tout petit, se
cachait pour danser. --Marine Segalen
Insightful reviews
Tim: Colum McCann's novel on the life of Rudolf Nureyev, one of the most famous and lauded
ballet dancers of the twentieth century, brings the biographical and the fictional into an intimate
We begin in the hellish snow-covered battlefields of the Second World War and over the course
of 333 pages watch Rudi as he grows up in the struggle-ridden landscape of Cold War-era
Communist Russia. His discovery, learning, and eventual mastery of ballet are a beautiful
evolution, as is his transformation from a precocious boy and an insufferable, ingenious
teenager to the veritable lord of the dance he became in manhood.
The journey is kept interesting with the use of multiple narrators: Rudi's father, his mother, his
sister, the old couple who teach him ballet, their daughter, his lovers, his cook. It's a
kaleidoscopic perspective, but you need it, for Nureyev was a kaleidoscopic man.
McCann writes this life story so beautifully I wish I could call it a biography; when I was about
forty pages from the end I looked up Nureyev on Wikipedia (having never heard of him before). I
can honestly say I felt as though I had known the man already by virtue of simply having read
"Dancer." The story is that rich.
And oh my god, the prose. I don't know how McCann does it, but it's dauntingly beautiful.
Practically every other line or description is something you'd want to highlight or write down just
so you could read it a thousand more times. He adopts a strikingly distinct voice for the nearly
dozen narrators/characters that appear in the novel. By the time you've finished reading what
they say and see and do, you feel as if each of them has personally handed over their very
being for you to carry around with you for the rest of your life. One particular source of surprise
is a portion where we hear from Victor, a Venezuelan hustler and one of Rudi's closest friends.
In all the thirty or so pages Victor is allowed to narrate, McCann doesn't use a single period.
In conclusion, you'll feel exhausted after reading this novel; it's as though you personally stood
backstage through all the worldwide performances, the ovations, the political turmoil, the
beginnings and endings of Rudi's relationships, and all the beauty.
And just give McCann the Pulitzer already....
Madeline: 1. I know only a little about Nureyev (if you want, you can watch him on The Muppet
Show, among other things), but while I think more knowledge would have enriched parts of
Dancer, I am glad that I didn't know too much. It's an odd kind of historical fiction, not quite a
biographical novel, but like one: the differences between fact and fiction are blurry. I really liked
that experience, and I think it made the book richer.
2. McCann mixes first and third person narrative passages very effectively, bordering them with
information from the historical record (although - as you can tell from the opening page which
lists things thrown onstage during Nureyev's first Paris season - dance happily crosses the line
between legend and history). The first person passages are from people peripheral to Nureyev's
story (I suppose some of them of them are complete fabrications) - they are all very interesting
characters. And they arouse sympathy, although they are less difficult people than Nureyev, so
that reaction isn't really much of a surprise. I liked the kaleidoscope effect very much - it really
enriched the story. Although I think a more straightforward historical novel would also have been
interesting (and containing its own challenges).
3. The first book, with the descriptions of Russia during World War II, is worth a look for itself
alone. There is a magnificent and devastating power there. Whether or not you give a damn
about dance!
Surreysmum: As the 3 stars say, I "liked it". I'm definitely ambivalent about fiction based on
people who lived so recently; at least McCann had the decency to change the names of people
still living (basically turning it into a bit of a roman-a-clef, whether he planned it that way or not),
but I noticed that by and large the really major figures in the Western ballet world didn't get
much more than an indirect word or two. Possibly they or their ferociously protective estates
(Balanchine?) deterred the author from getting too much into real ballet gossip. A pity, perhaps.
The writing is, as pretty much everyone agrees, superb; the frequent change of narrative POV
keeps the reader hopping, but that's OK. The stream-of-consciousness "Victor" segment
depicting Nureyev's life amongst the upper crust - and the gay bathhouses - in the US, is
breathtaking. The opening evocation of the horrors of WWII in Russia will stick with me for a
long time. I wonder how many of the allusions about Nureyev himself I would have picked up
had I not recently read a Nureyev biography; and I also wonder whether it would have mattered.
Charlaralotte: Fantastico! A brilliantly imagined tale in regards to the lifetime of Nureyev. Wellresearched and well-written, with all of the old information to flesh out his trip from a small
Russian metal city to the Kirov to defection to foreign reputation and finally, the affliction of the
deteriorating body. Had an all-encompassing experience of historic occasions shaping the realm
and Nureyev's existence that I want McCann's newer book, enable the good global Spin, had
reached. As with different writers, he gained the publication Award for a later book, instead of
this past work, which has greatly extra merit.
Cynthia ? ? ? : I learn this many years in the past and very enjoyed it. i'm eager about the area
of "Dance." This was once a fascinating fictionalized point of view of global well known dancer.
Why am I including this to my learn shelf now...well i've got the opportunity to hear it in the
course of the Sale happening now, and that i used to be to determine if the tale
has held up. when you consider that I read/listen to such a lot of books, is my reminiscence of
the publication higher than it really was...did it delay to the attempt of time. Also, a few books
"read" larger than they "listen." is that this certainly one of them. i am very curious. As I sit down
right here scripting this flashes of scenes from the e-book are popping into my head. i suppose
one other query is does it rather deserve five Stars. i am type of stingy with a five big name
rating...again is my reminiscence of the ebook larger than it really was? i'm going to document
again if I choose to buy this as considered one of my listens from the sale.
Suzanne Krueger: i presumed this was once going to be approximately Nureyev, the good
dancer/cheographer; as a substitute it used to be in general approximately his promiscuity and
homosexual lifestyle. the tale begins in battle torn Russia, then publish struggle Russia...if this a
part of the publication used to be a color, it'd be the colour of dirt...gray, dismal and
heartbreaking.There is a quick description of early dance classes and ascent of Rudolf as
dancer and his next defection...but from then on you're given to think his existence is one orgy
after another. After awhile i actually grew to become disgusted with the image sexual exploits of
the homosexual neighborhood in the entire neighborhoods of NYC or the other position he may
well be.I hated the nature of Victor....he came upon as a pathetic caricature.Where used to be
the creativity and fervour that Nureyev had for his art. He was once with Margot Fonteyn for
almost 2 little of her. And of his choreography.. the entire points of an exceptional
Dancer.Some of the main points of his existence have been correct...for others there has been
major artisitc license applied. His character used to be believable.The booklet dissatisfied
me..except for the ancient elements in relation to Russian lifestyles below commmunismIf this
was once the entire writer may get a hold of so that it will write a meaningful,creative or exact
tale of Nureyev's life...then he fell short.I imagine i must learn one other biography of the
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