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Alison Allen-Gray Unique

Alison Allen-Gray
Title: Unique
Author: Alison Allen-Gray
Format: Paperback
Pages: 244
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 0198326335
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 5.8 MB
Download: allowed
When Dominic finds out he had an older brother who died before he was born, he realizes the
reason he is such a disappointment to his father. His brother was a brilliant academic, but
Dominic prefers to spend his time painting. Trying to find out more, he makes a startling
Insightful reviews
Clarabel: Un ado de 15 ans découvre l'existence d'un frère aîné, décédé peu avant sa
naissance, dont la ressemblance physique est plus que frappante. Ce sont de parfaites copies
doubles ! Jamais ses parents n'ont parlé de lui, pourquoi ce silence ? L'enquête se poursuivra à
l'université de Cambridge, là où son frère a trouvé la mort, et regroupera très rapidement tous
les morceaux du puzzle. Les secrets de cette famille sont choquants, et pour le jeune héros ce
n'est que le début d'une cavale infernale. Parce qu'il doit fuir son père, parce qu'il doit se
construire et comprendre l'origine de son histoire. Le rythme est soutenu, toute la première
partie se dévore en un rien de temps, la suite de l'intrigue cherche à poser des questions et à
pousser le lecteur à réfléchir sur le thème du roman (que j'omets volontairement de citer). C'est
une lecture redoutablement efficace, qui se lit aussi vite qu'un thriller, c'est prenant et très
Rururu: No.
Lost track of how many times she wrote "I cried".
Jeffery Carles: YO BORRY!
This was the worst book I have ever read.
Before I opened the book it was obvious what the major storyline was. It wasn't written that well
and the storyline was predictable and boring.
To be fair, it was probably that people in my English class were actually surprised by the turn of
events even after the title and the blurb and all of the glaringly blatant hints throughout the first
few chapters practically spelling it out for their puny minds which really made me angry and
made me dislike the book a whole lot more. Also I had to do a long essay which consisted of me
complaining about it during the Christmas holidays. The teacher never even took it in. Thanks
for wasting my Christmas. It was depressing enough already without writing that stupid essay.
And I got a lower grade than everybody else spouting the same nonsense about 'changing
nature' in a debate we had to partake in about...'changing nature'. I had a nice thing going on
about the intricacies of cloning a mammoth and the purpose of lab rats and the history of GM
bananas. Remember these are the same people who were genuinely surprised by what
happened in the book.
What I'm trying to say is that the book isn't great but I dislike it more than I should because it
has personally wronged me on several occasions. And I am a bitter fool.
This good enough for you?
David: whereas i used to be compelled to learn this e-book and which could have taken clear of
my total delight in the story, there have been a few surely intriguing issues occurring in the
book. I loved getting an perception into the area of cloning and its moral questions, but the
authors writing sort was once HORRIBLE. That and it being required reading, intended specified
was once very so-so for me.
Rumnah Ehsan: i feel that e-book targeted is an awesome technology fiction book. i have not
learn a technology fiction before, yet for now i believe i am fairly gonna learn technology fictions.
Lorraine: Hadn't realised this was once a 'teen' e-book whilst i purchased it and it definitely
surpassed my expectations. nice proposal and plot and that i regularly felt that i wished to learn
on. now and then a few issues that occurred felt abnormal and jogged my memory i used to be
interpreting a e-book aimed toward a more youthful viewers yet total I loved it.
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