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Board Meeting Highlights -Next Board Meeting

For more information contact: SOUTHERN HEALTH‐SANTÉ SUD Media Specialist T 204‐424‐2329 Email: Southern Health‐Santé Sud Board of Directors April 6, 2016 Meeting Highlights Sacred Moment: Mr. Leo Van Den Bussche shared thoughts on five words that were meaningful to him in his life: Faith; Family; Fitness; Finance; Fun. It is important to keep these five areas of our lives in balance. Concentrating on any one too much will bring an imbalance and in turn may generate unwanted tension. National Volunteer Week – April 10 ‐ 16, 2016: Volunteers are the roots of strong communities: Recognizing the importance of our many volunteers and the support they each provide to the residents and clients within the boundaries of Southern Health‐Santé Sud, the Board formally acknowledged all volunteers under the formal banner of ‘National Volunteer Week’. Financial: Southern Health‐Santé Sud Board of Directors approved the report of Statement of Operations and Financial Position, as presented by the Southern Health‐Santé Sud CEO and Ryan Green, Chief Financial Officer, for the period to February 29, 2016, indicating a Year‐to‐Date Operating Funding surplus of $1,252,270 and an approved balanced budget for 2016‐17. Let No‐One Be Alone: May 1 ‐ 7, 2016: This initiative, created and implemented by the Plumas Service to Seniors Coordinator, highlights that everyone knows someone living alone.
The next regular Southern Health‐Santé Sud Board of Directors Meeting is planned for Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at the Southern Health‐Santé Sud Regional Office ‐ La Broquerie. For more information, please visit ‐30‐ Released: April 25, 2016 This Info Bulletin is published in English only as a communication tool intended for the media. If you would like to communicate with someone in the official language of your choice regarding content of this Bulletin, please contact the Southern Health‐Santé Sud Communications Unit at 204‐424‐2329. Ce bulletin est publié en anglais seulement comme outil de communication avec les médias. Si vous désirez communiquer avec quelqu’un dans la langue officielle de votre choix au sujet de son contenu, veuillez contacter l’équipe de communications de Southern Health‐Santé Sud au 204‐424‐2329. 1 of 1 
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