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Is an emphasis on market share really the prime directive? Is a company's near-term stock price and the quarterly earnings per share that drive it - really the best measure of a CEO's success? In
what ways is managing a company to measure of a CEO's success? In what ways is managing a
company to please Wall Street bad for competitiveness in the long run?
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Mais d’autres études, partir de la mme idée de base, ont produit des résultats contradictoires, ce
qui explique pourquoi les chercheurs ont répété l’expérience
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To attain any of the fourpurposes—settling disagreements, explaining the world,predicting
phenomena and manipulation and control—the absoluteconception is at best sufficient but
not necessary
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Dow has continuously grown to become the world leader in PG manufacturing, with over
900 KTA and five global manufacturing facilities including the Stade plant, one of the
world’s largest-capacity plants.
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