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anschutz match 54 bore guide

anschutz match 54 bore guide
Download anschutz match 54 bore guide
A friend of mine asked me to post a question about an old Anschutz rifle he s found. It has Anschutz
Original JGA on the receiver, a straight comb stock with grasping.
For a while I didn’t hear much more about the new 1727 sporting rifle. I figured they were working out
some final details, and I had other projects underway leaving.
r The nschutz Barre i I i Ir ~t ~ JI I The Anschutz Butts~ck,; 4l~ Thebarrel steel used byAnschutz isof
the best grade especially selected forRiflebarrels. Suchare
I ve searched the forum and found no reference to the barrel marking: Modell 1411/1413 Match 54
What vintage would this be and would it be a single or dual extractor?
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Protect you trigger mech from dirt and grime Easier to get your patches in as you start outside the
receiver Plastic will not harm your breech Plastic not affected by.
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The easiest and safest way to preserve the accuracy of your bolt action rifle is to clean your rifle from
the breech/chamber end using a Bore Guide.
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