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Clifford Chase Winkie

Clifford Chase
Title: Winkie
Author: Clifford Chase
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 256
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 0802143105
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 8.7 MB
Download: allowed
In Cliff Chase’s scathingly funny and surprisingly humane debut novel, the zeitgeist assumes
the form of a one-foot-tall ursine Everyman — a mild-mannered teddy bear named Winkie who
finds himself on the wrong side of America’s war on terror. After suffering decades of neglect
from the children who've forgotten him, Winkie summons the courage to take charge of his fate,
and so he hops off the shelf, jumps out the window, and takes to the forest. But just as he is
discovering the joys and wonders of mobility, Winkie gets trapped in the jaws of a society gone
rabid with fear and paranoia. Having come upon the cabin of the mad professor who stole his
beloved, Winkie is suddenly surrounded by the FBI, who instantly conclude that he is the evil
mastermind behind dozens of terrorist attacks that have been traced to the forest. Terrified and
confused, Winkie is brought to trial, where the prosecution attempts to seal the little bear’s fate
by interviewing witnesses from the trials of Galileo, Socrates, John Scopes, and Oscar Wilde.
Emotionally gripping and intellectually compelling, Winkie exposes the absurdities of our age
and explores what it means to be human in an increasingly barbaric world.
Insightful reviews
Natalie: I liked this book more after I was done reading it. It provides you with a good deal of
thinking material. I might have to read it again.
For starters, it's a story about a teddy bear who is on trial for terrorism. So you have to get
through that, and the bear's ability to walk and talk suddenly after sitting on a shelf for decades.
I spent half the book trying to decide what this was a farce of - Homeland Security? The Church
of Christian Science? One guy's childhood? The general American psyche? - and then most of
the other half changing my mind.
It turns out to encompass all of these things, sort of, in the flavor of an "everyman" story. You
know, "Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place...he fits right in
there...and that's the Dude."? So i the spirit of how many reads it take to really like Gatsby, and
how the Dude gets better everytime, I'll put this one on the read-again shelf. Maybe I'll do more
than just get it next time; maybe I'll like it.
Ursa: To say this book is bizarre is an understatement. It premises on the arresting of Winkie a
living and talking teddy bear. In spite of his inhuman nature, Winkie is soon charged with
terrorism, among a laundry list of heinous crimes one can ever think of. How did it ever come
down to this? We find the answers as the former toy bear takes a trip down the memory lane,
from the moment he was picked up by his first owner, to the present when his freedom rests on
the shoulder of his sympathetic, albeit incompetent, public defender. A weird mixture of
melancholia, nostalgia, and whimsicality ensues. A strange coming-of-age (or more like comingof-life) journey.
I enjoy Cliff's prose and humor, his ability to write concisely but emotively. And I really loved the
conclusion of the story. However, I'd give 3 stars for the overall experience as I think some
elements didn't quite mesh together, i.e. the satire on American obsession and paranoia with
terrorism and the contemplation on life as a mean-making process, both through Winkie's
miraculous coming-to-life. From the premise I was expected to laugh through out the book, but
instead I got plunged into a long-winded recounting of Winkie's former life as a lifeless bear.
Yes, part of it was engrossing and powerful as characterization, but I wish the reminiscence had
been half the length it was. After a while, I was tired of reading about Winkie being neglected,
betrayed and abandoned by all his child owners as they grew up. When Winkie first became
animated and ran away, things got… spectacularly wacky but no less depressing. As it was, I
didn't care much for the middle part.
I prefer the present portion where Winkie struck up unlikely friendship with people while trying to
endure the mistreatment of hysterical authorities. The highlight of the book was Winkie's trials,
which led to an uplifting discovery of his origin and the bear's heartfelt speech. And the
poignancy of it makes up for the long, drawn-out preceding narrative.
j: It sounded so interesting, but I just couldn't bear to finish it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Randy Holmberg: This was once the most distinct ebook i've got ever read. i cannot inform if
there has been an underlying which means / message i used to be believe to get or not. Winkie
is a teddy undergo who grows fedup with the proposal of his baby pal starting to be up and is
going off looking for a lifetime of his own. i might suggest this to someone who grew up with a
teddy bear, in particular if he is someplace tucked away at home. Makes you think, occasionally
it's worthwhile to pull out that endure and provides hem an outstanding hug if you are having a
nasty day.
Amanda Pagano: if you happen to decide this e-book up i feel it's presupposed to surprise you
with it’s description. A teddy undergo on trial for being a terrorist sounds totally ridiculous. This
seems the precise response Chase sought after whilst he wrote his allegorical satire. the way in
which of attaching the reader to Winkie is completed in a truly merciless way, Chase touches
upon our adolescence sensitivities for a toy we loved. It pushes the reader to sympathize with
Winkie, particularly while the kids develop up and need to play with him no more. Chase used to
be in a position to make those emotions of youth so genuine simply because he inserted loads
of his reports from that point in lifestyles into the book, which I felt made it extra of an impact.
The reader travels with Winkie and at last get to be excited for him whilst he figures out tips to
movement on his personal and is going to stay within the forest. however the happiness is shortlived as the FBI locate him and think him to be a terrorist and he needs to move on trial to
struggle his case. by means of conducting this allegory, at this aspect within the publication
whilst Chase makes an incredible aspect of commenting at the battle on Terror and abuse of
human rights, he doesn't look too preachy. It permits the reader to stroll clear of the e-book with
a special standpoint that was once no longer forced.
Valeriane: Winkie, ou une satire du système judiciaire américain.Winkie est un vieil ours en
peluche tout rapé. Il est arrêté dans une cabane au fond d'un bois par le FBI. Affublé d'un
avocat commis d'office nullisime, il devra répondre de 9000 cooks d'accusation complètement
loufoques... si on tient compte du fait qu'il s'agit bien d'un ours en peluche, ce que les autorités
n'ont pas l'air de capter...Clifford Chase, auteur et "propriétaire" de Winkie, dépeind une société
prête à tout pour trouver un coupable à toutes les misères du monde, peu importe si cette
personne en est responsable ou non.Lecteur est transporté entre le récit de l'état actuel de
Winkie et son histoire passée, les deux se rejoignant à l. a. fin. Le type de l'auteur est easy et
se lit assez rapidement. Lors des scènes de tribunal, il fait souvent référence à des procès
célèbres et souvent anciens. Celles-ci permettent à l'auteur de montrer certains points
poussiéreux et bizarres de cette justice. Une manière de dénoncer un système pas toujours très
juste ou cohérent, et brillant parfois par son manque d'impartialité.J'ai plutôt bien apprécié ce
roman. Peut-être ai-je trouvé quelques passages un peu long, mais en règle générale, je me
suis bien "amusée" dans ce bouquin. Après cette lecture, very unlikely de ne pas craindre qu'un
jour le FBI tente d'enlever mon ours en peluche!!!4ème de couverture : À l’instant où vous lisez
ces lignes, un dénommé Winkie, citoyen américain, attend toujours le terme de son procès.
Pour une partie de l’opinion, il est l’ennemi public numéro 1, un dangereux terroriste
multirécidiviste que les psychiatres qualifient de désœuvré mental. Pour les autres, c’est un ours
en peluche, certes galeux, mais très gentil. Alors, que cache réellement cette énigmatique
créature 80% mohair, 20 percent synthétique ? Entre thèse intégriste, complot darwiniste et
machination politique, découvrez les dessous de l’affaire Winkie, ou l’histoire de l’ours le plus
controversé de los angeles planète.Winkie, Clifford Chase, 10-18, 2006, 3,5 étoiles
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