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calling a vb dll from java

calling a vb dll from java
Download calling a vb dll from java
Dans cet article, vous apprendrez comment faire appel, dans vos applications.NET, à des fonctions dont
le code est implémenté dans des DLL natives.
Kevin Saitta takes you through the steps of creating a C++ dll and then calling it from VB.
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You might be wondering how you can call a.NET DLL from a VB Script. Well, look no further, as I will
explain how to achieve this in a step by step manner.
This article helps you to get an idea about calling API functions in C.; Author: Ajit Mungale; Updated: 11
Oct 2001; Section: C ; Chapter: Languages; Updated: 11 Oct.
This is a perfect solution! This is finally a solution to the following messages: The type initializer for
java.lang.System threw an exception.
All Activity; Home ; Technical Help & Support ; Web Design & Programming ; Programming (C , C++,
JAVA, VB.NET etc.) C Better & more efficient way to load DLL.
In computing, the Java Native Interface (JNI) is a programming framework that enables Java code
running in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to call and be called by.
How To Use Dynamic Link Libraries Using ShareGuard Without DLLs Attention ShareGuard Users:
These are some new DLLs for simplifying coding. This is the brand new.
I ve got a situation where I have a DLL I m creating that uses another third party DLL, but I would
prefer to be able to build the third party DLL into my DLL instead.
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