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Alexandra Ripley Scarlett

Alexandra Ripley
Title: Scarlett
Author: Alexandra Ripley
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Language: French
Pages: 890
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 2253064122
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6.5 MB
Download: allowed
Le conte intemporel continue… Le roman historique américain le plus populaire et le plus aimé
jamais écrit, Margaret Mitchell' ; s allé avec le vent est inégalé dans sa représentation des
hommes et des femmes immédiatement plus grands que la vie mais aussi vrais que nousmêmes. Maintenant l'auteur bestselling Alexandra Ripley nous amène de nouveau à Tara et
nous réintroduit aux caractères que nous nous rappelons tellement bien : Rhett, Ashley,
maman, Suellen, tante Pittypat, et, naturellement, Scarlett. Pendant que l'histoire classique,
d'abord racontée plus d'il y a un demi-siècle, avance, la plus grande aventure amoureuse dans
toute la fiction est relancée ; parmi le chagrin et la joie, la passion sans fin et consumante entre
Scarlett O' ; Le maître d'hôtel de Hara et de Rhett atteint son point culminant effrayant. Les
riches avec des surprises devant chaque tour et de nouvelles aventures émotives et
ahurissantes, Scarlett satisfont notre désir ardent de réintroduire le monde d'allé avec le vent, et
comme son prédécesseur, Scarlett trouvera un endroit éternel à nos coeurs.
Insightful reviews
Janice: I read this book years ago, so I don't remember specific details. I do, however,
CLEARLY remember thinking "Scarlett would NEVER do that" over and over and over again. I
was so disappointed in it that I consciously tried my hardest to forget I ever read much as
I would LOVE to know what happened to Scarlett after Rhett left her, not knowing is preferable
to what this book suggests.
Gwennie: It was mainly ok because I was living overseas, and English langauge material was
scarce enough that you'd read anything!
Joslyn: So I am a huge Gone With the Wind groupie. I think Clark Gable is the most gorgeous
man ever and I want to be Vivan Leigh. I even own the Scarlett Collector's Item Barbie! Scarlett:
A Sequel to Gone With the Wind is an amazing book. It picks up right where GWtW left off and
never disappoints. It's about 880 pages, but I swear you never even notice. The storyline is
believable and the plot has so many twists and turns that you're never bored. My only regret: It
wasn't written early enough to make a good movie sequel : )
Carolyn: What used to be I thinking? this is often one of many worst books ever written. Scarlett,
an alcoholic? Please, we're speaking blasphemy here...for the sake of all that's stable within the
world, remain away!
Riannon: Ok, this e-book was once flat-out terrible. I learn it simply because I enjoyed long past
With the Wind, yet during this publication the characters will not be even recognizable because
the related people, and do all types of well, simply extraordinary things. Scarlett is going to eire
to get involved along with her roots, of all things. And she's constantly obsessing over Rhett and
simpering. the genuine Scarlett was once too self-absorbed to ever be like that!Anyway, it truly
is particularly unhappy for me to determine the most effective literary masterpieces be sequelled
via the sort of negative B romance. No, make D romance. So, for those who learn long gone
With the Wind and feature had your eye at the sequel, do not learn it! you'd be at an advantage
writing your individual model of the sequel, which actually i used to be tempted to do after
interpreting this calamity since it could not almost certainly be worse. And did I say do not learn
skein: one of many worst books ever. (Horatio Alger used to be a extra convincing author.) i
love long gone With The Wind - like, no longer love. What? do not examine me like that. it is a
rattling attractive story. The writing is shiny and engaging, the affection affairs are tumultuous,
and all the significant gamers are a pain-in-the-ass. however it works. whilst Rhett dumps
Scarlett, it is the perfect, inevitable end result in their respective characters.
Aaaaaannnnnddddddd ... Ripley takes a unload on all that. The finishing is going like
this:"Rhett! Oh, Rhett! will not you return to me?!"(Rhett mysteriously appears)"Frankly, my
dear, i do not provide a rattling approximately something yet you.""Oh, Rhett! I knew you have
been lying.""Oh, Scarlett. you're my one real love and never in any respect a Mary Sue created
through the author's incomprehensible have to supply a cheerful finishing to the easiest tragic
finishing in trashy literature."(Since they're already on a beach, they strip bare and continue to
get it on.)
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