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Arthur Phillips Angelica

Arthur Phillips
Title: Angelica
Author: Arthur Phillips
Language: French
Pages: 422
Publisher: le Cherche midi, 1446253740
ISBN: 2749111803
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6 MB
Download: allowed
Londres, 1880. La maison Barton est en crise. Depuis que Joseph, biologiste de renom, a
décidé que sa fille de 4 ans, Angelica, devait désormais quitter la chambre de ses parents pour
dormir seule dans la sienne, de mystérieux événements se produisent. Lorsque Constance, sa
femme, fait appel à Annie Montague, une ancienne actrice, pour veiller sur Angelica, tout est en
place pour un drame.
Insightful reviews
Cheryl: This book was terrible. It struggled through every page and sometimes had a hard time
staying awake. Angelica is a advertised to be a ghost story, family tragedy, and mystery rolled
up into one. The same set of events told from four different characters. Sounds promising right?
It was terrible. There is no actual ghost story, and what family tragedy? Even after finishing I
cannot figure out what actually happened. Maybe I am simply not intelligent enough to have
understood the story, but I did have to get through 300 pages of sentences like this: "In such
cases (perhaps the murderer so thoroughly described in the newspapers),one's watchful
character simply went to sleep (as Angelica's had during her tantrum), and for the length of that
slumber some other force took control of this flesh costume and went off to commit acts its
choice, criminally concealed them from everyone, including the man most likely to be a witness
or obstruction, that usual manager of these muscles and eyes, and, once sated, skulked back to
its essary for his parasitical resident's seizure of power." Yeah, terrible.
Matt Schiariti: I wanted to like this book, I really wanted to like this book. I read it in only a
couple days, not because I was utterly enthralled by the story but because I couldn't wait to be
done with it.
It's a ghost story. Or is it? I can't possibly say after having read the whole thing.
One good thing about the book is that it's told in four parts, each focusing on the same story
through the perspective of each of the four main characters. That in itself could have been
pretty interesting if it weren't for the overly dramatic and confusing language which at times is so
overly flowery that it's unreadable. At times I found myself skipping over entire passages (if you
make it through to read some of Dr. Miles dialogue, you'll know what I'm saying).
In the end I'm not sure if it's a ghost story, a story of madness, a story of unwarranted blame or
WHAT. Very frustrating book.
emily: totally underwhelming. the egyptologist was witty and surprising and had such a great
sense of fun -- this was the opposite. it plodded. it was heavy-handed. the entire plot was
immediately guessable and, frankly, I could hardly stand to go along to see that my guesses got
borne out.
My Inner Shelf: [Read this evaluation in English]Aaaahh ! Je suis encore toute pantelante quand
je repense à ce roman achevé cette nuit seulement. Le résumé est excellent, il en dit juste
assez mais ne dévoile rien, tout en restant honnête. Les amateurs du journey d'écrou d'Henry
James ne pourront que se pâmer, motor vehicle Arthur Phillips, auteur inconnu à mon bataillon,
signe là une natural merveille psychologique qui en a bien des aspects. Le livre se découpe en
quatre chapitres, de longueur inégale, consacrés chacun à l'un des principaux protagonistes.
Dès l. a. fin du most effective chapitre on devine l'identité du narrateur, on en apprend
beaucoup et il reste peu de mystère, et pourtant l. a. suite n'en est que plus captivante, motor
vehicle on trépigne d'impatience à l'idée de lire remark les autres personnages ont perçu
l'histoire. L'auteur nous perd et nous rattrape avant de nous reperdre dans des suppositions,
des illusions. Le sort employé m'a paru très pointu, raffiné, tout à fait en part avec los angeles
période traitée, mais le récit coule tout seul. los angeles société victorienne est parfaitement
illustrée et les personnages sont bien ancrés dans cette période. Leur psychologie est très
poussée, rien n'est laissé au hasard, tout est cohérent, d'une limpidité renversante. Leur passé,
conscient et inconscient détermine leurs actes et leur interprétation de l. a. réalité. Ce roman
n'est ni un thriller, ni un récit fantastique, tout en étant les deux ! Il reste des zones d'ombres qui
nous empêche de décider d'une explication définitive, tout reste attainable dans le monde du
souvenir, surtout quand celui-ci est faussé par des tas de facteurs extérieurs. Ou pas.Grande
révélation donc en ce qui me concerne, un pur bonheur !
Chandra: i presumed this e-book will be cool from the overview I learn at the web publication
The Millions, yet I had a troublesome time entering into it. I had a troublesome time being
concerned in regards to the plight of the most personality within the first a part of the publication
and received bored with the consistent "avoid-sex" video games -- no matter if she did not get
knocked up and lived, or received knocked up and died used to be now not suitable in my
opinion. i used to be hoping she could get knocked up and die off after which shall we flow
directly to the psycho freak husband or kid. Anyway, I lower back that publication to the library
earlier than completing it.
Sarah: “(Audiobook)2.5 starsUnlike Phillips' prior work, "The Egyptologist", i cannot say that i
am in love with this book.Like the other, Angelica is a narrative of a semi self-inflicted tragedy
advised from the perspective of a number of narrators, a mechanism that's frequently
particularly interesting to me. I enjoyed how it brought a robust punch within the Egyptologist,
seeing the tragedy speeding in the direction of the characters, although they themselves could
not see it. In Angelica, however, it really is extra tricky than anything. (Probably Spoilers ahead)
the 1st narrator is Constance, a "counter-jumper" (a lady who married a long way above her
"proper" station), who starts off to worry a few malign presence in her residence after her
husband starts off issuing remarkable alterations - relocating their worthy daughter's mattress to
her personal room, shaving off his beard, attempting to reinstate *normal* marital relations, and
so on. Having nearly died again and again attempting to undergo children, she turn into scared
of a brand new pregancy, sure that having intercourse would definitely lead to a toddler in an
effort to without doubt kill her. all through those bouts of fear, she starts to feel an evil stalking
her daughter and enlists assistance from a spiritualist to aid her shield her daughter and
herself.The moment narrator is the spiritualist herself, Anne Montague, who has her personal
rules on what a "normal" conjugal relationship will be like, and may have less-than-pure
motivations in the back of supporting Constance. Her personal skewed gender views and
insinuated bi/homosexuality twist her conception of what is fairly taking place within the Barton
householdNext, we see the nearly-sundered Victorian domestic from the viewpoint of Joseph
Barton himself, the guy upon whom the 2 prior ladies heap all of the blame. all through his
chapters, it turns into transparent that he is now not a merciless man, only one that's hopelessly
harassed approximately the best way to speak his wishes and needs properly to his wife, and
who hasn't ever realized find out how to be a father. Nevertheless, his lack of awareness isn't
laced with cruelty, simply clumsiness, and by way of the tip of his section, it is easy to determine
this story because the Tragedy of the Too-Docile Victorian Male. (Although, at one aspect his
"docility" is unquestionably known as into question.)Finally, the tale is recalled, in a way of
speaking, through Angelica herself, the lady who used to be in basic terms 4 while the tragic
occasions took place, yet is now an grownup recalling the darkish second in her life. Of course,
grownup Angelica is fast to guard either one of her parents, basically asserting "A kid's
reminiscence is particularly subjective and should insert fancy imaginings into truth with no even
knowing it" that is hardly ever a progressive statement.(Possible finish of spoilers)I wager the
narrative may have worked, yet as different reviewers have said, the following and different
places, that there are only a few LIKEABLE characters. Angelica is 4 years old, and she's
simply starting to discover her strength over her fearful mother. Constance is clearly changing
into unhinged and as such her observations are not often trustworthy, Joseph must discover
ways to check with people, and Anne Montague is in some way totally repellent. the true fight of
this ebook is that Constance's tale takes up approximately part the volume, and she or he is by
way of a long way the worst of the four.I might suggest the Egyptologist, yet i'd have a very
tough time recommending this book. That being said, this writer is a reliable author and that i
would not draw back from analyzing anything else of his.”
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