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Beth Goobie Lottery - Dream Speech Turns 50

Beth Goobie
Title: Lottery
Author: Beth Goobie
Pages: 0
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 0613998898
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 8.4 MB
Download: allowed
In this tense, complex novel Beth Goobie demonstrates once again that she is one of Canada's
finest writers of teen fiction. The Lottery is her sixteenth book and follows the best-selling Before
Wings, which was CLA Book of the Year, an ALA Best Book nominee and was a finalist for the
Governor General's Literary Award.
Insightful reviews
Amy Mathers:
Julia: The Lottery is a really good book, full of depth and details. I really don't understand why
some people say the plot and writing style were horrible.
Some people think, 'Why didn't anybody do anything about this, or go to a teacher or whatever.'
And I think, 'Well, you're obviously not in school anymore.' People say, 'Shadow Council doesn't
do anything for the school, so why are they revered so much?' Seriously? If you had bothered to
finish reading the book you would get it, as it explained A LOT at the end. Everbody loves a
victim. What part of that don't you understand?? And there's that tiny detail of Shadow Council
threatening them.
Also, you might think that Sal's pathetic, not standing up for herself, and that if she had, the
book might have been more enjoyable. Well, reality check, most people aren't like that. Heck,
I'm not like that, and that's one of the reasons I love this book so much. Sal isn't some nobody
that miraculously gets courage right when people start picking on her. In fact, I thought she
stood up for herself more than some (if not most) people would be able to. She accepted being
shunned for the rest of high school, didn't she?
Another thing, the writing style. If you seriously think that this is horrible writing, I'd like to see
you do half as well. I've almost never seen such beautiful writing, full of details and
comparisons that are just....I can't even find words to describe them. And it may be a little
confusing, but the human mind is confusing, especially with what Sal is going through.
I'll admit, it took me a little while to get into it. I read the first 30, 40 pages or so and thought,
'Meh. This isn't bad, but not terribly amazing either.' Then I got to around page 60 and there was
a spot that I didn't really feel like reading at that moment. I didn't read it for a little bit, then when
i picked it up again, I finished it at midnight that night. Needless to say, it was worth the read.
(And by the way, most people that wrote horrible reviews hadn't even finished the book. That's
like riding a roller coaster and then jumping off because the first 20 feet were boring. Very
Elissa Hoole: This book takes the concept of Shirley Jackson's short story of the same name
and places it in a high school setting--like Jackson's short, The Lottery raises questions about
why society needs a victim. The protagonist is Sal, a fifteen-year-old third clarinettist and this
year's Shadow Council lottery winner: the dud of the year. Nobody will speak to her or
acknowledge her existence except the mysterious Shadow Council, an elite group ruling the
school with fear.
I enjoyed the concept of this book and the interplay between Sal and the other characters.
There was an interesting motif of the musical duet called "Inside the Question"--the song written
by the president of the Shadow Council and practiced in secret with Sal--and this gave the
tense and haunting story some extra symbolic layers. I liked the way even the worst of the
Shadow Council was a complex character who says, "I look in the mirror and my face gets
further and further away..."
The novel has a way of feeling not quite contemporary--nods to The Chocolate War and A
Separate Peace give it a sort of timeless feel to it. Sal's character is generally strong and funny,
even when she is playing the docile victim.
I do think the book possibly tries to tackle too many things at once--the plotline about Sal's guilt
about her father's car crash, the autistic girl, the wheelchair-bound friend who first betrays her
and then is redeemed, and especially the issue with her former best friend's brother--and it's
sort of like there isn't enough space in the book to adequately explore and resolve all of these.
Still, the book was engaging from beginning to end, with strong prose and interesting conflicts.
Alana B: i do not relatively like this book, for me i locate it does not have a good hook to it.
during the publication i used to be by no means attracted to it yet i feel a few humans may well
like it, this can be simply my opinion.
Carrie: even though written in 2002, the subject material is extra suitable than ever: Bullying. It
demonstrates how youth worry one another and the way tough it's to face up opposed to bullies.
nice book.
Moonie Jarl: Ce récit d’un bizutage très élaboré traite de manière originale du pouvoir et de
l’ivresse qu’il procure. L’auteur, à l’évidence contre les jeux de hasard, nous interpelle : pour
un gagnant à los angeles loterie nationale, combien ont participé à sa récompense ? Combien
d’élèves participent ici de l. a. mise à l’écart de Sal, de sa libre manipulation par les membres
du Shadow Council ? On peine à croire qu’un système tel que celui mis en position par l. a.
société secrète du livre soit acceptable dans l. a. vraie vie. A l’ère d’internet et de l’hypercommunication, remark les amis de Sal ne peuvent-ils pas lui communiquer leur soutien
through Facebook, Twitter ou un sms ? Certaines scènes sont répétitives (Sal écoutant les
purple Floyd en boucle chez elle), et l. a. deuxième partie du livre aurait tendance à donner un
peu trop dans los angeles psychologie de bas étage (« Ultimately, it was once her personal
worry or wish that may lock her in or enable her to open to the utter danger of herself. » Pitié !).
Mais j’ai un faible pour les personnages secondaires. D’abord Brydan qui n’hésite jamais à
sortir une petite vanne sur les personnes handicapées. Vous avez remarqué comme, dans les
livres en anglais dont le protagoniste est une fille, cette dernière a tendance à commettre tout
plein d’erreurs avant de finalement trouver sa voie et de se jeter dans les bras du personnage
masculin (généralement un garçon assez mystérieux ou en marge), comme si elle le méritait
enfin ? Ici, c’est Brydan qui commet les erreurs, ça m’a fait des vacances ! Ensuite il y a Tauni,
une jeune fille à half qui s’avère atteinte du syndrome d'Asperger. Elle se peint les lèvres en
noir pour « trouver sa bouche », chante ou fait tourner son crayon lorsque los angeles pression
devient trop distinctiveness et se répète à haute voix que les portes s’ouvrent mais pas les
murs. Je ne connais pas cette forme d’autisme évoquée dans le movie Mary et Max, par
exemple, mais ce personnage, jamais caricatural, m’a
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