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Beth Goobie The Lottery

Beth Goobie
The Lottery
Title: The Lottery
Author: Beth Goobie
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 224
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 0571228631
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6.1 MB
Download: allowed
Sally Hanson's school is being secretly ruled by Shadow Council; a powerful and brutal group of
students. Every autumn Shadow Council holds 'The Lottery', a dreaded ritual which picks a pupil
to be the 'victim' - a person who is ignored by the entire school and forced to become Shadow
Council's slave.
Sally is this year's victim - and she faces the worst year of her life. Humiliated and isolated, her
friends desert her and teachers turn a blind eye. But when Shadow Council's demands become
increasingly sinister, Sally begins to suspect that maybe more than bad luck is against her . . .
A dark and powerful psychological thriller from an extraordinary writer.
Insightful reviews
Moonie Jarl: Ce récit d’un bizutage très élaboré traite de manière originale du pouvoir et de
l’ivresse qu’il procure. L’auteur, à l’évidence contre les jeux de hasard, nous interpelle : pour
un gagnant à la loterie nationale, combien ont participé à sa récompense ? Combien d’élèves
participent ici de la mise à l’écart de Sal, de sa libre manipulation par les membres du Shadow
Council ? On peine à croire qu’un système tel que celui mis en place par la société secrète du
livre soit applicable dans la vraie vie. A l’ère d’internet et de l’hyper-communication, comment
les amis de Sal ne peuvent-ils pas lui communiquer leur soutien via Facebook, Twitter ou un
sms ? Certaines scènes sont répétitives (Sal écoutant les Pink Floyd en boucle chez elle), et la
deuxième partie du livre aurait tendance à donner un peu trop dans la psychologie de bas étage
(« Ultimately, it was her own fear or desire that would lock her in or allow her to open to the utter
possibility of herself. » Pitié !). Mais j’ai un faible pour les personnages secondaires. D’abord
Brydan qui n’hésite jamais à sortir une petite vanne sur les personnes handicapées. Vous avez
remarqué comme, dans les livres en anglais dont le protagoniste est une fille, cette dernière a
tendance à commettre tout plein d’erreurs avant de finalement trouver sa voie et de se jeter
dans les bras du personnage masculin (généralement un garçon assez mystérieux ou en
marge), comme si elle le méritait enfin ? Ici, c’est Brydan qui commet les erreurs, ça m’a fait
des vacances ! Ensuite il y a Tauni, une jeune fille à part qui s’avère atteinte du syndrome
d'Asperger. Elle se peint les lèvres en noir pour « trouver sa bouche », chante ou fait tourner
son crayon lorsque la pression devient trop forte et se répète à haute voix que les portes
s’ouvrent mais pas les murs. Je ne connais pas cette forme d’autisme évoquée dans le film
Mary et Max, par exemple, mais ce personnage, jamais caricatural, m’a touchée.
Kerri: I found the entire shadow council concept intriguing, though it was pretty unrealistic of it
ever happening. Also, the whole 'blue song' was fascinating - it was my favorite thing in the
book, and the autistic part was great. The book could have been better written, and I felt like the
ending wasn't exactly...satisfying. This had so much potential, and it wasn't fully developed.
Carrie: Though written in 2002, the subject matter is more relevant than ever: Bullying. It
demonstrates how teens fear each other and how difficult it is to stand up against bullies. Great
Tweedledum: Set in a secondary tuition the place a bunch of senior scholars are secretly
controlling the college through a lottery,in which I student is selected every year to hold out their
wishes, the ebook is all in regards to the method within which collusion and worry can fast take
carry and unfold like wildfire. Wining the lottery is either fascinating and unknown so whilst the
heroine is selected she is at the beginning excited and proud to have "won." steadily she starts
off to grasp successful isn't all it really is cracked as much as be as a little "harmless fun"
speedily escalates. A ebook that demanding situations the younger reader to increase their
expertise of the moral maze but reads like a thriller.
Booksignblades: i might say extra of a three half for this book.The book, to me, was once form
of Outsiders-esque, or that sort of thing. I purely picked it up simply because I well-known the
canopy at my school's library, from the book shop whilst i used to be searching then. (I was
once interested in the name due to Shirley Jackson's "the Lottery", which my instructor learn to
my type final year.)The humorous factor is, in either Jackson's and Goobie's, the so-called
"winner" of the lottery is undesirable, yet you're "entered" within the lottery with out a choice.
New technique to examine the lottery? i believe so.It's so infrequent for me publication with
reliable content material is really easy to read. I simply sailed by means of this one, and yet, it
made me imagine much approximately how we depend much on society and on others. Goobie
writes (pg 254), "It was once a system, Sal thought, turning onto the street. A method during
which everybody performed a part. And that part, she thought, jogging extra quickly, used to be
outlined via the folks round you. In a system, you did not imagine or choose. you simply
attempted to slot in." I did benefit from the e-book - it was once a type of rarest of vegetation
that used to be effortless to understand, however the thought used to be deep, and it was once
there. It wasn't between my favorites, admittedly. It used to be type of bland at points; the climax
looked as if it would come, after which the "mountain" storyline is meant to be simply ended up
being a plateau. (That was once a peculiar metaphor.) STILL, I loved it. :)
5zakazi: the idea of the e-book with its mystery society and full 'victim' inspiration was once
interesting yet i believe it used to be stretched too thin. truthfully the society did not do whatever
FOR the scholars in anyway, so why was once it respected rather a lot and the way come not
anyone went to an exceptional with this? I suggest Jenny Weaver seemed like the practical
style who'd finish the drama as soon as and for all. and that i feel that is what i am unsatisfied
concerning the most, the drama by no means ended. until eventually the end, the Shadow
Council by no means disbanded or one member used to be given a style in their personal
medicine. I notice the focal point of the publication was once Sal's internal partitions crumbling
away and being free of her guilt yet how come such terrible humans [and sure Willis - for all that
the writer has to claim approximately him- is simply both horrible] have been permit off scot free.
I 'm upset i assume that the sort of ill twisted global used to be now not eliminated entirely. it
can be naive yet that is what i glance for in a publication - One insignificant individual elevating
as much as the problem and altering the process life. Ah yet that was once to not be with this
book.Besides the unsatisfying finishing i did not feel any reference to the characters. i could not
come to a decision no matter if Sally was once going to be the one that stood up for herself and
displayed self-respect or the person who sat meekly on a stool and gasped for air within the
corridor. even supposing the self-respect component was once in simple terms in entrance of
Willis, whilst either have been alone, so i guess she falls within the latter type and for that
reason isn't at any place close to my favorite category. in addition to her i did not fancy any of
the opposite characters either, Willis I hated for the weak point he displayed from the instant he
used to be brought and for a second i used to be horrified Sal could fall in love with him and if
the tale hadn't taken this sort of U-turn from Sal loving her time because the slave again to
detesting it i might have flung the publication out the window. Thankfully, Breydon used to be
again within the picture, no longer that he used to be a lot of a win yet against Willis i would take
him any day! And if i discovered the improvement of the connection of Breydon and Sal to be
mellow , the closeness among her and her bro used to be quite placing me at the bizarre facet
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