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Charles Perrault Contes

Charles Perrault
Title: Contes
Author: Charles Perrault
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Language: French
Pages: 162
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 2080722646
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6 MB
Download: allowed
" Il était une fois un roi et une reine... ", " il était une fois une petite fille de village... " Il suffit de
cette clé magique pour que s'ouvre à nous le monde où paraissent tour à tour la belle au bois
dormant, le petit chaperon rouge, la barbe bleue ou Cendrillon. Perrault puise dans le folklore
ancien pour nous conter dans des récits courts et alertes des histoires qui nous éloignent
délicieusement du monde, avant que la morale finale nous y reconduise. Des contes de fées ?
Sans doute. Mais, autant que le merveilleux, ce qui nous enchante, c'est le naturel et la savante
simplicité d'un art d'écrire qui, à chaque page, séduit notre imagination. D'abord parus
séparément en 1694 et 1697, ce n'est qu'à la fin du XVIIIe siècle que les contes en vers et en
prose seront réunis en un même volume, signe que l'engouement qu'ils avaient suscité du
vivant de Perrault ne se démentait pas, en dépit du jugement sévère des gens de lettres, à
l'époque des Lumières, pour ces puériles bagatelles. Mais le public le plus large demeurait
fidèle à ces contes - et ce public, c'est aujourd'hui nous dont l'esprit d'enfance ne s'est pas
Insightful reviews
Christopher Roberts: Many people have written in these reviews that Perrault had based his
stories on previous folktales. While this may be true of Bluebeard and Sleeping Beauty it is not
likely true of any of the other stories but nobody knows for sure. Little Red Riding Hood in
particular seems to be a story that originated with this author. Perrault himself plays with the
ideas of these stories originating from an oral history by sometimes giving two versions of
events. as if he had heard the story from multiple people. This may very well be simply a stylistic
device used by the author.
Some of these stories are more or less the ones I had heard before. Bluebeard is almost
perfectly preserved in the form here and so is Puss in Boots and Cinderella. Little Red Riding
Hood is not much different but is significantly darker than most later versions. Sleeping Beauty
is not very different, but where most versions of the story end is the halfway point of this story.
What I found interesting were the stories that I had never heard or read before. I had assumed
that Little Thumb was a version of Tom Thumb but it was more similar to Hansel and Gretel. I
had also heard stories similar to Diamonds and Toads and The Ridiculous Wishes before but
was not clear on their origins. They are less famous tales that have somehow become ingrained
in popular culture nonetheless.
What I most enjoyed were the tales I had no familiarity with. Riquet with the Tuft and
Donkeyskin are both incredibly weird stories. This might seem to be true merely because I was
not familiar with them before, but I think it more likely that the reason they never became more
famous was their oddness.
Overall this is an amazing collection of stories. Perrault brings the tales to life with style and wit
that casts a potent spell over the reader. These were not meant for children but they have a
childlike innocence about them anyway and one wonders with the "morals" how much of the
authors tongue was in his cheek.
Aurelie: This book is one of my favorite book from my childhood : Charles Perrault's stories are
some of the most famous fairy tales known, and especially in France, where it's a must-read for
I own the french version of this book, which contains eight fairy tales : Sleeping Beauty, Little
Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, Puss in Boots, Diamonds and Toads, Cinderella, Riquet with the
Tuft and Hop o' My Thumb.
Like in most fairy tales, the characters are heavily stereotyped (the sweet and innocent
princess, the brave prince, etc), and the stories end with a moral. The tales were intended for
both children and adults and they can be very creepy, violent and scary sometimes, as in
Bluebeard (Barbe Bleue), a fairy tale that is quite dark for children.
My favorites tales from the book are probably Diamonds and Toads (Les Fées in french) and
Riquet with the Tuft (Riquet à la Houppe) : as a little girl I loved those stories where the hero is
unhappy at the beginning but finally gets happiness, love and aknowledgement in the end.
Wait...I still love those stories actually !. That's why I still read Perrault's Fairy Tales from time to
time, to remember the pleasure I had to read them when I was younger.
Sonia: Le fiabe di Perrault sono meravigliose, e questa edizione è bellissima: ha un'introduzione
di Bruno Bettelheim, una breve presentazione del contesto in cui Perrault è vissuto e ha scritto,
e alcune illustrazioni di Gustave Doré. Dimentichiamo la Disney, dimentichiamo le riscritture, qui
si torna alle origini e si fa sul serio. Libro consigliatissimo a chiunque, anche ai non amanti del
genere, perché queste fiabe fanno parte dell'immaginario comune ed è giusto che siano
conosciute anche nella loro versione più autentica.
Sarah Shaw: This ebook used to be somewhat a struggle, however, it used to be enjoyable.At
the start you want to get throughout the preface, introduction, translation notes and more, it
made me consider this used to be a examine into Charles instead of an stress-free ebook to
read, I ponder it extra of a theses than a story. That said, Christopher Betts is very familiar with
Mr Perrault and does pass right into a lot of aspect surroundings the scene, explaining the
heritage and in addition taking a look at Charles's life, seeing how those got here about, i used
to be simply now not so yes this used to be the easiest position to do it. The tales which were
translated shape verse and in addition narrative, and feature been translated into the English in
this sort of approach that they nonetheless maintain their which means and the rhyme and
rhythm remains to be there. i actually loved Donkey-Skin and this is often one I know, as i've got
additionally obvious it within the Carter fairy tail book, in there it was once a long story, during
this booklet it was once in rhyme. It was once attention-grabbing to determine the that this can
good be the resource and the unique that others are equipped from. many of the tales have a
well-recognized lilt to them as we've all grown up with those tales regardless of who we're or the
place we've got come from. Blue Beard was once good, murderous tale and there's a lot of ugly
components to a fairy tale, those are all within the stories. for those who take them as stand on
my own works with out the historical past and the framing, they can learn as police reports!If
you're a fan of fairy stories and the way they've got impacted on history, and the becoming up of
our children, then I do suggest this e-book as you'll get extra from it than they tale alone. the
entire Fairy stories
Emma Jones: As a person keenly drawn to either fairy stories and literary history, this used to
be after all a needs to read. even though the starting place of a few of the stories are disputed,
a few acknowledged to be people stories tailored by means of Perrault, his contribution to the
style is indisputable. As attention-grabbing because it is to learn those stories of their unique
forms, ahead of being tailored through the Grimm brothers or many others that (and certainly he
has an aptitude for narrative a ways more than the recognized pair) it truly is tricky to disregard
the rampant misogyny. i am not ignorant of the location of girls within the seventeenth century,
however the first story 'The heritage of Griselda' turns out to some distance surpass the sexism
of the day, as is commented on via contemporaries the place he seeks to safeguard his work,
one remarking "You had to make your heroine's endurance credible; and what different capacity
did you have, other than to make her regard her husband's merciless therapy of her as coming
from the hand of God? If it weren't for that, she will be taken for the stupidest lady there has
ever been, which might under no circumstances make a great effect."Don't get me wrong, I
anticipated flat lady characters who're virtuous and obedient, and might have brushed it apart as
a ebook of its time, yet this poem in query was once so uncomfortable to learn that i used to be
on the subject of banging my head opposed to the wall asking why in the world Perrault hates
ladies so much, it used to be simply unbearable.With 'The background of Griselda' being the 1st
textual content within the collection, it most likely tainted my studying of the tales to follow, yet
they too have been tricky to get pleasure from while so much have been completely ruined by
way of ethical instructing that follows. i actually desired to take pleasure in this collection, and
possibly might have with no the 1st poem, and Perrault's ethical teachings on the finish of the
stories. There are a few particularly attractive stories in here, and a few which are excitingly
darkish and unsettling, yet instead of leaving the publication in joyful spirits like I expected, i
used to be in its place deeply disenchanted at simply how hateful Perrault's angle in the
direction of ladies (or a minimum of girls who were not totally obedient.)
Camille: l. a. magie de Perrault opère à tous les coups. Chacun de ces contes recèle son lot de
princesses endormies, de bottes ensorcelées et d'ogres affamés : tous les éléments sont réunis
pour des récits merveilleux qui enchanteront petits et grands. l. a. plupart se terminent par une
ou deux moralités, mais le contenu de ces contes est si riche que le lecteur se despatched libre
de pouvoir les interpréter de diverses façons.
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