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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Citadelle

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Title: Citadelle
Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Format: Paperback
Language: French
Pages: 628
Publisher: Gallimard, 959842800
ISBN: 207036108X
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 7.8 MB
Download: allowed
J'ai pitié de celui-là seul qui se réveille dans la grande nuit patriarcale se croyant abrité sous les
étoiles de Dieu, et qui sent tout à coup le voyage.
De l'homme, je ne demande pas quelle est la valeur de ses lois, mais bien quel est son pouvoir
Si tu veux comprendre le mot de bonheur, il faut l'entendre comme récompense et non comme
L'amour est avant tout audience dans le silence.
Je n'ai pas d'espoir de sortir par moi de ma solitude. La pierre n'a point d'espoir d'être autre
chose qu'une pierre. Mais de collaborer, elle s'assemble et devient temple.
Citadelle, je te bâtirai dans le coeur de l'homme.
Insightful reviews
Beringas: Citadel? - begalin? knyga. Skaitymas prilygsta ?jimui per dykum? - nei akimirkos n?ra
lengva, o jei taip ir atrodo - tai iliuzija.
Knyga pilna metafor?, palyginim? ir pamokym?. Tai t?vo išminties perdavimas s?nui. S?naus
mokymosi, atradim? dienoraštis. ?ia n?ra siužeto, tik atskiri ?sp?džiai apie žmogaus prigimt?,
vado vertybes ir gyvenimo prasm?.
Man skaityti buvo sunku, kartais vilkausi per puslapius kaip su sunkiu nešuliu, ta?iau id?jos visgi
nus?do galvoje ir jos tikrai vertingos.
Rekomenduoju gyvenimo filosofijos m?g?jams.
Carmen Dochia: I couldn't help it and I re-read it! What a great book ! If you think, Exupery
simply describes the human soul by analogy with the raising of a new city. A human being's soul
has to be built/re-built (after a ''natural'' disaster) , it needs time to clean/clear the rests of the
calamity and it needs discipline to put effectively every new piece in the right and appropriate
place . There may be a lot of 'boring' nature's descriptions in that book, but as I like to imagine
how it looked, it didn't bothered me at all, on the contrary, I enjoyed them!The book presents a
philosophical and psychological approach of life and of human nature.Many people found this
book difficult, particularly because of the manner some ideas were exposed, but I'm tempted to
believe that these difficulties arose due to translation from French in English rather than the way
Exupery expressed his thoughts and believes. I definitely recommend this book that raised so
many questions in my mind!
Marie-Claude: Un des rares livres que j'ai lu à plusieurs reprises. Il s'agit d'une oeuvre
posthume de St-Exupéry, reconstituée à partir de fragments retrouvés après sa disparition. Une
très belle prose poétique sur la société et les hommes, dans leur rapport au pouvoir, à l'ennemi,
à leurs propres démons intérieurs et à leurs désirs.
Min: Philosophical, lyrical and epic; now and then repetitive and perplexing, this ebook was
once released posthumously and regardless of a lot editing, nonetheless feels a little bit like a
life-long contemplation than a singular or whatever of the sort.
J S: essentially the most relocating books i have ever had the glory to explore. For me, it learn a
great deal like elegant scripture. definitely a life-changing book. I appear to keep in mind the
variation I learn (it used to be borrowed) as being a rare, vintage, blue or red, cloth-bound, gold
embossed and gilded edged hardback... in my arms it felt super burly, sturdy and biblical -worn
to only the fitting situation and nation of readability. the interpretation was once spot-on. i will
always remember the pivotal event of interpreting this. i have by no means been capable of
finding one other reproduction of it rather similar to the one who fell into my palms again in 06.
should you should still probability upon an identical variation I read, (I think it can were the
Stuart Gilbert translation of the French Citadelle from 1950) count on it to extend your
consciousness. In a word? "Canonical!"
Beedo180: i've got learn a primary ed. English translation of this. released posthumously, it
used to be intended by means of St. Ex. to be an total catch of his philosophies. (Service, selfrelance, present of oneself to whatever larger). He won't were capable polish this up to he on a
regular basis might one in all his manuscripts. it's a tough, yet beneficial learn that rewards
perseverance with appealing sparse images, compatible to the barren region it happens in.
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