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At A Court Of General Sessions Of The Peace Holden At The

At A Court Of General Sessions Of The Peace
Holden At The Session-House In The City Of
Montreal, In And For The District Of Montreal On
Tuesday The Tenth Day Of January, One
Thousand, Eight Hundred And Nine, And
Continued By Adjournment To Thursday The
Nineteenth Day Of The Same Month: aA Une
Cour Des Sessions Gaenaerales De La Paix Tenue
aa La Maison Daudience Dans La Ville De
Montraeal Dans Et Pour Le District De Montraeal,
Mardi Le Dixiaeme Jour De Janvier, Mil Huit
Cent Neuf, Et Continuaee Par Ajournement
Jusquau Dixneuviaeme Jour Du Maeme Mois
Sessions of the Peace holden at the Session-House in the City of Montreal, Montreal on Tuesday the tenth day of
January, one thousand, eight hundred and nine, the nineteenth day of the same month [microform] =
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