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Clubde lecture - Scholastic Canada

Club de lecture
1. Zoélie l’allumette : Le garçon oublié. N, Tome 1 Her friends make
fun of her and her parents do not pay her much attention…
Zoélie’s life changes when a curious new friend finally stands up
for her.
2. Les contes de la ferme. PB, 2 books The child reads the text on the
top of the page and the adult reads the text at the bottom of the
page. Two interactive stories!
3. Ah! Les mamans! PB, with rhymes Some moms are gracious and
fabulous, others can be receptive and creative… Celebrate your
mommy’s numerous talents!
4. National Geographic Kids : Les dauphins. NF What animal
whistles and chirps but isn't a bird? The dolphin!
5. Souffles de souhaits. PB, H Wish for curiosity and wonder,
friendship and strength or laughter and peace… Celebrate life’s
joyous milestones and precious everyday moments!
6. Catastrophe : Naufrage. N 1914 – Sarah and Albert are aboard
the Empress of Ireland, the ship sailing from Canada to Liverpool,
England, when they suddenly feel a sharp jolt…
7. Je me prépare pour la maternelle. PB, 7 books Get ready for
8. DC Comics : La société secrète des superhéros. GN Bruce is
attending a new school where he meets Clark and Diana. Soon,
the three friends start suspecting their teachers of evil activities
and decide to form their own detective agency.
MAY 2016
18. Ma santé : J’aime bouger. NF Do you like to swim, jump or climb?
Find fascinating facts on your skeleton, your muscles and your
19. Mademoiselle Nancy et le mariage du siècle. PB, H Nancy is
thrilled: she’s invited to a wedding! Will the ceremony be as chic
and sumptuous as the one she dreams of?
20. Une casserole sur la tête. PB, by Alain Bergeron While pretending
to be a knight, Guillaume finds his head stuck in his helmet. The
problem is that his helmet is… a kitchen pot!
21. Le secret de Batman. PB How did Bruce Wayne become Batman?
The inspiring story of a young boy who overcomes his fear of the
dark to become a famous crimefighter!
22. Les petits malheurs de David. PB When there is trouble, it is
NEVER David’s fault, but…
23. J’apprends à lire : Zootopia : Une affaire obscure. PB Discover
the animals who live in Zootopia!
24. La princesse dans un sac. PB After having lost all of her
belongings, a princess, dressed in a simple paper bag, goes off to
find her prince.
25. Toujours parfait. PB, 3 books Three new titles for intermediate
26. Star Wars® : La boîte à lecture 1. PB, 10 books It is a lot easier to
learn how to read in the company of your favourite characters!
27. Mes p’tits docs : Les abeilles. NF, H Bees start working in the hive
as soon as they’re born. How do they manage to make honey?
9. Hourra! Le fermier n’est pas là! PB What are the animals up to
when the farmer is not around? A story full of onomatopoeia!
10. Pat le chat : À la ferme de Mathurin. PB Sing along to Pat’s
version of Old MacDonald!
28. Les petits dégoûtants : Le crapaud. NF, by Elise Gravel Did you
know that some toads can breathe through their skin and that
some have moustaches? Amphibians are sometimes weird but
these ones are… HILARIOUS!
29. Dans l’étang. PB, 3 books Ducks and fish invite you to read!
11. Jeux de maths – À la ferme. G with double-sided game board + 1
double-sided spinner + 40 tokens + 4 game pieces Learn to count
to 10 with your friends from the farm! Two games in one!
12. Comment je suis devenu pirate. PB Jeremie embarks on a ship
with a bunch of pirates. Although he loves it at the beginning, he
quickly comes to the conclusion that a pirate’s life isn’t all that
13. Le croque-pirate. PB Barbemauve and his pirate crew are
searching for a treasure island but find themselves in terrible
14. Trio de piraterie. PB, H, A, 3 books Little pirates will be thrilled
with this set!
15. Une baleine dans ma piscine. PB How did this whale land in my
pool? Can I get it out of there?
16. Zig Zag : Zig Zag contre le tue-mouches. PB When Zig Zag goes
to school with Biz, they learn that his class is taking a field trip to a
flyswatter factory! BAD NEWZZ!
17. Les contes réinventés. PB, 8 books A collection of classic fairy
30. Maîtres des dragons : Le pouvoir du dragon du Feu. IN, Tome 4
Rori and Yoann must battle the four-headed dragon that’s
attacking the castle. Can they defend themselves?
31. Maîtres des dragons. IN, 3 books, Tomes 1-2-3 A fully-illustrated
early chapter book series filled with dragons, wizards, magic, and
32. Mission adoption. N, 2 books + dog plush The perfect gift for dog
33. Nous conjuguons : Le verbe avoir et être au présent de l’indicatif.
NF, 2 books, by Dominique Pelletier A playful way to approach the
conjugation of the verbs to have and to be.
34. Bananagrams français. G with 144 tiles + 1 storage case Boost
your vocabulary, spelling and word recognition in a race to make
words and use up all your tiles. Simpler than Scrabble® but just as
tales with a twist!
A: activity book
B: boardbook
C: craft
CD: audio CD
CDB: CD book
CO: comic book
F: with flaps
G: game
GN: graphic novel
H: hardcover
IN: illustrated novel
J: journal
M: manipulative
P: with pen or pencil
PB: picture book
PC: picture clue book
PCO: padded cover
PU: puzzle
R: reference
S: with stickers
ST: short stories
35. Passe-temps amusants. A, 2 books Develop new hobbies with
this super fun logic game and colouring book!
36. Klutz : Avions à propulsion – 60 modèles à assembler. C with 14
straws + 10 rubber noses +1 plastic stencil Fold the paper, stick it
to a straw and blow! Build 60 plane models that can be propelled
in the air!
58. Trousse d’aquarelle. C includes 1 eraser + 1 pencil sharpener
+ 2 sketching pencils + 2 paintbrushes + 6 watercolour pencils
+ 12 watercolour paints (cake) + 6 watercolour paints (liquid)
+ 1 storage case The perfect gift for your budding artists!
59. Le Club des Baby-Sitters : Claudia a des ennuis. CO, Tome 4
37. Zip l’extraterrestre. IN, 2 books Zip, the alien, invites you to
Claudia and her sister are night and day, particularly when it
comes to school. Can they put their differences aside when a
tragedy affects their family?
38. Livre d’affiches Star Wars® Épisode VII – Le réveil de la force
60. Galoche : Les nerfs à fleur de poil! IN A hilarious fashion show, a
39. Réveil et projecteur d’étoiles. M Observe the stars and the moon
61. Jeunes explorateurs : Survie et orientation en forêt. Guide
share his interplanetary adventures in these two fantastic stories!
Poster book with twelve 21.5cm x 28cm posters Decorate your
room with your favourite Star Wars® characters!
by projecting them on the ceiling of your room. Three AAA
batteries not included.
40. Fabrique des super planètes. NF, M with 7 packs of powder + 6
planet-shaped balls + 2 moulds Pour water and special powder
into the moulds and see them transform into bouncy planets.
41. Fashion Angels : Ensemble de tatouages pour cheveux. M
Create your own temporary hair designs! Use a stencil to apply
the temporary colour in pretty shapes and designs!
42.Le médaillon perdu. N with locket Sarah has lost the locket that
she inherited from her grandmother. How will she explain it to
her mother?
43. L’académie Grimm : Raiponce est libre. N, Tome 4 With her
friends Cendri, Rouge and Blanche, Raiponce organizes a festival
to save the Grimm Academy from the E.V.I.L. Society.
44. LEGO® : Minifigures – L’album des autocollants. Sticker Book
Welcome to LEGO®’s amazing world of minifigurines!
45. Minecraft® : Ensemble de luxe. G in a 38cm x 29cm x 7cm box
Minecraft® invites you to mix adventure and construction by
manipulating its 3D world. 90 easy-to-assemble pieces!
46. Romans amusants. IN, 2 books Two humourous illustrated
47. Mercy Watson. IN, 2 books Meet the most adorable domestic
pig in the world: Mercy Watson!
48. Ricky Ricotta. GN, 2 books Face different enemies with Ricky
Ricotta, the lonely little mouse who befriends a giant flying
49. Duo 100 blagues. Joke books, 2 books More jokes to amuse
your family and friends!
50. Activités amusantes. A, 2 books Train your brain with this fun
activity duo!
ride in a convertible car, a mistreated mascot… Discover a
funnier than ever Galoche!
What to wear on a hike? What to do in front of a black bear? How
to orient yourself with a compass? Rules and tips to ensure your
safety in the wilderness!
62. Le guide complet des animaux. NF, H More than 350 detailed
illustrations on mammals, birds, reptiles and much more!
63. Un, deux, trois, partez! PB Rediscover Robert Munsch’s new title
of the year!
64. Collection Je lis! Animaux – Séries 1 et 2. NF, 24 books Offer a
well-stocked library to your beginner readers!
65. Coffret L’académie Jedi. Boxset, 3 books The Jedi Academy
trilogy at a very friendly price!
66. Les Dragouilles : Les Bleues de Toronto. NF, CO The Dragouilles
invite you to visit St-Lawrence Market to try the famous peameal
bacon, to jump on the ice at the Hockey Hall of Fame and to relax
at the Toronto beaches.
67. Je t’aime comme... PCO A book about how much we love our
little ones!
68. J’adore mon papa. PB There are so many reasons to love our
dads. They provide us with joy and security. An ideal picture
book to celebrate Father’s Day!
69. Ah! Les papas! PB There are dads who worry, dads in a hurry,
sporty dads and naughty dads… What kind of dad do you have?
70. Fenouil Footballeur. PB Will Fenouil’s team win the great Forest
Soccer Tournament?
71. Klutz : Mini pompons animaux – Crée d’adorables amis. C with
82m of wool in 8 colours + accessories Create adorable
pompoms with nothing but a simple fork!
72. Shopkins : Cascades et rigolades. CO Follow your favourite
Shopkins characters, Pommette, Fraisy, Cooky, Donuta, Fromette
and Glossy in this funny comic book.
51. Duo Garfield. CO, 2 books 2 x 120 p. of full colour comic strips.
73. Ce livre n’est pas le bon! PB “Help! We’re in the wrong book!”
74. Ce livre a mangé mon chien! PB This book is hungry. It eats
52. La Cabane Magique : Coupe du monde à Mexico. IN Merlin
sends Tom and Léa back in time to the 1970 Football World Cup
in Mexico. Once there, they must attempt to discover the secret
behind the great Pelé’s talents.
53. Le Mondial des records Guinness 2016. R, H with holographic
cover Did you know that the highest mountain in our solar
system is located on Mars? Indeed, Mount Olympus’ height is
about 3 times the height of Mount Everest.
Will Bella and Bruno be able to return to THEIR book? Unusual
and amusing!
everything, including my dog! Can we do anything to stop it?
75. Le Petit Prince – Le roman du film. N An exciting and touching
novel to rediscover the magic of the film The Little Prince!
76. Harry Potter : Lieux et personnages à colorier. Colouring book
+ 16 stills from the movies Professor Snape, Hogwarts, Hagrid…
The enchanted world of Harry Potter awaits you!
54. National Geographic Kids : Bizarre mais vrai! NF Did you know
that some hens lay green or blue eggs? Weird, but true!
55. Tout sur le hockey. NF, 2 books The playoffs are approaching! It’s
time to catch the Hockey fever!
56. Mon album de hockey. NF, with 50 cards + 1 binder + 10 plastic
sleeves The perfect kit for hockey fans!
57. Romans pré-ados. N, 3 books Stock up on novels for pre-teens!
A: activity book
B: boardbook
C: craft
CD: audio CD
CDB: CD book
CO: comic book
F: with flaps
G: game
GN: graphic novel
H: hardcover
IN: illustrated novel
J: journal
M: manipulative
P: with pen or pencil
PB: picture book
PC: picture clue book
PCO: padded cover
PU: puzzle
R: reference
S: with stickers
ST: short stories
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