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Caryl Férey Zulu

Caryl Férey
Title: Zulu
Author: Caryl Férey
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 416
Publisher: Europa Editions, 1272326400
ISBN: 1933372885
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6.4 MB
Download: allowed
As a child, Ali Neuman ran away from home to escape the Inkatha, a militant political party at
war with the then-underground African National Congress. He and his mother are the only
members of his family that survived the carnage of those years and the psychological scars
Today, Neuman is chief of the homicide branch of the Cape Town police, a job in which he must
do battle with South Africa’s two scourges: widespread violence and AIDS. When the mutilated
corpse of a young white woman is found in the city’s botanical gardens, Neuman’s job gets
even more difficult. He is chasing one false lead after another when a second corpse, again that
of a white woman, is found. This time, the body bears signs of a Zulu ritual. A new evil has
insinuated itself into this recently integrated city. And a new drug: traces of an unknown narcotic
have been found in the blood of both victims. The investigation will take Neuman back to his
homeland, where he will discover that the once bloody killing fields have become the ideal noman’s land for unscrupulous multinationals, and that the apparatchiks of apartheid still lurk in
the shadows and the back rooms of a society struggling toward reconciliation.
Soon to be a major motion picture.
Insightful reviews
Loida: A dramatic mystery set in South Africa ---- stellar.
The novel is filled with acts of violence that are not theatrical or shocking for the sake of shock
value; framed in a larger socio-political context each act (along with each character) are the end
results of history and conflict.
This is a darker side of South Africa -- even World Cup or Mandela are not given a free pass to
hide from Fereys critical eye; many authors could have taken a plot twist with a soupy love
stories and friendships Ferey offers a truthful & realistic meditation on survival.
When it comes down to it: literature lovers can dissect this book for hours, mystery lovers will
receive their thrill, history lovers (especially those unfamiliar with African history) are in for a
If this is what an award winning French crime novel is--I have to thank Europa Editions for
reminding me what good writing is & hope more translations of Ferey's other novels are in the
aBeiLLe: Ce que je connais de l'Afrique se résume aux émissions pub-télé de Vision-Mondiale.
C'est sur que, comme tout le monde, j'ai entendu parler de l'apartheid mais sans jamais
vraiment savoir de quoi il en retournait. La lecture de ce roman de Caryl Férey m'a ouvert les
yeux sur ce pays de misère, de maladie et de violence. Jamais lu un roman policier si bien écrit.
Mais, je vais vous avouer bien franchement, je suis totalement incapable de parler de cette
histoire tellement elle m'a retournée. C'est une véritable claque au visage, une prise de
conscience énorme vis-à-vis ce pays corrompu jusqu'à la moelle où l'horreur et la mort sont le
pain quotidien… Lisez-le!
Rebbecat: Good lord, but this book twisted me up. Difficult read, but very good.
Laura: Ce livre m'a profondément marqué, malgré qu'il soit très éloigné des romans que j'ai
habituellement de lire. Je n'aime habituellement pas les thrillers très noirs, violents et
dérangeant. Celui-ci en est un. Pourtant on s'attache aux personnages, on plonge avec plaisir,
stupeur et angoisse dans cette Afrique du Sud si inquiétante. Je finis ce livre à deux heures du
matin, ne pouvant pas le lâcher, en larmes...Un livre à lire !
Josh: Zulu blew me away.My e-book membership learn this for July, and i'm watching for seeing
what they are saying this night approximately it, because the violence and bleak standpoint it
bargains on crime in South Africa isn't a simple capsule to swallow.As Zulu is a criminal offense
novel, (award-winning and good deserved i have to say), i cannot delve too a ways into the plot.
infrequent is the e-book however, that retains me up simply because I simply need to see what
occurs subsequent or make exclamations as I read. Zulu promises on each level. Characters
you could care about, a twisting plot that might problem even veteran secret readers and
violence so image and actual it jumps off the page. I checked myself for blood a number of
times. reasonable warning: this isn't a ebook for the faint of center or for the "please do not
make my favourite characters suffer" readers. The violence is, as mentioned, extraordinarily
picture and realistic. when you can belly Zulu, it really is one excellent read.
THOMAS: Punishing and relentless. final summer, I watched the realm Cup love it used to be
my job, and that i used to be all, "South Africa looks doing well! Like - - it is great there!" Then I
learn this. past the vineyards of Cape city and the shores of Durban, the black Townships are a
chain of Heironymous Bosch landscapes teeming with medications and bebasement, the place
poverty, AIDS, and inter-ethnic strife have misshapen the electorate into demons out of hell,
without judgment of right and wrong or reason. ZULU pulls the verdant cover off of SA's foreign
profile and makes use of an soaking up secret to bare the hideous legacy of Apartheid. it really
is related in structure, tone, and subject to James Ellroy, with 3 damaged, fallacious males on a
one-way journey to doom courtesy of the monolithic forces of power, money, and history,
however the language is extra dramatic. rather no longer for the faint of heart, the violence is
horrfic, like surrealistic visions of hell from an absinthe-drinking painter, however it is rarely
gratuitous. i actually cannot suggest it hugely enough, yet jesus, be prepared. Shit is DARK.
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