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2016 INHA-LE HAVRE Call for papers

Republic of Korea
Institute for Business
and Economic Research
Equipe d’Economie
Le Havre-Normandie (EDEHN)
Call for Papers
Inha University and the University of Le Havre are jointly organizing
a 10th International Conference on the following topics
Capacity Building and Economic Initiatives
This international conference will be held at INHA University, Incheon, Republic of Korea
on October 20-21, 2016
This conference will be devoted to discussing theoretical and applied research work on current issues of
international trade, mega FTAs such as TPP, investment, logistics and economic development. On these
topics, the aim will be to raise debates at two complementary levels: international economics and national
and regional policy initiatives. A special attention will be given to economic development, environmental
issues, and human capacity building for trade and mega FTAs. Contributions to the understanding of
international policy initiatives and the management of global public goods will be very welcomed.
Empirical evidence should be drawn preferably from East Asian or European experiences. Case studies
bringing comparative material between these two areas will be appreciated.
A part of the conference could be jointly organized with the Korea Trade Research Association (KTRA) in
Seoul under the leadership of the KTRA.
Inha University will provide three nights four days accommodation and meals for conference participants
(under some conditions).
Papers are particularly invited on the following topics:
1. International trade: theory and policy
- Trade in goods and services between Asia and Europe
- Political economy of trade
- New trade issues and the WTO
- Risk management in international trade
2. Mega FTAs and regional economic integration
- Recent progress of mega FTAs and regional integration issues
- TPP, RCEP, China’s Belt-Road Initiative
- Utilization of free trade agreements (FTAs) and FTA business model
- Education programs for capacity building for trade experts
3. Theory and practice of environmental policy
- Green fiscal policy
- Environmental transition in European and Asian countries
- Water management
- Corporate social responsibility policies of MNCs in European and Asian Countries
4. Economic development: theory and policy
- National and regional logistics infrastructure development
- Foreign direct investment and capacity building
- Public policies and poverty
- Sustainable development goals
- MNC strategies in developing countries
5. Global corporate strategies and performance
- Trends in international investment flows
- MNCs from emerging countries
- Global supply chain management
- Tools for measuring corporate performance
Scientific Committee:
Associate Prof. Marie-Laure BARON (University of Le Havre, France); Prof. Inkyo CHEONG (Inha
University, Korea); Prof. Morgane CHEVÉ (University of Le Havre, France); Prof. Etienne FARVAQUE
(University of Lille1, France); Prof. Shin-Hsun HSU (National Taiwan University, Taiwan); Prof. Ohkyoung KWON (Inha University, Korea); Associate Prof. Arnaud LE MARCHAND (University of Le
Havre, France); Prof. Joung-yong LEE (Yantai University, China); Prof. Junyeop LEE (Inha University,
Korea); Prof. Paul Tae-Woo LEE (Victoria University, Australia); Dr. Tomoyoshi NAKAJIMA (ERINA,
Japan); Prof. Kichan PARK (Inha University, Korea); Prof. Aude POMMERET (City University of Hong
Kong, China); Prof. Mary-Françoise RENARD (University of Auvergne, France); Prof. Pierre-Bruno
RUFFINI (University of Le Havre, France) ; Prof. Kar-yiu WONG (University of Washington, USA).
Submission Procedure:
Scholars in economics and management are invited to submit papers for presentation in the
conference. The deadline for submitting a paper or an extended abstract with at least 300 words is
15 May 2016.
Please include in your submission the following information about yourself and all other co-authors (if
any): name, e-mail address, affiliation, academic rank (or graduate student), and mailing address.
The selection committee, coordinated by Prof. Inkyo CHEONG and Prof. Pierre-Bruno RUFFINI, will
convey the final decision to the authors by 30 June 2016. Final versions of selected papers should be sent
before 30 September 2016.
Proposals can be sent to either of the conference organizers:
- InhA University :
Prof. Inkyo CHEONG
Department of Economics, Inha University
253 Yonghyun-Dong, Nam-Ku
INCHEON 402-751, The Republic of KOREA
- University of Le Havre :
Prof. Pierre-Bruno RUFFINI,
Université du Havre - Faculté des Affaires Internationales
25, rue Philippe Lebon
B.P. 420 - 76057 LE HAVRE CEDEX - FRANCE
Conference website:
The University of Le Havre and Inha University are members of the Global U8 Consortium together with
Xiamen University, University of Haifa, University of Hull, University of Fortaleza, Universiti Malaysia Perlis
and Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.
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