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Christopher Priest The Glamour

Christopher Priest
The Glamour
Title: The Glamour
Author: Christopher Priest
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 235
Publisher: , 0
ISBN: 0575075791
Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub
Size: 9.5 MB
Download: allowed
Cameraman Richard Grey's memory has blanked out the few weeks before he was injured in a
car bomb explosion. When he is visited by a girl who seems to have been his lover, his attempts
to recall the forgotten period produce an odyssey through France and conflicting accounts of
what happened. When Susan Kewley speaks to him of that time, he finds himself glimpsing a
terrible twilight world - the world of the glamour.
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Patrick: Christopher Priest is probably best known for ‘The Prestige’, a novel about rival
magicians which was later adapted into a reasonably successful film by Christopher Nolan. How
interesting, then, that this book bears an intriguing partial resemblance to another one of
Nolan’s films, ‘Memento’. Interesting, but not particularly telling, since amnesia and the
unreliable narrator are relatively devices common in modern film and literature. Perhaps the
only thing the film and this book truly have in common is that both function as entertaining
thrillers while also being highly considered, thoughtful and reflective.
I’m a fan of Priest, having previously enjoyed ‘Inverted World’ and ‘The Prestige’, and
particularly his recent novel ‘The Islanders’, which was one of my favourite new books of 2012.
‘The Glamour’ opens in media res, following a man named Richard Grey after he is nearly
killed by a car bomb. Richard struggles to recollect the nature of his relationship with Sue, a
woman who claims to have been his girlfriend, while piecing together his memories of the past
few weeks. And Sue is haunted by an ex-boyfriend, Niall, who seems to possess the ability to
turn invisible...
The novel unfolds in a set of frame narratives written in a cool, precise style, frequently
possessing an airy detachment reminiscent of J.G. Ballard’s later novels. It’s tense and
unnerving stuff – not frightening as such, but I was frequently so worried about the future of the
characters that I was compelled to keep reading. You could almost call it a psychological horror
novel, but the truths in which this author is interested aren’t to do with our darker impulses so
much as the nature of our supposedly objective perceptions. It's about how little of the world
that we really know through seeing, and how much of what we do see is based in what we want
to see rather than what is actually there. (If that makes sense.)
It’s a thematically complex novel, and one which I'm finding difficult to summarise here. One
other book to which it bears some resemblance is China Mieville’s ‘The City and The City’.
While both are very different in style, they do share a similar way of thinking about seeing and
‘unseeing’ the world around us. And yet the two books couldn’t be more different in their
politics; while both feature the concept of an invisible society lurking directly alongside the
visible world, Priest’s novel very much casts these people as degenerate, selfish parasites who
steal and screw and trash the visible world without anybody noticing it.
This sounds dangerously like the contemporary Tory notion of a ‘feral underclass’ of benefit
claimants and work-shy imbeciles, but I don’t think it’s that simple at all; the elaborate frame
narratives ultimately left me with an unclear and somewhat hazy impression of what previously
seemed certain. The book ends up being both much more and much less serious than I
Martin Lake: I had been a big fan of Priest's earlier fiction when I picked this up. It felt like a new
direction from his earlier work but was, nonetheless, built on the same foundations.
It was mind-boggling. Priest took a simple though bizarre notion and played with it in a deft and
controlled manner. It is a novel which utterly beguiles.
Marman: magnificent story. A mental mystery bordering fable and technological know-how
fiction. This publication make you vigilant of items round you. convinced one among my best ten
Jason Carlin: i have by no means particularly been partial to non-linear plots, and this used to
be no exception. solid story, and a truly precise concept, yet was once a bit excessive on
sentimentality within the establishing sixty pages. i used to be a lot too worried for these to get
out of France as speedy as possible. i will take into account that each web page cannot
constantly be enthralling, yet what percentage nutrition and strolls does somebody need to be
subjected to studying ahead of we get the picture? a person - i am not definite who acknowledged the main to writing was once to jot down the 1st draft, and within the moment to
go away the entire uninteresting components out. Of course, leaving stuff out that you could be
like could be difficult, yet one needs to kill their babies, if required. Still, if this chap wrote The
status then i might simply provide him one other go.
My Inner Shelf: Priest fait partie de mes chouchous, le voici avec encore ne fois un récit à
plusieurs issues de vue, souvent contradictoires. L’auteur aime semer le doute, qui raconte
quoi, qui a vécu quoi, qui aime qui, on ne sait plus vraiment, on croit comprendre, jusqu’à ce
que de nouveaux faits contredisent les précédents. Sous une habile narration frisant
l’extravagance, Priest évoque, through le thème de l’invisibilité, les inégalités sociales, ce que
l’on souhaite ou refuse de voir, selon son propre intérêt ou distrait par un environnement de
plus en plus manipulateur. gray est un cameraman reconnu, son métier est tout un symbole.
Témoin objectif de l. a. réalité, il ne l. a. voit qu’à travers son viseur, aveugle à d’autres facets
qui pourraient changer le sens des choses, les enrichir, les mettre dans un contexte. L’image,
le visuel, l’invisibilité, les mauvais excursions que l’esprit et los angeles mémoire peuvent nous
jouer, rien n’est basic chez Priest, même pas une histoire d’amour qui aurait pu être banale.
Pour finir, l’auteur nous stability une end étonnante, déroutante, qui remet en query le récit luimême. Encore un travel de strength de Priest, qui n’égalera pas à mes yeux celui du Prestige,
mais qui n’en est pas loin.
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