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Centre - Neutron Therapy

Neutrontherapy Facility
Noel Breteau and Roland Sabattier
Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches par Irradiation
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
at 3 km from the hospital
The cyclotron in Orléans:
variable energies
p : 5-36 MeV, d : 5-25 MeV, alpha : 10-50 MeV
Patient treatments at the Orléans
neutrontherapy Facility.
• More than 2300 patients treated
• 4 days a week (medical sessions having priority over
others cyclotron applications)
• Treatment preparations :
– Pre-simulation (patient position, fixation devices)
– CT scan, treatment planning on TPS
– simulation, simulator-CT function for all the beams) at the
Department of Oncologie-Radiothérapie
1 cm
0.5 cm
0.5 cm
Example of a beam modifier (perspex) at ORLEANS
The modifiers are designed for each beam in the plan on the TPS to
obtain a homogeneous dose distribution (calculated taking into account
the attenuation on the central axis). Modifiers are fixed under the
secondary collimator.
Main data of the Orléans neutron therapy beam
• p(34)+Be(15.8)
• Vertical beam
• Set of inserts with an additional collimator (irregular fields)
• Beam modifiers
• For a 10 cm x10 cm at SSD169 cm:
– Dmax 0.7 cm, Dmax/2 : 12.8 cm, 80%-20% : 1.9 cm at –10 cm.
Main developments since 1981:
Semi–thick target ( better depht dose data : 4 MV X-Rays eq.)
• additional collimator (irregular fields)
• Cyclotron (renovation)
• Command control desks (cyclotron and medical facility)
• Patient fixation devices (mask, body-frame, tilted-board)
• Beam modifiers (partial wedge, compensators)
• Conformational approach for all the patients (1989)
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