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Alfred de Musset Lorenzaccio

Alfred de Musset
Title: Lorenzaccio
Author: Alfred de Musset
Format: Paperback
Language: French
Pages: 0
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 2030347205
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6.5 MB
Download: allowed
Personnage grossier, brutal, le duc Alexandre de Médicis dirige la ville de Florence. Se
désintéressant de sa haute fonction, méprisant la bourgeoisie comme le peuple, il passe son
temps dans le lit des femmes. Son jeune cousin Lorenzo s’est donné pour but de libérer
Florence de la tyrannie d’Alexandre. Mais parviendra-t-il à assassiner le duc ? Saura-t-il
surmonter les tourments de sa conscience ? Avec Lorenzaccio, Alfred de Musset signe l’un
des drames les plus célèbres du théâtre romantique.
Insightful reviews
Alexandra: J'ai le souvenir d'avoir dévoré cette pièce pour une simple raison : le style. L'écriture
d'Alfred de Musset est limpide et pourtant magique. Chaque mot est choisi avec soin, chaque
phrase a une portée. La pièce en elle-même est parfois complexe : entre le nombre de
personnages et le nombre de lieux, il faut s'y retrouver — sûrement une des pièces les plus
difficiles à jouer. Je ne peux que conseiller de la lire.
Kouyoum: Elegance, Elegance, Elegance...Un chef d'oeuvre..A lire-Relire-Relire-Relire....à
Todor Tchervenkov: Not my favourire, but still...
Amelia: This play is particularly visible in its form, Musset wrote it as a stunning construction the
place he really offers us the liberty to build, in parallel along with his play, our personal creation.
Wrote it in a fashion the place our mind's eye and his production develop into one. Originally,
Lorenzaccio wasn't written to be played, although it has been staged. it's an internal stage.
Lorenzaccio is one of these complicated character, very realistic, extraordinarily wellbuilt/written character. the most effective performs i've got learn yet. Musset particularly shall we
you, and desires you, to exploit (this is not the correct observe yet i will not locate better) your
sensibility, as he indicates all of his. it really is attractive
Amato Lah: jam-packed with senses!
Emma Schouten: even supposing I needed to learn this for school, it became out much better
than I expected. i do not often like theater books, I simply locate it very unlikely to learn them yet
this one was once really cool. i am not the type of individual to determine all of the mystery
meanings in the back of every little thing an writer writes and that i did not get any of the political
messages Musset installed there yet I loved the tale nonetheless.
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