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Amin Maalouf Orígenes - Marani Developments

Amin Maalouf
Title: Orígenes
Author: Amin Maalouf
Format: Paperback
Language: Spanish
Pages: 571
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 8420666025
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 6.9 MB
Download: allowed
'We are, and always will be, wanderers who have lost their way . . .'
When a trunk of family letters gives Amin Maalouf the opportunity to trace his past, he finds
himself - having never before asked questions - transfixed by the stories of his ancestors.
Starting in the mountains of Lebanon and taking him across the sea to Havana, his history is
one of restlessness and exile: of the search for identity, of dramatic emigrations, and of
revolutions espoused in the dying years of the Ottoman Empire and beyond. The result is an
exquisite memoir, a book that finds drama in the most personal of tales, pathos in the grandest
of gestures, and an understanding that the most nomadic of families can also epitomize home.
Insightful reviews
Christina: After giving this book my customary 100 pages, I skimmed most of it as I was not
really given a reason to care about the characters and minimal historical context for their lives
and choices, then became more interested when Maalouf finally makes the story more personal,
by connecting himself to the story on a visit to Cuba to research his great-uncle Gebrayel.
Two things would have helped me enjoy this book more: three maps of the Ottoman Empire,
one circa 1895, one circa 1918 and one of the cities mentioned by the autor; a note at the
beginning indicating the names of the people shown on the cover.
Yes, there is some interesting character development and I learned a smidge about life in early
20th century Levant. But the section about the Cuban branch of the family is the most
Defeldre Anne-catherine: Un livre axé sur le grand père de l'auteur... Très intéressant au départ,
par la découverte d'une autre milieu, d'un autre mode de vie, etc. finit par manquer
malheureusement d'un petit quelque chose pour qu'il reste réellement intéressant... Pour moi, il
s'agit plus d'un livre que l'auteur écrit pour lui, plus que pour les autres...
Shawna: I didn't get to finish this, but I really wanted to. I very much enjoyed Maalouf's prose,
and reading this was like a journey back in time. This book was special to me because
Maalouf's family lived practically next door to mine in Lebanon, and the grandfather he is
memorializing was a teacher and sort of renaissance man akin to my grandfather. It was also
incredibly interesting to get a view of Christianity in Lebanon since I've only been exposed to
I do hope to finish this but am on to other things.
Rita: Le livre est un parcours humain ,a etiquette "libanais".En lisant ce livre,des sourires sont
strains au visage en tournant ses pages ,les incidents,les circonstances et l'histoire du Grand
Liban qu'etait relatee,montrent bien le variety minutieux de l'auteur.Pour moi ,lire un ouvrge
pareil ressemblait a un flashback en memoire ,trop de info qui m'ont menes a revivre les
souvenirs de mon enfance,surtout ceux de mon village libanais,bien qu'il ne soit pas le meme
que celui de l'auteur ,mais ce livre a souligne les characteristics caracteristiques des libanais
,eparpilles avec un sort dependent qui pousse le lecteur a conserver l'interet pour los angeles
suite des pages .Cette etude genealogique que l'auteur A.Maalouf a poursuite rappelle le
sentiment d'appartenance que revele chacun pour sa famille,plus etonnante l. a. curiosite de
l'auteur qui connait sa naissance a un age pousse de sa vie mais qui enfin a pris naissance.A
travers l. a. lecture que j'ai faite ,ce livre me marque particulierement .Ce qui distingue ce livre
ne serait-ce que l. a. franchise de l'auteur en relatant ouvertement les attitudes adoptees par
ces aieux,bonnes ou mauvaises soit elles juges mais uniquement partagees avec son lecteur
.Beau kind ! Touchante histoire!
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Ana: a desirable trip spanning over a century and over numerous continents, telling the tale of
Maalouf's family, of his grandfather especially, but additionally proposing the background of
numerous areas on the planet as though to provide an explanation for how heritage impacts
traditional humans and the way every little thing is connected, even at nice distances. this can
be an independent account written is Maalouf's unmistakably wise, forgiving, beneficiant style.
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